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Casey Edmonds  I like cats and naps and @oathkeyper | Marketing + Events at Florence Main Street | Restoring furniture is my current hobby πŸ”¨


I was excited to see his reaction to the snow but he wasn't amused by it. I guess if I was almost 8 in dog years, I wouldn't be either ❄️

he's my shadow 🐈 we've been together since I was 14

Onyx has been with us for almost a whole year! He's the baby of the family and he sure does act like it. He loves food (like, we have legitimately had to finally put him on a diet), he adores our Great Dane (he smells like a dog all the time now thanks to their cuddles πŸ™„), and he does everything his big brother (our older black cat) does. My heart wasn't fully mended after Shiloh's death until this baby came along. I know he'll be what gets me through Aubie's death, too. This cat was just what I needed when he found Stephen and he's the best thing last year could've given me #animalrescue #adoptdontshop #whorescuedwho

Cozy Saturday β˜•οΈ

This has been a really tough year for me. I'm a somewhat private person so I haven't shared a lot but there were times I thought I wouldn't make it. I wanted to give up way more than I even thought I could suck it up and deal. I say this to say, be easy on your friends with mental health issues. It's a tough world we live in <3 I lost what I thought were really awesome people this year because they didn't want to understand or be supportive and as much as that sucks, I'm learning to tell myself that I'm enough. I've learned who my true friends are and I'm determined to end this year on a happy note πŸ’œ I'd also like to add that more people than you realize are struggling every single day just to be alive. Let's all try to be just a little nicer and less judgmental this coming year. But don't forget, mental health is never an excuse to treat anyone poorly.

Home πŸ•― | Part 6

2017 isn't ending at all like I thought it would but thanks to that, I'm ready to tackle 2018. This time next year, I'm determined to be happier πŸ’ͺ🏻 (one good thing about this year was adopting this big baby)

~~selfies make me uncomfortable~~

merry christmas from me and my son (he got a laser pointer and catnip mice but he liked the boxes and the dog's bone more)

"He goes through life feeling no pain
watching his family suffer
thinking what's in it for him to gain
living in his own fantasy
saying anything to make his actions seem right
turning his children's life into a fight

through his eyes he's a god
deserving of anything that's gratifying
his words making his daughter weep
is like a breeze on a scorching day, so satisfying
he easily turns the suffering of others
into his daily dose of steroids

he pushes his child's self esteem so low
striking the same face he kissed that morning
grinning wider the faster the tears start to flow
he slams the door behind him with a violent force
he turns right around to hug his child
showing not a bit of remorse

he is completely blinded by all his faults
placing the blame on anyone else
reality is constantly at a halt
to him he is needed for the earth to spin
without him on your team
you'll never win

his children want so badly
to love their own father
trying so hard
but can't connect to his own little world
living life always keeping up their guard
not knowing when will be the day
that in his world they're not worthy to stay" -- Life with a Narcissistic Father

I don't believe in the term, "crazy cat lady" because there's nothing crazy about loving cats 🐈

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