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Never thought this day would come but it’s finally over. It’s been real and it’s been fun but it ain’t been real fun time to start the next chapter

Last prom went out with a bang with my partner @willy_willll and my beautiful date

Throw back to my first turkey I ever killed. #droppedthehammer

Another great year at the WWO shooting competition. I am proud to say that my team and I walked away with another win but more thankful that I met many more friends and family who made the ultimate sacrifice. I’m honored to call each individual my friend, and I am thankful for my friend J.D. Williams who has supported me and been my role model for many years. He is truly another big brother to me and I am honored to know him and many others just like him and I am proud that he is not only a friend but family #landofthefreebecauseofthebrave🇺🇸

Long night in the swamp but after 3 hours and stepping on 2 moccasins we did not leave empty handed

Last year showing a steer In 4-H decided to go out with a bang

Had a great night at the Wounded Warrior Outdoors fundraiser in Orlando. Willybob and I got to meet some really great veterans tonight and hear their stories #thankyouforyourservice #marines

Went out with a bang on the last day. Killed a deer with the new shotgun in front of the dogs #droppedthehammer

Best shot of my life 350 yard head shot with the custom 28 nosler

Not my first choice of weapon tonight but it sure was my first deer ever with a lever action...45 colt did it’s job. #droppedthehammer

Just a few little attachments for the hell of it

Waxed a doe tonight at 415 yards with the 28 Nosler ...tagged out on my last night in Missouri. Not a bad way to end things #droppedthehammer

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