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Int Ayurvedic Health Counselor  Premiere Wellness Experience ❍︎ 6•16 ❍ The modern way is the conscious way. ❍ ⓕⓤⓝ ❍ ⓕⓡⓔⓔⓓⓞⓜ ❍ ⓘⓝⓣⓔⓖⓡⓐⓣⓘⓞⓝ ❍ Mission-aligned Collabs

Treat Monday like Friday by extending the celebration! 💥

Feeling JOY thinking about a special date tonight with my boo @matt_ohara_ with @mccarusbeverage at @renzochs tonight in our ‘hood.

Thank you, my love, for the most fun over the weekend.

I feel the love. ❤️

Now it’s my turn to celebrate you with what we love most - adventure, laughter, connection, delicious food + wine!

Anybody else have delicious food + wine as a #corevalue? 😂 .

Who else in #chs is going to be there tonight? 🙋🏼‍♀️

👫🚲 🥘 🍷 💏

📷: @timkmcmanus
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You guys! .

I took a hiatus from posting on social media yesterday to practice present moment awareness on my birthday.

Started the day at @wearemissionyoga to move my body and breathe.

Then my hubs threw me the best birthday gathering at our house. .

I kept hearing from everyone how much they appreciated the group of people, the High vibe energy each person contributed to so naturally.

I had perma grin for five hours straight - at least.

I had deep, meaningful conversations about the death in living + the life in dying among other heart-bursting topics.

I danced with goddesses, introduced hubs to people I knew he’d love (and did), sat in a well of gratitude beside friends who’ve been there for me for so many years, shared my home with a group of awesome humans who still hadn’t seen the renovation to #thehousethatlovebuilt, + listened to the music of friends laughing + conversing with other friends for the first time.

Connections. Abundance. Freedom. Laughter.

It’s funny I thought turning 21 I’d become an adult and now turning 40 I feel lighter and more carefree than when I was 21.

The stories of unworthiness I believed for so damn long despite being nurtured during childhood development...

The choices to play small because I was scared to fail, believing I’d be forever “less than” in everyone else’s eyes if I didn’t come in on “top” for whatever it was I was doing...

They have dropped off and fallen away.

I am peaceful. I am content. I am grateful. I am joyful. I am truly ME.

Although it does not feel inherent to have the words “I am 40” come out of my mouth, today I embrace this shift and embark on a new decade.


Get ready for more opportunities to live in ⓙⓞⓨ at my upcoming retreats in Charleston + beyond. (😉 in the works)

To kick off the fun 🎉 June 16 is The Mini Retreat :: summer brunch where @ellirichter and I will host three other holistic entrepreneurs’ interactive presentations, lead yoga + meditation, offer happiness life hacks and day-to-day consciousness tools to enhance the experience of being alive.

It’s not a watered down approach, so get ready for transformation.

This kind of adulting I can swing.

Last day in our 30s!

I met @lifeofmelins earlier this year.

She reached out to me (through the wonders of social media) + asked me to curate an Ayurvedic Dinner Series for one of the best restaurants in #charleston @basic_kitchen .

I always have a running pitch list + this business was on it when she called.

Not only was it on my list, but I had essentially been social media stalking them because I love their menu, messages, + mission. It all.

And I saw myself in collaboration with them offering luxurious, fun, educational dinners. .

If you follow me often or know me well enough, that’s no real surprise.

When I received this request, I was beside myself!

THIS, I thought, is how the intensely specific visions of a Vata-type and diligent new moon intentions work together to manifest dreams.

I’m in one of the best culinary cities in the world + I’m partnering with one of my favorite health-conscious places eva.

Super cool, right?

Fast forward to our first meeting + we hit it off instantly.

So much, in fact, that I told her somewhat tongue trippy “I really feel like I know you...and I know we just met...but I can’t help it...I feel strongly about us being friends since childhood...or in another life?!”

Melinda agreed + we joked about being new besties at the end of our first meeting.

Not your usual biz takeaway on day one, and awesome nonetheless.

Fast forward again after we masterminded the program plan + we decide to meet up purely to connect on a personal level.

Long story short, we both shared we are turning 40 this year.

We shared we have the same desire to listen to music + feel carefree for our upcoming birthday celebrations.

As I explain I’m going to @jazzfest in early May to celebrate, she asked what month I was born.

me: May.

Melinda: Really?!! What day?

me: 19th.

She stops mid-step during our beach walk.

We have the same birthday, same year and all!

If you see this woman, please stop her + tell her she’s amazing.

She is.

We are celebrating in different cities, so we enjoyed lunch together earlier this week.

Soon we’ll be on a date getting our star charts read together.

Any suggestions?


My mama told me when I was young that my face was going to freeze when I’d make silly faces. 😜

And it has! .

The wrinkles on my forehead (okay fivehead) are happening.

