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Cascade Workshop  Hosted by @benjhaisch Cascade Mountains, WA Wedding Photography Workshop For editing help, look at @cascadepresets

Loving this photo from @candacenicolephotos! For those who have been asking, we’re getting things rolling for Cascade and can’t wait to share some new things! Stay tuned :) #cascadeworkshop

coming soon.

2017 was a great year with two amazing workshops. Thankful for each one of you who attended.
Can’t wait for what’s in store for 2018!

Thankful for all of you moving into this holiday weekend!
Photo by @carolynn_seibert #cascadeworkshop

Those overlooks. ❤
Photo by @markwspooner

From attendee @anchorveilphoto:
Not gonna lie, this heat is making me wish I was back in Leavenworth shooting. Easily one of the most beautiful places we have been! Loved learning from one of the most genuine teachers and givers in our industry. @benjhaisch is the freaking man and the @cascadeworkshop is well worth it! Shot this there and so thankful for our time being there!
Photo by @anchorveilphoto

From @ofloveandmagic:

A few weeks ago I visited Washington for the first time where I had the opportunity to learn from the man himself @benjhaisch @cascadeworkshop. It was hands down the best workshop experience I've ever had. Twenty or so photographers on their own journeys coming together in the spirit of community, sharing knowledge, making art, falling in love with what we are so lucky to do for a living. I believe this is one of those #blessed moments right? Shout out to all the rad humans involved in making this mountainside shoot so damn magical ✨

We just got our film scans back from @indiefilmlab and it's one of my favorite parts of the workshop.
The majority of wedding photographers now didn't start on film like they used to and many have never shot film at all! While Cascade definitely isn't a film workshop, one of the things I value in it is the opportunity to get creative and try something new.
I also think that there are a lot of misconceptions about film being a whole lot more difficult than it actually is.
Huge thanks to @indiefilmlab for always hooking us up with scans from the workshop and supporting us!

Bring it in close.
Photo: @jackiewillomephoto

Using the live view function on your digital camera can be super helpful to double check focus, preview exposure, & frame a photo from an angle over your head or closer to the ground. It's also one of the ways @benjhaisch helped show attendees his process during the instructional shoot. 🤙🏼
Photo by @markwspooner

The in-between.
Photo by @jackiewillomephoto

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