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Photo friends,
Cleaning up and have no use for this. Works great, just needs a bit of a cleaning. Free, pick it up in East Brunswick or Highland Park.

@lifeoflarry @amerikanmuks @damphands & myself this weekend.

This girl has been given a clean bill of health after 3 long and stressful weeks. Shout out to @jeefberky18 and mama jeef for taking her off the street. Instagram, Eleanor.

"It all started in my driveway when I was about 10 years old as I watched my brother pack boxes. I tried his roll of tape and was instantly hooked. Soon after, I got my own roll and couldn't stop. I'd daydream about shipping, skip class to ship, and ship in the garage when it rained. I later found a group of kids in school who were into shipping and began packing with them. We borrowed our parent's video cameras and started filming ourselves. After a few years, we got more serious and bought a vx. We kept at it and I decided to send a tape out for the hell if it. I didn't really expect anything to come of it but, well, the rest is history. Major shoutout to my local USPS, FedEx and the bubble wrap guy in Freehold for hooking it up. I couldn't have done it without you guys." @antihero18 @grossosucks

Today's finds: Madrid Mike Smith Duck and Vision Mike Crum Milk Carton

Uploaded a short video from a recent Vermont trip, link in bio.

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