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CASA | ACAE  Official account of the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations. We advocate for better post-secondary education and represent 255,000 students.


*NEW RELEASE* No student should be prevented from getting a post-secondary education because they can't afford it. Our new paper tells of how we think the federal government can improve student financial aid so that doesn't happen! [link in bio] 💵💰 #cdnpse #cdnpoli #student #studentloans

Did you know low-income families can get up to $2,000 from the government to save for their child's future education? All you need to do is open up an RESP at a bank and ask for the Canada Learning Bond! CASA rep @lindsayjboyd spent the past few days at the #CLBChampions meeting to learn about why so many eligible people aren't claiming this money and thinking about how we can advocate to reduce barriers and how we can better promote it. In the meantime, tell all your friends with kids!!! 👶👧📚

Ugh, at least give us a chance to gain experience during school then!! #StudentProblems #ExperientialLearning 👷‍♀️

At our #AdvoWeek17 reception, Minister @pattyhajdu spoke about her own personal experience with post-secondary education, explaining that it enriched her life and opened up employment opportunities that weren't there before. So true!! 🎓💼

#BellLetsTalk about student mental health on Canadian post-secondary campuses. In addition to having a clear effect on a person's quality of life and overall health, poor mental health can also impact an individual's ability to succeed in school and in the workforce. Support services across the country are straining to meet the needs of students and stigma still dissuades some from seeking help. Let's get it all out there and talk about this so we can start seeing some change!!

Shoutout to our member association @sait.sa for making some noise for mental health! 📣 #mentalhealth

Our Policy Director @parvzy attended Statistics Canada's consultation on collecting data on campus sexual violence. Sadly, instances of sexual violence are not uncommon and we are hopeful that collecting more data can help us to get all post-secondary schools to implement stand-alone sexual violence policies that better protect students. #campussafety #students

Thank you to Canada's Chief Science Advisor Dr. Mona Nemer for meeting with CASA and @unionetudiante to discuss federal support for research. It was a pleasure meeting you! 📚🔬🔭 If you want to learn more about CASA's vision for research and innovation in Canada, check out our paper on this topic [link in bio] #cdnpoli #research

This past November, students from @acadiastudents @ulethbridge @ualbertasu @brockbusu met with Leader of the Opposition @andrewjscheer's office to discuss issues students are facing on their campuses. One of those issues was the high cost of learning materials like textbooks and this new thing called open educational resources (OERs) that could help! OERs are FREE textbooks, course plans, etc. that could improve the quality of education and reduce costs for students. 📚 #AdvoWeek17 #OER

Throwback to when we met with Prime Minister @justinpjtrudeau to bring student issues and our policy solutions for them to his attention. 🇨🇦 #ThrowbackThursday

How many students are struggling with mental health? Are support services keeping up? Is there anything government can do to help? We answer all these questions and more in our newly released mental health paper! [on our website, link in bio] #students #mentalhealth 💆‍♂️ / Combien d'étudiant(e)s vivent des problèmes de santé mentale ? Y a-t-il quelque chose le gouvernement peut faire pour aider ? Nous répondons à toutes ces questions et plus dans notre nouveau document sur la santé mentale ! #etudiants #santementale

We accomplished lots this past year, between publishing our first policy papers on research and student employment, presenting at Parliament Hill 4 times, attending 150 meetings with MPs, Senators, Ministers and more during #AdvoWeek17 to discuss important issues on campus, and seeing big wins for students in the last budget. We also grew in size, welcoming @unionetudiante as official partners in Quebec and @capstudentunion as a new member! We're looking forward to another year of hard work and successes for students across Canada! 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣8️⃣✨

We love this photo of our delegates from @upeisu @acadiastudents @stu_su meeting with Senator Bernard to talk about post-secondary student issues and how we can solve them. 👌🎓

Do you know the average tuition in Canada? 💰 How about where students get this money from and how many hours they work? 💼 Here's a few quick facts about what it's like to be a #student these days! / Savez-vous les frais de scolarité moyens au Canada ? D'où provient l'argent des étudiants et combien d'heures travaillent-t'ils? Voici quelques faits en bref pour vous aider à mieux comprendre la vie des #étudiants ces jours-ci !

Young workers deserve work protections and high quality work experiences, and they should absolutely be compensated just like anyone else! Check out our website to watch our Executive Director's full presentation in the Senate on this topic.

Thank you @peter_schiefke for meeting with us last week during our #AdvoWeek17 to talk about important issues facing post-secondary students in Canada 🇨🇦

Just approved exciting new policies on campus substance use and on ensuring post-secondary staff can provide advice and support to international students. #AdvoWeek17 #CdnPSE

Thank you @kenthehr for meeting with representatives of CASA and @unionetudiante to discuss how to better support students with disabilities, graduate students, international students, and Indigenous students. We also appreciate the opportunity to talk about why fair dealing for education is important for students! #AdvoWeek17 #CdnPSE #CdnPoli 🇨🇦

@thatreallyblondeguy taking over @casaacae for the day! Check out the story clips for some #advoweek17 goings on!

In preparation for #AdvoWeek17 delegates are participating in team building activities (or should we say tower building activities) to learn to communicate and work together. Here are our winners for tallest tower! 👏 👏

It's unfair to ask #students to choose between gaining work experience in their field or paying their living expenses. We must protect students against unpaid internships and create more paid opportunities! 💼💵

In Canada, it takes an average of about 5 months to get a job and sometimes that also means moving to a new city. It doesn't make sense to accumulate interest on student loans during this time! #cdnpse #studentproblems

Hey student leaders! We know that you work tirelessly to improve life for your students on campus. This year, why not also take that energy and dedication to represent your students' interests to the Government of Canada? From Nov 26-Dec 1 we and @unionetudiante are hosting #AdvoWeek17 where you can do just that! [link to more info in bio] / Hé leaders étudiants! Nous savons que vous travaillez sans relâche pour améliorer la vie des étudiants sur le campus. Cette année, pourquoi ne pas profiter de cette énergie et de ce dévouement pour représenter les intérêts des étudiants auprès du gouvernement du Canada? Du 26 nov au 1er déc nous et @unionetudiante organisons la #SemAction17 pour vous aider à faire juste ça! [plus d'informations sur l'évènement sont disponibles sur notre site]

"Students MUST be kept a priority when considering the future of Canada's economy." 👨‍🎓🇨🇦 #cdnpse #students See our entire presentation to the federal government on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/CASAACAE/

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