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Caryn O'Hara  🌿Ayurvedic Health Counselor β€’πŸŒŽtrotting Retreatsβ€’ Connect to Innate Healing Wisdom in Change, Grief, Traumaβ€’ yoga instructor β€’ speaker β€’ cancer thriver


It's the most wonderful time of the year 🎼

Batch of kitchari is prepping me for the slide into autumn. It has the capacity to do that for you too!
Tonight β€’||β€’ Rocking with legend @tonybennettislife at @gaillardcenter with my mom and one of her BFFs. Happy belated, Mom!

Tomorrow β€’||β€’ Fall Into Flow at the @thecedarroomchs where a room full of 100 soulful sisters will gather, give and grow in celebration of AUTHENTIC ABUNDANCE.

Friday β€’||β€’ I'm heading for the hills for some seasonal shift medicine.

Now thru 10/2 β€’||β€’ Register for Remedy Cleanse, a 7-day Ayurvedic Fall Cleanse that will have you whistling Zip A Dee Do Da out of your πŸ’₯hole as all meals are prepared for you by the lovely and talented @colleengeis. (Clark from National Lampoon πŸ‘ˆπŸ½) ‼️ Seriously, happiness will be spilling out of your pores. Link in bio πŸ’

It's time to Fall. In. Love. πŸπŸ’› .

Check insta story 🎞 for details on how to make a bomb diggity kitchari.
#kitchari #cleanse #fall #recipe #presence #abundance #gather #give #grow

Allow. Allow. Allow. Abundance comes. ✨

Even when we feel the rigidity, discomfort perhaps

Let us prepare for the #fall #equinox by allowing what is to be.

Release what begs to go. βš“οΈ .
You know the stuff that feels achy and resistant to what's nourishing. πŸ₯‘

Spend time alone and feel what surfaces. β˜€οΈ .
Spend time with others and experience the over all - contraction or expansion? ⚑️ .
If you walk by something in your home and feel contraction, wonder if it's time to let it go

Or let go of the grudge that's attached to the object.
What can we do to feel more expansive, more abundant, more us.

The process is beautiful when we drop our stories and doubts and let it run course naturally.
So let's get out of the freaking way. πŸ”™

If we each decide to practice this today, the world will greatly benefit. 🌍

No harm in trying.

For more on abundance, join me at my beautiful friend @emilycasselofficial 's Fall Into Flow tomorrow night at @thecedarroomchs. 🌸

All women. All support. All-ow it to unfold.

#allow #fall #equinox #expand #release #abundance

I learned so much and felt so good on the Remedy Cleanse. Learning about my body's constitution from an Ayurvedic perspective was so enlightening. The recipes recommended were nourishing and just what my body needed to reset before the holidays. Caryn supported me in such a relaxed, flexible way that I was able to ENJOY this cleanse without the usual pressure and struggle that come with other cleanse programs. If you want to reset your digestion and learn something about yourself I highly recommend the Remedy Cleanse. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
- Liz .
This is a testimony from a client and friend from 2015. β€’
This is before @colleengeis and I started our collaboration to make the cleanse even MORE enjoyable by making all of the delicious and healing meals for you! πŸ‘ˆπŸ½πŸ‘ˆπŸΌπŸ‘ˆπŸΏπŸ‘©πŸ½β€πŸ³ .
This clientfriend is already enrolled for the new and improved Remedy Cleanse that kicks off with a Launch Gathering on October 6. β˜‘οΈ .
Charleston friends, we've been in the event business for a long time and we know you like to sign up for things last minute.
We recommend you jump on board with us as soon as you can as we're capping this program to keep it extra special.

This isn't your average cleanse. We include mind, body, and soul-utions that allow you to explore parts of yourself you haven't lately, perhaps ever, so you can let go of the summer energy that isn't sustainable. πŸ‚πŸ‚ .
This process allows us to create a baseline where our cravings truly are what our body needs - instead of reaching mindlessly for sugar, caffeine, and alcohol to fill the periods when the body feels sluggish and mind dull.

You have a support group there with you, which is proven to offer more satisfaction through the process and better results in the end. πŸ€ΈπŸΌβ€β™€οΈ .
Think clear, sharp, stable, and comfortably mobile. πŸ’ƒπŸΌ .
Registration deadline is Monday, October 2. πŸ“†

Details: click link in bio πŸ”—

#testimonial #tuesday #reboot #rejuvenate #reveal #realyou #remedy #cleanse .
#movement #meditation #ayurveda #yoga #traveling #ayurvedic #health #counselor #fun #luxury #adventure #retreat

When we use dehumanizing language it says much more about us than the people we are railing against and it chips away at our soul.
- BrenΓ© Brown

Sometimes we wait until it's over to take note of where we stand.
So today, why wait until the end of the conversation, the book, the day, the week?

This week's Monday like Friday invitation is one of grounding down, taking note of triggers and when we've done the very things that grate on us the most.

