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Casey Maura  wife + mama  vintage lover tea addict seamstress + knitter + newbie spinner 🎀 caseymauraxo: Gmail  🎀 caseymaura: Ravelry | YT

Peek at my finished #birkinsweater I wore on my last day in Edinburgh! I need to get better photos because I am in love with the colorwork yoke! 😍 In other news... I’ve been very ill since I got back from #eyf2018 .😫 It’s been tough because we’re in the last days before we fly back to the US and there has been a lot to do. I think I’m on the upside at this point, but am still having to rest a lot. Here’s to a healthier week ahead! 💕 #knittersofinstagram #knitting #colorworkknitting #nevernotknitting #knittersifig #knitstagram

So honored I got to meet @susancrawfordvintage today at the Ysolda booth at #eyf2018 ! 😀💕 I discovered her books about ten years ago (the original A Stitch in Time editions), and they inspired me to start knitting vintage patterns! #edinburgh #edinburghyarnfestival

Hanging in the podcast lounge at #eyf2018 people watching! So many knitters I recognize! 😃 #edinburghyarnfestival

Got a bit overwhelmed at the #eyf2018 marketplace, but bought a kit for a sweater I've been eying for ages. 😉 Couldn't help starting to wind a ball so I can cast on! #edinburghyarnfestival #eyf #fyberspates

Ready for day one of #eyf2018 !!!!! ✨🎉 My friend’s and my bags are still MIA (seriously @klm —what the heck?! Tracking shows they’re in Edinburgh and we were promised they’d be delivered last night, but never showed! Now they're telling us the bags were delivered, but I still don't have my luggage. 😥) But we did a quick high street shop run late yesterday, and at least have clean clothes this morning. 😂 Sadly, my 2.5mm needles for my class, #birkinsweater and #oracleshawl are in my missing bag. 😭 But we’re not going to let this hiccup get us down! I’m super excited to be here! #notgonnabesad #knittersofinstagram #knitting #edinburgh #edinburghyarnfestival #nevernotknitting #yarn

In Edinburgh! My checked bag sadly didn't make it. 😢 But here with friends and found a cute vegan cafe to hang out this afternoon. 💗 #eyf2018 #edinburgh

Waiting to get on our flight on the first leg of our #eyf2018 adventure! 💕🎉

Of course my #oracleshawl by @voolenvine is coming with me to #eyf2018 ! I could have done a much better job with blocking the edge lace, but I’m still in love with this! 💕 Yarn (from the center): @fiber.for.the.people in “Donuts with Dad”, @temptingeweyarn in “Anemone”, & @madelinetosh in “Leopard”. #knittersofinstagram #knitting #shawlknitting #nevernotknitting #knitstagram #knittinginspiration #yarn #knittingaddict #edinburghyarnfestival

EYF bound this week?! See the end!!!!! ——->> A recent, sad attempt at a picture of Mr P. and I without the aid of a tripod. 😂 All of our earthly possessions were crated up two weeks ago, and now we’re in the final weeks before we leave Germany. 😭 I’m seriously getting a knot in my stomach every time I think about it. We’re happy about where we’re headed next (and finally managed to secure housing so we’re not scrambling when we land! Whew!), but I’m going to miss it here so much. 😫 So apologies about the ongoing social media break—it was completely unintentional, but necessary since there has been way too much adulting going on lately. 😜 ✨✨✨In other, far more exciting news: I’m heading to #eyf2018 this week! I’m so excited to go back to the UK—and this will also be my first time in Scotland. Can’t wait to pet all the pretty yarn, socialize with people who get this knitting obsession, and just generally relax with a project or two. 😉 Anyone else going? Say hi if you see me, please!!!!!!! #eyf #edinburghyarnfestival #knittersofinstagram #knitting #scotland #yarn

The socks I knit from my handspun last year accidentally got mixed in the wash this week. Which I didn’t realize until I was pulling the load out of the dryer. 😫🤦🏼‍♀️ Despite my lack of attention during sorting, they made it through unscathed! Yay! 💕🎉 I may have had a little dance party after I realized I didn’t wreck them. 😉 (Pretty sure this anecdote is a metaphor for my life right now—except I’m still stuck in the dryer and I have moments of wondering if I’ll make it out in one piece. 😜😂) #knittersgonnaknit #knittersofinstagram #knitordie #knitting #knitstagram #knit #sockknitting #handspun #spinnersofig

Jumping on the #myfirstsweater bandwagon! This isn’t my first—I think it was actually my second or third—but it’s the first one I documented and put on Ravelry. 😉 It’s from 2008 and is based on a 1940s knitting booklet reprint. The yarn is a cotton/silk blend. I still have it in my stash o’ sweaters! 😂 #knittersofinstagram #knitting #vintageknit #knittingaddict #knitstagram #knittinginspiration #yarnlove #knit #knittingmama #knitlove

Day two of the curl set has turned into frizzy waves. Perfect for a “lazy victory rolls/pomp” ‘do. 😜💕 I did a dry set with a light spritzing of water when rolling, and I think next time I’m going to have to use setting spray to help everything hold longer. I think too the dry air here doesn’t do my hair any favors. #retrohair #vintage #retro #1940shair

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