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At 1 in the morning, the best surprise arrived in the burg! •I have never been treated the way this man treats me! I am glad I waited this long for a real man like you to come around and show me what it truly means to be in love♥️•

•If this was my dog, I'd name him nugget•

This was also one of the best things I've ever heald in my arms. I really need one 🐶

•Smiling because only 13 more Fridays till graduation• 🙀🎓🍻

•I miss having this handsome man around everyday•

•h a p p y 21st b i r t h d a y• Zac, you always keep me laughing, you're pretty great at keeping me in line when I get too rowdy, and you're an amazing friend to have around. I hope this day is all you've been waiting for! I'll meet ya on pine street tonight 😎🍻 @zleonard7

Last night was • t w i s t e d •

🍻🎉🆘 •They say the cure to a sinus infection is 1 dose of a south street party•

•Last semester of college began today•Meanwhile, my head is still stuck in Colorado 🗻💙

•Decadence• I'm still trying to convince myself that I didn't dream this 🌌

~All I gotta say is what a year what a year~

•Fell more in love in the city of dreams last night• #decadencenye #decadenceCO

No picture could describe how our Christmas ended up so I think this video is a pretty good representation 🎄🍷•12/25/2016•