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This last weekend was pretty amazing, I separated myself from the blunders of social media. I had time by myself to sit and think a lot, get great workouts in and spent a couple hours at the spa. It was just me and my naked self and nothing else. So many of us live our daily lives without a purpose, we make unconscious and unintentional decisions because it's just part of our daily routine so that's just the way it is. To live with purpose is to have meaning to the things you do Day in and day out. It means you are not relying on what other people are doing, saying, posting or tweeting to make or break your day. We rely so much on what's going out outside of us and forget to concentrate on what's inside of us. Just remember to take time for yourself mentally, spiritually and physically. Just live with purpose πŸ€— #teambodybuildingcom #bodybuildingcom #bestself

One of my favorite moves, snatchy singles (it just sounds better). This full body crusher is great with anything but my favorite is combining this with Curl/Squat/Presses. You do 10 rounds of both and you have a crazy yet simple full body workout πŸ€— #teambodybuildingcom #bodybuildingcom #bestself #fitspo #dallasfitness

These frames are a little big on my face 😩
Seriously though what is with the 27/4 snap chat filters? Do people not like the way they look? I.e. The pretty filter or do they wish they were an animal or in costume all the time? And here I am complaining about my damn frames SMH πŸ˜‚ #teambodybuildingcom #bestself #bodybuildingcom #snapchatfilters #smh

#motivationmonday Most people post encouraging words, I am just going to post life advise. In this social media crazed age where everybody wanna be a model, one can't help but think "what if it doesn't work out?" Well in most cases it won't. The question you have to ask your self then, "what do I do when it doesn't, where does it leave me?" So my life advise leads to this, don't throw all of your eggs in one basket. Dont think that the number of followers you have dictate your validity as a model, because if you do the lengths you will go to just to get followers will haunt you the rest of your life. Just remember that as soon as it goes on any social platform, it is out there indefinitely for all to see. Where does that leave you when it doesn't workout? Would you want a prospective employer to google your name and nothing but scandalous pictures pop up? Food for thought, start thinking about the future and who or what you want to become. Would the 35 year old professional look at the 23 year old you and say "damn I was on the right track" or would you say "I fucked up". Create your own destiny and start learning from your mistakes. Work hard and don't forget to have fun along the way! #backupplan #teambodybuildingcom #bestself #bodybuildingcom

Sundayz with my bud #etphonehome

Saturday feels... recommendation, if you feel like shit from the creature just wake up and force yourself to sweat! #teambodybuildingcom #bestself #sponsored #bodybuildingcom #dtxfitness #dallasfitness #paradigmgyms

If this special was any crazier my head would literally.... EXPLODE! While supplies last @bodybuidlingcom is offering an extra 10% off any purchase you make β€” even sale items. Plus, they'll throw in a free 20 ounce Smart Shake Lite shaker with every order. Start saving now. Click BONUS10 to apply the promo and start shopping!!! #teambodybuildingcom #bbcompromo #bodybuildingcom #bestself

Always a pleasure having a fellow @bodybuildingcom athlete @krisgethin in town and as always my brotha @jasonpostonpro in for a training session at my spot @paradigmgyms this AM #Repost @jasonpostonpro with @repostapp
Early morning Delt destruction with @krisgethin πŸŽ₯ youtube on the way...
πŸ™πŸΌ thank you to my homie @casad44 for hosting us.

Happy #teammatetuesday to these amazing peeps I like to call family πŸ€—πŸ€— #teambodybuildingcom ##bodybuildingcom #bestself #bbcomevents

Hey guys huge news, @bodybuildingcom is returning to Olympia!
I am a little late getting this out there but you can still join in! Check out the website for more info:

BBcom will be taking 1 Male winner, 1 Female Winner and the Biggest Fan winner!
Even if you don't win you should definitely make it out to see us, I mean hell why not It's In Vegas!
It is September 14th-17th so get those flights booked and those hotels reserved, its going to be Epic!
It has been several year since we have been and I had the pleasure my first year ever going to do Bodies of Work Volume 2 which was definitely something I never thought I could or would do. I did it though and I've added two pics from that so just swipe left 😳 #returntoOlympia #bodybuildingcom #teambodybuildingcom #BestSelf

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