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Casey Batchelor  Aka: Yoga Ninja 200hr YTT🙅🏻 Management: craig@unleashedpr.com Twitter: CaseyBatchelor


You call it a waddle.....?
I call it A Pregnancy Swag 😎
Get Your Swag On Pregnant Mumas 🤰🏻
I feel like I’ve reached a turning point, I have energy back, not so much nausea anymore and sickness has gone, still a little dry heaving, and my skin has finally cleared up, hoorayyy, as that was really getting me down!! Feeling proper preggers now, and counting down the weeks to when our little bundle of joy will be here. Now all the sickness has gone and skin is on the mend I’m now welcoming all the heartburn and constant fullness of being very bloated and feeling like a small beached whale, especially with my forever growing boobs, that make me constantly out of breath. BUT I’m not letting it stop me, I’m still keeping up the yoga and my downward dogs 🧘‍♀️ .....Oh and helloooooo mood swings 🤭😂 .
#pregnant #pregnantlife #waddlewaddle #pregnantbelly #prenatalyoga #swag

Stretchy Stretchy 💛 Have a nice big stretch
19 Weeks
Prenatal Yoga 🙏
My back aches, I still have nausea and sickness, I’m tired which makes me feel fed up, once I get on my matt have a stretch and take some deep breaths whilst stretching it always makes me feel better 💛
Note: This is sped up, you should take your time with flow and stretching .
Stretching makes you more flexible, keeps your muscles loose, and eases pregnancy aches and pains. Stretching also enhances your body's range of motion, which can prepare you for the rigors of childbirth. And it's a healthy way to relax and release stress.
#yoga #yogalove #mumtobe #pregnant #peace #prenatalyoga #pregnantlife #pregnancyyoga #pregnantfitness #stretching #splits #fitness #fitnessgirl #motivation #19weeks #secondtrimester

Here are my most liked pics of 2017 ✨ 2017 You’ve been amazing and you’ve given me a tiny miracle in my belly. Here is to 2018 which will completely change my life when me and my amazing partner will welcome our little bundle of joy 💛
Wishing everyone health and happiness in 2018 May all your dreams come true 💛 #topnine2017 #mumtobe #yoga #swimwear

Biscuit Binge On My Perfect Biscuit Tray 🍪🍪🍪
Lush gold nails thanks to @vixtanandbeauty 💛
#pregnant #pregnantbelly #biscuits

Heart Openers-Reverse Plank 🙏🦋
💛This posture is great for creating space between our hips and our ribcage which creates space for the baby
💛 Helps to stabilizes the hips and pelvis
💛 Strengthens the gluteal muscles, lower back, and legs.
I’m going to post a video this week to help relieve back pain not just for us pregnant ladies, it will be for anyone who suffers with back pain but will be more prenatal based 💛
#yogalove #yoga #pregnant #prenatalyoga #pregnancyyoga #fitness #fitnessmotivation #pregnantlife #pregnantfitness #prenatal #reverseplank #fitnessgirl #fitnessgoals #namaste #backpain #peace #love #meditation #pilates #activepregnancy #pregnancyworkout #health

Why Prenatal Yoga.....
💛Openness and strength.
💛Breath awareness.
💛Reduce Stress
💛Reduce Water Retention.
💛Reduce lower back pain and sciatica .
#yoga #pregnant #pregnancyyoga #pregnancyworkout #kingpigeon #yogalove #fitness #pregnantfitness #prenatalyoga

I don’t know who you’ll be, but I know you’ll be my everything 💛
Just to clarify this is sped up, you shouldn’t be doing this Flow this fast normally xx
16 weeks now and trying to keep my body moving and supple, keeping up with my splits practice🙏🦋
Yoga can help alleviate the pressure on the lower back, by stretching the upper leg muscles and lower back tension will start to release. I especially need this release with the weight of my boobs now (out of control😂🙈)
#pregnant #pregnancyyoga #yoga #pregnancyworkout #splits

The butterflies he use to give me have turned into tiny flutters of little feet 👣
Embracing the pregnant life, no filter, no edit just a pregnant lady 🤰🏻 Thank you to @thetanexpert and @fakebakeunited for my bronze all over tan 🙌
#pregnant #nofilter #noedit #pregnantlife #pregnantbelly #embracing #butterfliesinmytummy

Easy and Simple Morning Pregnancy Yoga Stretch 💛
Yoga postures & movements will provide more space for the baby & alleviate many pregnancy discomforts.
15 Weeks 🤰🏻
#pregnancyyoga #pregnant #pregnancyworkout #yoga #morningyoga #homeyoga

I haven’t posted much yoga lately, and that’s because my first trimester I just felt too ill and tired to do anything really, it’s been a tough first trimester. I’m now into my second trimester so I’m slowly getting back into my yoga.
Yoga has so many benefits for pregnant ladies, it can help you sleep better reduce stress and anxiety as anyone who has been or is pregnant knows our hormones are all over the place, can also help strengthen our muscles and flexibility to help with childbirth. So try and give it a go even if it’s just for 10mins. Having a good stretch will make you feel loads better, you can even do it in bed 😊
So here I am attempting the box splits (after a warm up flow) with my pregnant beautiful bump on full show 💛
#pregnant #pregnancyyoga #yoga #yogapractice #split #yogalove

I’m still in shock that I’m pregnant and so incredibly happy. I wanted to post this picture, NO edit and NO filter. My body is changing drastically. I have an extremely large bump for so early on, my boobs are growing out of control, I’m beginning to get lumps and bumps in places I’ve never had before and my skin from all the hormones is not very happy aside from the constant nausea and tiredness. I’ve always worked hard on eating healthy and keeping fit especially with my yoga, so the changing of my body I am learning to embrace and love every part of you and YES including my BACK FAT! My beautiful bump, my stupidly forever growing boobs and my back fat I Love you all, I welcome all the new changes to come throughout my pregnancy 💛
Gorgeous Bikini from @chasingsummeruk of course 💛

The perfect lash from @lashlifelondon
Nails by the gorge @vixtanandbeauty
And brows still on point by @beautybyrose__x
Picture Ready 🌸

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