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We've got a dinner party happening this evening if you would like to come! (I'm responsible for snacks so you can enjoy the epic free feast without fear, goodness only) I would love it if you came!

My love, you are my support & my joy and I am beyond blessed to have you in my life.
Enough gushing about our new inflatable couch though! Just here to inform you my Saturday was ridiculously chill. The moustached man's stance says it all.. (It's saying 'ain't no thang' like we haven't become the official salesman for these couches) ๐Ÿ›‹๐Ÿ’•

I've not got a great grip on where anything is in Sydney but I'm pretty sure this is real close to where Nina lives and definitely know it's pretty to look at and I was with Neens when I snapped it, so I am pretty happy with all that. โœจ

What a treat, sitting with some of the best people I know in Nina's new local. I already want seconds...

Thank you Sideways for being such a rad company to design for & my trendy office inspiration, for being conveniently located near @parlour_coffee fuelling my undying addiction, reminding me how deeply I love photoshop, forcing me to learn to take photos & teaching me that 'barreled' is not a word as commonly used amongst the surf community as I thought (to be honest, I still have no idea what it means) It's been real, I'll miss you all a tonne!

Friendship; There is no other love quite like it. Today I sat with one of my closest friends and marvelled at what an absolutely ridiculous and treasured gift our friendship is. There have been key people that have fought for me last year when I wasn't strong enough to fight for myself, who believed for me, were brave enough to be vulnerable and were trusted to let me do the same. Life is so weird, but to have friends beside you to drink wine with, laugh until you pee a little and remind each other what's really important & that life is just life, is a gift I'll never fully understand how I got so lucky to be blessed with. These pals and a few others close to my heart are seriously something (and the biggest babes am I right?)

'I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I am making a road in the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland' Isaiah 43:19
With a new year comes new rivers and new roads. The way of the wise winds upwards, we travel our winding road until we are fully undone before God, with all of life's purpose unfolding along the way. Gushing from Heaven, we are filled with living water, the presence of God himself, flowing from our hearts. The winding road prevents us from seeing ahead too far and the changes that await, but faith fuels our journey and the knowledge that the river is never far away. Fruit trees growing alongside the river feed us and their leaves heal our wounds. The road and the river lie in wilderness and wasteland but we hold no fear, for we are being filled with the Holy Spirit, even in the most trailing times. So delight! God is about to do something new, in fact, he has already begun.. It's all rivers and road until we reach Him.

Consider this your holiday card that you never received from us because it got "lost in the mail." Feel free to screenshot & make your background, fill your phone with festive delight! From us to you, merry Christmas!

Given to me from a deer friend I hadn't seen in 6 years, I am definitely very fawnd of this Christmas card. ๐Ÿ˜ For real doe.


Here is a few fun facts for you; Nina is an amazing human, she's my friend & I really bloody love her, she's getting married this week (!!), this was Nina's hens, Melbourne is the most livable city in the world & flamingos are only pink because they eat so much shrimp. โœŒ๏ธ

What did Neens say when she dropped her bouquet? Whoopsy daisies... So I learnt two things yesterday; my friends are the best & I'm great at jokes. ๐Ÿ‘