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Fallon Carmichael Santiago  NYC // Mama of 2under2 💙💙 My 💗 belongs to 🙏🏽👨🏽👦🏽👶🏽 Daily BTS on Insta Stories...

A little peek at what I ate for lunch today, which included a remix of my dinner the other night... • Sautéed Green • Coconut Lime Cauliflower Rice (leftovers) • Grilled Shrimp (leftovers) • and @traderjoes Chili Lime Chicken Burger (because the 5 little 🍤 I had leftover, were not enough 😜). If you follow my day to day on InstaStories, then you know that I started #Whole30 on Monday🍴So far it's been fairly easy...aside from late afternoon and post dinner, when I desperately want something sweet 😩 but I will say, I am throughly enjoying cooking within the limits of Whole30! 🤗 #CDFwhole30
Here's the Whole 30 general guidelines (emoji style): Yes 🙋🏽to 👉🏽🥑🥒🍠🍅🍌🍎🍓🥝🥕🌽🍋🍊🍇🍑🍤🍗🍖🥗☕️ No 🙅🏽to 👉🏽 🌭🍔🥞🍕🍟🍯🥜🌮🌯🧀🥛🍷🍪🍩🍿🍫🍦🍰🍭 .

If you're interested in joining me on this journey, let me know and I'll add you to my FB Group!

Got to @lovemylifeboutique NEXT

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Sun, sand, cars and a #totaleclipse... what an awesome way to start the week! 🤗 Did you get to see the 🌘 where you live? It was far from a total eclipse here in NYC (and I didn't have any glasses 👓) but I have to admit, it was still pretty cool to witness and my hubby got a few cool pics (one which looked like 👄 and I'm totally taking it as a sign😉). Oh and I was able to get some eclipse water 💧🙌🏽... not sure if it really works, but who says no to good energy in the form of hydration?! 😜 P.S. I started Whole30 today and so far 👌🏽 ...oh and Jude is three months today 😳 #timeslowdown please 😭 .
On another note #bebéjayden is far from a bebé these days! I desperately need a new hashtag for him... any ideas? 🤔 One last thing... can we just take a moment and swoon of his curls!!! 😍

Today was crazy and awesome all at the same time... we decided to go to the Museum of Natural History, during lunch/nap time. 😱 Could it have been an epic fail? Absolutely! Was it easy breezy, no?! By you know what, we survived, this tired little toddler had a BLAST and mommy got a high five ✋🏽 I mean, if that's not winning, then I don't know what is... 💪🏽 #citykid #toddlerlife

My boys 👦🏽👶🏽 #jiggyandjuju

#tbt I can't believe my littlest baby is already 12 weeks old! 😳 Like, we made it through the "4th trimester" guys, wow!!! Everyday is different, yet some days feel like groundhogs day...I'd be lying if I said it was easy—emotionally and physically it's hard! We are entering the teething phase 😬and I'm just over here like, 🙏🏽 God, please help me get through this! Being a mom of two under two, heck being a mom of one, is not easy... but it's SOOO worth it! It's moments like this, when I see my oldest imitating me, that I'm reminded that two little ones are always watching me, and it's my responsibility to be the best mommy and person that I can be. I swear 🙊 more than I'd like to admit and I loss my temper to quickly, 😤 but I promise to better tomorrow than I was today! 🙋🏽 These two little angles 👦🏽👶🏽 (and my husband 👨🏽) deserve it! #motherhoodunplugged #rolemodel #jiggyandjuju

Buenos días Puerto Rico! 🏝

Tomorrow morning, this little guy and I are headed in our first adventure alone 🏖 It will be Jude's first flight ✈️ and my first time away from Jayden (aside from being in the hospital when I gave birth to Jude). Crazy I know, he's almost two and we've never been apart 😳 I'm sad to leave Jayden, but excited to hear all the stories from his one-on-one time with Daddy 👨‍👦 and I'm even more excited to get some one-on-one time with this little guy! 👩‍👦Wish us luck!! #judeaxton #wearallthebabies | 📷 by: @stevilou for @heymamaco #ohheymama #edbundlesofjoy

If you've been following me for awhile, you know how important breastfeeding is to me. If you've been around since Jayden was born, then you also know how difficult it was for me the first time around, but also how I ultimately persevered. With Jude, my journey couldn't be more different. I've yet to have mastitis or clogged ducts (knock on wood), I've had zero issues with supply and Jude has latched like a pro since day one. Every journey is different. Even for the same mom, her journey with each child is different. I am a HUGE advocate for breastfeeding, but I'm an even bigger advocate for not judging mothers for their choices... whatever those choices my be. Formula, breastfeeding (covered or not), pumping, etc. at the end of the day, a feed baby is a happy baby and a happy baby makes a happy mom and that's ALL that maters! P.S. How cute are the "Big Brother" scrubs Jayden is wearing?! 😍 I found them on Amazon two days before Jude was born, thank God for Prime 🙌🏽. I linked to them here, in case you wanted to snag a pair for your little 👉🏽 #liketkit #worldbreastfeedingweek #normalizebreastfeeding #twoundertwo #blackmomsbreastfeed #belabumbum #jiggyandjuju

I can't believe this was just a little over a year ago... 😱It may not be Thursday, but when a photo this cute pops up on your FB "on this day" and it matches your current IG feed 😜 you gotta share it! 🙌🏽 It seriously blows my mind 💥 how much he has grown this past year! 😳😭🤗 #tbt #weekendedition #mommyandme #boymom

I can't believe I took this photo almost a month ago! 😳 Timing flew by with Jayden but it's going even faster this second time around... #nevergrowup #letthembelittle #judeaxton #babiesofinstagram #silvercrosswave

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