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celebrating the fact that this one has 365 days left till 21! Laurie, you and I have been through a lot together, but ride or die, we always got each other's back. I hope 20 is a great year for you and I can't wait to see where you go in your life 💙

From sophomores to seniors, many things have changed, but one thing that hasn't and never will is our friendship. Layns, one month from today, you and I will walk across that stage and graduate and I couldn't be more proud of you and us!

•And here we see a wild college student, forced to leave her spring break habitat• 😭🍻🍹🌞🌊✌🏽#springbreak2k17

Vid Creds: Puerto Rican @carlynnwest #iscaseywearingadiaper

•Laughing at the fact that college graduation is 43 days away•

~Watermelon Smirnoff & Sunny D causes me to wrestle inflatable crocodiles~

🍉🍊🐊 #drinkdrankdrunk


Our mix tape titled: • Spring Breaking our l i v e r s • will be dropping sometime next week if we survive

•And so it begins🌞🌊🍹• #springbreak2k17 #iscaseywearingadiaper

•Blow your smoke to fog up the mirror, write our name in hearts baby I can see that you're into me• #biggigantic 💙🎷🌬

At 1 in the morning, the best surprise arrived in the burg! •I have never been treated the way this man treats me! I am glad I waited this long for a real man like you to come around and show me what it truly means to be in love♥️•

•If this was my dog, I'd name him nugget•

This was also one of the best things I've ever heald in my arms. I really need one 🐶

•I miss having this handsome man around everyday•

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