Likely because this week I’m turning 40, I am reflecting on gratitudes + attitudes - remembering times come and go so fast when I look in the mirror + wonder when those “lines” appeared on my face.

Sometimes I wish I didn’t have certain creases + I’ve realized it’s mainly because I feel so young at heart.

That being said, I am at a point in life that is more true to me than ever before - and this has really been the experience of allowing the real me to resurface during my 30’s.

I have healed since my dad’s death, mourned the loss of all of my grandparents, + made the tough decision to put myself first even during difficult times like the passing of my mom’s only sibling.

I have tried things in life that I never thought I would if you asked me in high school - some have been thrilling and life-changing in such wonderful ways, some have been hiccups + straight up eff ups.

I have connected with people who appreciate the spirit within me that I knew as a seven-year-old + ran from for decades, only to reconnect years later after shedding layers of grief ☹️, guilt 😦, + shame😔.

I know the little girl inside whose core values have always been freedom, expression, individuality, + security.

I see where I didn’t stick up for myself + chose the path of least resistance even at the expense of going against my heart’s longing.

I definitely haven’t figured it all out + that excites me.

What’s coming up now is the enthusiasm I have to continually go deep within so my relationships/travels/projects (yet to come and those well established) can evolve in beautiful harmony with what is TRUE.

Truth to me is the real, raw, unedited, unapologetic, flawed gorgeousness in life - the facts we cannot deny no matter how stubborn/stifled/scrutinized we are.

Personal truth #1 - while I appreciate organization, I am not a lover of linear living.

Truth #2 - I love sensual pleasures - fragrances, sights, sounds, tastes + #allthefeels .

What’s true for you? 👁

📷 @arielle.simmons at #passthepeas

Have you ever considered life is BETTER when scattered?

Maybe it’s the industry I’m in (and I’m 💯 I have made reference to it in the past), I’m over the posts and “revelations” that life is messy.

That word.

According to @google dictionary, it means dirty, untidy. .

It defines a situation that is confusing, hard to deal with.

You guys! That’s a sh!tty way of talking about life. Do you kiss your mama with that filth?

If we want to change our story, we must start with our narrative.

If we desire to accumulate all of the experiences and “successes”, we must stop telling people our lives are so damn hard.

The process of living and dying is not a game.

It’s a sequence of experiences meant to guide us through transformations.

Our job is to wake up repeatedly to stay awake.

Think about that.

Caterpillars have to be bound in a cocoon anywhere from 7 days to an entire year before they experience the wings to fly.

One big difference here is that most of our bondage’s are self-imposed mentally.

If we want more ease, more joy, more love, more acceptance, all we have to do is get super clear about it, take time to regain focus and clarity.

And, dudes, be patient!! .

Need I say Rome wasn’t built in a day.

So the next time you want a boost in life, remember to pick up the spilled milk reflecting on the gratitude you have for the experience of clearing that spill for a new focus.

The next time you’re pissed because the petals on the flowers you just bought are falling off the stems before setting the table, giggle instead and throw them all on the floor for a dance party.

You deserve ALL of your dreams.

Today I’m daydreaming and masterminding about what’s coming up at the next Ayurvedic Dinner {summer style} at @basic_kitchen .

I want to celebrate with you! What are you creating today?

All love ALL ways 💗 Caryn

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Commitment is everything.

When you trust, you recognize that giving your all is where it’s at.

It brings the band back together.

It sparks new friendships.

It deepens existing relationships.

It expands your reach.

It enhances the sound of laughter like an a cappella group.

It raises your vibration. 🆙.

I’ve said it a lot and I’ll say it many, many more times, COMMITMENT CREATES FREEDOM.

It’s a place, a home, worth visiting again and again.

This, my friends, is a full circle I believe we’re all after.

Thank you, @ellirichter @stonebrothersmedia @journey_into_self @thisroyal for turning the Monday preceptors from manic to magical!

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There are some days that truly are other-worldly. 🛸 .

Today my body feels physically better than it has felt ALL OF 2018!

No exaggeration!! .

This holistic healthcare works, you guys.

The self care? It’s not self righteous. It’s 💯 absolutely positively the framework that provides nourishment when you need it.

It’s refueling throughout a 4-day stay in New Orleans at @jazzfest when you arrive with some serious allergy flares

It’s executing commitments AND creating slow and mindful moments filled with rest and beauty and laughter when you get back home

It’s greeting your dad’s brother and his wife (whom you haven’t seen in 8 years) with open arms and the honesty to pull back from the 24-7 celebrating when your body feels tired.

It’s having your mom stay at your house so she can be close to the family during the visit AND be with you at a 5-hour doc appt.

It’s having the balls to do work inside while your mom and aunt get the garden together instead of insisting on doing it all yet doing nothing well and/or expelling way too much from the energy tank.

