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I lost everything I ever loved 11 years ago.But yet they still use that against me,I’ve haven’t committed a robbery yet a crime since i came home 5 years ago.But yet I’m being judged for being who I was.The difference between me and them is I don’t have loose lips cause I built this ship 🚢 Don’t let them trick you and upcoming rappers understand your a ticket your not the same anymore.I fucked up when I forgot that..Learn from my mistakes!!

I’m bleeding eternally,you can’t imagine this pain.....Stay sucker free don’t end up like me!!Im not built to last I’m built to out last...Watch me work!

When @50cent say you know @6ix9ine on his way #getthestrap okkkk 😈...

I ain't quit on me that's all that counts..."AINT NO GO MORNINGS ITS GET MONEY" I'm just saying😏I'm backkkkkkkk!

First I hit her,then now I’m being charged with robbery what did I rob her for? If it ain’t one thing it’s another “RAPPERS”-“CELEBRITIES” be on your a game around these hoes.Clearly this is a recording of her saying I didn’t do nothing to her but yet she slandering my name on the news. This is defamation of character at its best the crazy thing is I ain’t even mad at you.Just understand when it’s all said and done I’m suing that ass😘.I hope all them blogs and news channels post this too..

Guess I gotta #Getthestrap

Y’all know my body..I’m built for this type of shit..Picture me risking it all over a chick🤔



The problem with these lit niggas they forget to come back and grab a few niggas.I don’t know none of these niggas but I know they can rap.And for that I let them bless my track..Hope y’all get signed or something comes from this and y’all make it there🙏🏿 @Wavywestbrook @LifeOfMoeMoney @_baddnews_ @kiing_strong @_iamswift @buddy_staytuned “CATCH A BODY” challenge winners

Emphasis on "The world to me" I'm just saying I hope that don't go over y'all heads.

I’m proud of you @casanova_2x look how far you came..Sometimes you gotta congratulate yourself and understand they will never understand..If you know me then you know at 16 them old heads ain’t want no steam..Flatbush bully👌🏿Whole hood crip but I turnt blood..Facts❗️

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