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Caryn O'Hara  🌿Ayurvedic Health Counselor •🌎trotting Retreats• Connect to Innate Healing Wisdom in Change, Grief, Trauma• yoga instructor • speaker • cancer thriver

If we are not happy in our house/head/body, how can we be happy anywhere?

My teacher, Satya Narayana Das, reminds us when we are on vacation, our mind is still with us.
We cannot simply leave the unhappy mind at home.

And when the mind is happy, we have health.
This is one of the giant benefits to a daily self care routine, called dinacarya.

Come see for yourself how wonderful a weekend morning can feel.

Tomorrow @ellirichter and I host a women's mini retreat, (re) Ignite Your Morning Ritual.
For all who are versed well and novice in these practices.
We will answer your questions about what, how and why.

Isle of Palms
Link in bio

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This Saturday!

Connection lays the foundation for profound shift.
It's here to time well - just before the New Moon .
Ayurvedic breakfast.
Self care.
Isle of Palms
Registration link in bio
Be like the flower
turn your face to the sun.
- Kalil Gibran .
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The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct.
- Carl Jung

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How many giggles have you had lately?

Want to up your baseline?

Morning ritual is the IT medicine for discovering our joy.
This golden nugget, @ellirichter, and I are hosting a MINI RETREAT this Saturday morning.
6-10a on IOP
Sunrise. Yoga. Meditation. Ayurvedic breakfast. Self care. CONNECTION.

You will walk away with game changers that we include in our morning routine.

This is a super fun atmosphere to once again Come ME AS YOU ARE and experience the neurological reset.

If enhanced alignment with joy is your thing, this is your jam.

Spaces limited! Click link in bio to reserve a spot for you and your girlfriends.

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Weekend wrap 🎬.
On a scale from 1-10, 1=😩 and 10=😃, how happy are you?

According to Charaka Samhita (one of the main original Ayurvedic texts), whether we want to follow our dharma, accumulate wealth, or find liberation, one must sustain health.

We interact with nature in one of two ways to achieve this: harmony or disharmony.
Here's a little check in.

If we feel saddened on Sunday evening because the days ahead keep us from being ourselves, then we aren't living harmoniously.

Shifting gears between work and play can be done by dancing among those qualities within our nature.

If we're feeling low vibration emotions like fear and sadness about starting our work week, it's time to sit down and get honest with ourselves about what we enjoy doing/being the most.

And wtf aren't we doing/being them?

What aligns us with our waves of happiness?
What allows us to feel like we are moving downstream?
What brings us the most expansive thoughts?

If you're not sure why you are where you are or where you're headed, it could be timely to work alongside someone who's trained to offer support in navigating the big picture one small piece at a time.

Life is too damn short.

Frequent sadness, anxiety, or a deep sense of burden can melt away once personal alignment is regained.

If you resonate with being stuck or unfulfilled, I'd love to share these techniques that flush out BS with you.

In years past, I experienced job frustration, lay off, even getting canned.

Now my experience is one of entrepreneurship, collaborative events, public speaking, and offering my programs on the road - all of which allow me to lean into my strengths.

While the goals I have for my clients are soul-centered, it helps to look at what's causing upset to determine where to start the conversation.
If you're unhappy at work, with work, without work, all these examples are great reasons to get in touch.

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All of this stuff - meditation, therapy, pharmaceuticals - is bullshit without friendship. You can't heal all by yourself. In no culture did anybody heal all by him or herself; you can't do it alone. - Michael Stone
Deep appreciation for friends, the true medicine.
(And appear to be sporting a 🍍head)
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#merriamwebster refers to a teacher as a person.
Experience tells me that isn't the only way to learn.

One of the most helpful tools when in a tricky sitch is to ask spirit/source/universe to show us what the lesson is.

What wisdom can I gain from this?
What new perspective can I see?
How can I see this differently?

One of the mantras that stays close to my heart is one that gives rise to vibrational healing (if you are skeptical, check out Dr. Emoto's water experiment on #youtube) and clears obstacles from the path.

Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha 🎼

This is the root mantra of the mythological figure Ganesha.

Lord Ganesh is the guardian of prosperity, beauty, grace and compassion.
He is revered at the starting of all spiritual ceremonies and rituals in deference to his creation of new auspicious beginnings.
He is also the embodiment of three virtues namely Siddhi, Buddhi, and Riddhi known as spirituality, wisdom, and prosperity.