It’s two days of therapy during the family lovefest and getting enough r+r

It’s spending quality time on Mother’s Day with some of your most favorite mothers and daughters and sons of all time at the #greekfest .

It’s taking a long Epsom salt bath when you get home because your first Monday morning commitment begins at 7a and your last one ends at 8:30p

It’s finishing the day on Monday and looking back as if you didn’t even have a “work” day because it felt so fun and freeing and deliberate.

Today I taught yoga at @wearemissionyoga, led a presentation for a corporate client @chascountygov, had several phone meetings for the upcoming @theminiretreatofficial (6.16!), and shot video for an upcoming program that will be revealed relatively soon. .

I was surrounded by beautiful people. ALL OF THEM.

I checked in with a few clients who are embarking on new experiences in life and followed up with half a dozen collaborative partners with more projects around the bend.

All of this and still had time to tend to my garden, flowers, trees, herbs, veggies.

Thank you, universe. ✨🙏🏼✨

To this mama.

Thank you, Mom, for showing me what it looks like to be strong, to love fiercely, and to laugh often.

I’m so glad I heard your joyful hum along with Elton John, Village People, Earth, Wind, & Fire, Michael Jackson, and so many more albums throughout the house growing up

I’m so thankful I have you by my side during the celebrations, the heartbreaks, and the milestones

I am in awe of your resilience and knack for drawing the family together at every opportunity

To the moms who are constantly wondering what they can do to make this world better

To the moms who put everything on the line to bring a smile to one child’s face

To the moms who are living and to those who’ve passed

To those who have decided not to have children, those who aren’t able, those who are moms and never thought they would be

To the moms who’s babies aren’t on this plane .. .

To the fur baby mamas

Today we celebrate the Mother, the feminine

The one whose intuitive, nurturing nature provides us with unconditional love .

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Friday feels span across the vibrational scale 〰️

A friend, hero, lover of life, optimist, fun-loving young man transitioned yesterday from the form I originally met him.

An automatic bond was gifted to me that only a radiant, open heart can offer last summer at a survivorship/thrivership adventure therapy camp this very month last year with @projectkoru .

I am no stranger to grief and feel über thankful for the tools I have to authentically feel.

I feel so utterly grateful to connect with this beautifully sophisticated and free-spirited soul who took everything in life by the horns.

I feel immensely sad that our relationship as we knew it is forever changed - right now, seemingly too soon.

I know the ride on these waves of emotion and I am laughing inside with joy remembering that we bonded on the very same waves of emotion while crushing the deep waters of the Pacific Ocean on surfboards, paddle boards, and the serene, weightlessness of being connected to the hidden life underwater while snorkeling.

I am thankful. I feel sad.

I am whole. I feel broken open.

Thank you, ohana, for living in my heart forever - regardless of whether we are planted here on earth or soaring painlessly in the ether.

I take all elements as medicine and thank you for living here within yourselves and within me.

Nemo, we love you and your flippers.

We love your humor and determination.

Thank for for teaching me, for reminding me how I love to live adventurously and freely.

I feel your heart in mine.

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Hi! For those of you who have recently started following me, I’m Caryn and I spend a lot of time at home.🏡 .

To clarify, I’ve been really great at extroverting all of my life.

Going out, hitting gatherings...I love and ✨crave✨ connection and being one in community.

It was only a little over five years ago after a wedding trip to Spain got derailed when a malignant tumor blocked my large intestine that I began learning the way of the introvert.

And I love it!

It’s taught me that getting fueled does require down time. .

As I come up on celebrating 40 years (which I actually already started last week at @jazzfest 🎺), it’s clear that gracefully navigating the waters in life - glassy or tsunami style - tangoing between extrovert and introvert is the sweet spot.

My husband renovated our house 🛠.

It’s full of relics from our travels 🌎.

We fill it with flowers 🌸.

This outdoor loveseat is a retro original from hub’s Mom ⚓️.

The holidays are a time when we break out dishes from my mom 🙍🏻‍♀️.

We enjoy music on our @sonos everyday 🎶.

We love having friends and family over for meals 🥘.

Right now I’m prepping for two corporate presentations, a client, and an Ayurveda and Breathwork class called Spirit Medicine at @stillsoulstudio 💞.

After my presentations, I’ll enjoy lunch on my back porch before my client arrives.

It feels magical because hubs and I make a point to shower it with goodness every day. .

We desire to live in a safe, loving, fun environment and tend to it daily to create just that.

This is self care. .

When I was little I didn’t think much about the simple, quiet times. .

I’m not sure many children do unless childhood is chaotic enough to imagine something different.

Now I extrovert when I celebrate.

I lean into my inner extrovert when I curate premiere wellness events in #chs and around the 🌍.

I am grateful for what my health has taught me about caring for myself the introvert way.

What has your health taught YOU?

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