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Casey Klucher  This life is an adventure and I'm just trying to enjoy it

Screaming HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY to my girl KINZ!!!! Buddy-pal I love you to the moon and back 4sure. Thanks for encouraging me, praying for me, working out with me and Annie, and always being down to do stuff!! I hope you start feeling better and enjoy the rest of our time at DISNEY!!!!

Kinzie's expression is how we felt all day!! Day 2 was rockin'

Day one with my best buddies!!!!

Wow 10 whole dog years with my bff!!!! Thanks for lovin' me well and always doing the most for me. Let's make it 20 dog years next!

Just wanted to take a moment to brag on my awesome parents. My dad has been super busy the past few months to help support our family and my mom has been so supportive through it all! Through everything they do they are still so selfless and think of justin and me first. Love you guys and I'm so blessed to have you both!!!

Wacky times with my best girl em this weekend!!!

Happy 21st birthday daytona girl!! Love you lots and glad to have you as my mom! Hope your day has been gr8:)

Got to surprise dad and watch my favorite team win a great game with my best gal today!!

Make a traks team so you can make an award winning name like "bringing sexy tracks" like we did! Traks is April 7-8! #trackstuesday @osf_official

Happy happy birthday to my friend Audra!! You have been alive for 21 years and I'm glad to say I've known you for almost 2 of them! You are such a superstar and fight for what you believe is right. I hope your day is great!!

Description of faces:
Me: how pumped we were to get to the Quarry
Alaina: how bummed we were when there was no water in the Quarry
It's okay cause I still loved hangin with his girl all day!!!

Though I do think this holiday is silly, it does give me the chance to brag about you a little bit more since there is never enough of that! Nathan Cody you are the best guy out there, not just because you buy me chocolate and eat it with me when I ask you to, but because of just how loving and supportive you are. Glad I get to call you my valentine:)

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