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. 🙏🏼 shirt swag: @holycowyogacenter . Artwork on left: @john.duckworth .
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Mindfulness helps you go home to the present. And every time you go there and recognize a condition of happiness that you have, happiness comes.
- Thich Nhat Hanh

We can cultivate present happiness by recalling memories through photos, sound, smell.
We can tap into the brilliance of emotional memory, an invitation for the body's memories to rise to the surface so there's an alignment between gross (physical) and subtle (sensory/emotional) bodies.
Cheers to that!
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Truth revealed: Today I'm at the hospital.

Throwback photo to last Sunday

I am laughing a lot.
And crying.
I feel happy, sad, angry, and scared.
I am talking to my husband about feeling the feelings and not simply putting on a flash of a ☹️ and moving on.

The only way is through; we must feel to heal and deal. (😉 @ellirichter)

In my mind before I'm scanned, prodded, pricked, I breathe deeply and feel.

I get in touch with the gratitude that courses my veins, the love that reminds me this too shall pass, the forgiveness that eventually quells my anger when impatience and judgement surface.

Today I am healthy - in mind, body, and spirit.

I choose to continue plotting a path of integrative care.

In this life my significant role is to educate so we can raise the bar on the standards of care we receive to prevent further disease, strengthen tissues, and build vitality.

I step up as a voice of patient advocacy.
I step up as support for those who believe they're alone.
I step up to STAND UP to healthcare providers who aren't up to speed with the power of diet and lifestyle choices.

I publicly share my truth to change the face of cancer.
I am not sick.
I am vibrant and well.

I have always known I am here in this life to observe, learn, share, and spearhead the unconventional route.

I've never been a follower and when I tried I felt sad and moped around miserably.

My biggest fear became cancer when my dad died from complications stemming from leukemia in 2005.

If I didn't have to face my biggest fear mono y mono, I wouldn't have had the opportunities to grow in exactly the ways I was depleted.

Damn. Those trauma teachers have powerful lessons.

They hold space for consciousness shifts that could otherwise take lifetimes to happen.

Awareness comes with its own challenges in this human experience.

We can't un-know once information moves from the "don't know what we don't know" in the Venn diagram to the "know". What I can do with this life is continue to do all of the things that I have been put together to do.

For this, I am grateful.💋 @_clasique_ 😉
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Waking up grateful and recognizing the abundance of the day. I couldn't have said it any better, @ellirichter. To say I am honored to hold space for these women is an understatement. Feeling joy in the most wonderful way!
Feeling super full in the bestest of ways after hosting our girls night in with @carynoharaayurveda .
We started with some breathing exercises before dinner, fully connecting with the feels instead of "eating them"
Then blessed the delicious and Ayurveda based meal with a prayer
Took our sweet time to eat and chat
Then check in with body, using physical feedback for guided journaling and sharing, leading into some big Ahas and forward momentum
Then sacred and heart opening cacao ceremony
Followed by walk down to the beach, and shoulder to shoulder meditation outside
Keeping Self Care simple, sacred, joyful, and effective
We loved it so much, more to come in the fall
So thankful to all the amazing women showing up so fully
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Waking up after the fullness of the moon, let's create time for connection.
Standing in our truth means we honor what we honestly feel about our circumstance.
We dive beyond the coping strategies we've gotten so good at over the decades that keep us numb or outwardly feeling only the preferred feelings like joy.

Instead, lets harmonize with the myriad of feels that come up and find gratitude for them all.

If we are interested and committed, we see that they each tell us stories about who we are, what we trigger on, and some day we may understand ourselves better.

All so we can intricately weave ourselves into the complex fabric of life, let's choose to stay in connection - not a wink, not a text, not a voicemail.
Let's look into each other's eyes the way we long to be seen.

Let's listen to hold space for someone who is a conduit of earth and sky just like us.

Let's notice the mirror effect people have for us, not to us, which shows us our sensitivities and patterns so we can learn and evolve and be in this world committing to something much greater than ourselves.

If you're scared to be with women who are doing these kinds of things it's normal.
Recognize that the fear is actually your inner critic saying "you can't" or "you're not worth it" or " you don't have the time" or "you're not smart or evolved or pure or cool enough". .
I listened to mine for years after I started craving this type of lifestyle and I'm so glad that I finally stopped believing that that bitchy voice inside my head.

Ladies, @ellirichter and I have some spots available tonight if you wanna enjoy a big ole relaxation station of an evening for YOU. 💆🏼💆🏾💆🏻 Believe me, you're totally worth it.

Link to register is in my bio. ☝🏼 .
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