When have we resisted who we truly are?
In an interview with @marieforleo , @brenebrown explained "we are actually hard-wired neuro-biologically to not hurt one another. It goes against our human nature". So if it hurts us to hurt someone else, why are we (rawness ahead ⚠️) injecting ourselves with the very dis-ease we can't stand?

Let's talk about this. As grounded as we are. Willing to feel something uncomfortable. Knowing this is urgent. .
I'm thrilled to be on the Expert Panel πŸ‘©πŸΌβ€πŸ« this Thursday, 9/21, at my beautiful friend @emilycasselofficial 's luxurious yet earth-centered event, Fall Into Flow at @thecedarroomchs
We will align ourselves with the seasons and one another - two components vitally integral for all of us to be in ABUNDANT joy ✨ .
πŸ”ΈGather. πŸ”ΈGrow. πŸ”ΈGive.πŸ”Έ
If a welcoming, gentle yet powerful circle of sisters who believe in the power of we in entrepreneurialism, in relationship, in connection, in love, in life sounds like a night your soul hears, join us! πŸ™‹πŸΌπŸ™‹πŸΎπŸ™‹πŸ»πŸ™‹πŸ½πŸ™‹πŸΎ
There are still a handful of tickets left. Yes, @emilycasselofficial ?! πŸ’ž

#womensupportingwomen #bravethewilderness #everydamnday #abundance #gather #grow #give #FallIntoFlow

Compassion is not a relationship between the healer and the wounded. It's a relationship between equals. Only when we know our own darkness well can we be present with the darkness of others. Compassion becomes real when we recognize our shared humanity.
- Pema ChΓΆdrΓΆn

Thankful my life, my family, my friends, my life's work open their palms to offer me compassion projects every single day

#compassion #istheway

There are certain ingredients that cook up a nicely balanced person. πŸ‘©πŸΌβ€πŸ³ Although balance isn't something we sustain unless we switch out the recipe regularly.
It's not a destination that we reach after tweaking this piece or that with the outcome of living in the glory of being "fixed". The intention is only so helpful without conscious attention.
This is always part of life if we truly want to be in joy.
During the transition between seasons, if we are aware of our bodies we listen and make shifts that support a high vibrational lifestyle. πŸ’Ž

If you are moving from summer to fall, local veggies are packed with water and minerals that nourish us.

Adding heartier meals is what our bodies crave.

I personally feel the pull to be in my kitchen baking, creating stews, and toasting baked breads.

The medicine is knowing ourselves well enough to enjoy moderation. πŸ’Š
In my experience, moderation is most pleasurable when one thing in our lives - lack of sleep, too much alcohol, binges on sweets, binges on too much exercise, too much focus on the perception of who we are versus being our damn selves - isn't wreaking havoc.

Typically if the scales are tipping heavily in one direction, we tend to reach for the opposite in large quantities.

Full throttle in any one direction is not ideal. πŸ’”

The spice of life is variety.
If we are too busy we will crash.

If we are stuck on wearing a certain size clothing, our mind is in charge telling us that our worthiness is dependent upon this physical detail. 😝

Isn't it time we all live connected to the wisdom of our heart? πŸ’ž

Connect to your innate healing wisdom ✨

This is how my clients and I work together.

We connect.

We dive in.

We learn about ourselves to understand where we are naturally depleted and where we have excess.

No one is exempt from this excess and depletion.

Once we see what our natural tendencies are, how they have affected us, and the potential they have to affect us in the future, we can free ourselves from the shaming/blaming patterns.

We let go of what society continues to tell us is "right". β€’ This is healing. β€’ Make magic happen. πŸ’₯

#makemagichappen #special #magic #heal #yourself

Do not look at the ground for your next step; greatness lies with those who look to the horizon. - Norwegian Proverb

Hubs got me a DNA test for my birthday in May and we found out that I'm 10% Scandinavian.
Honoring my roots. πŸ™πŸΌ #lookup #horizon #beach #ocean #medicine #ayurtips
#movement #meditation #ayurveda #yoga #traveling #ayurvedic #health #counselor #fun #luxury #adventure #retreats #fall #cleanse

Have you ever imagined making the transition from summer to fall in the most smooth, confident, grounded way, surrounded by the support of other higher consciousness-thinking people who are choosing the same priorities of health, happiness, and freedom?
We can come up with a lot of reasons not to do what we truly want for ourselves and this time I encourage you to CHOOSE YOU. .
If you have a deep desire to support yourself in a way that directs you back home in your own body/mind, consider this IS the pathway to calm, clarity, and joy that's crossing paths with you now. A door is opening.
When we are consciously in the moment, we typically choose what truly, viscerally feels like an alignment.
If you are busy, are you finding it difficult to eat what you'd ideally like, or skipping meals altogether and replacing with smoothie or water or protein bar or an extra coffee or gum?
If you have children, are you considering you've eaten enough by nibbling off your children's leftover goldfish or string cheese? Or do you pop a handful of grapes in your mouth when making school lunches and call it breakfast? .
Are you over it?
Well friends it is time to stick a fork in it. 🍽
Talented cook (impressive background at @charleston_grill and top catering companies) + sister from another mister, @colleengeis, and I are bringing you the cleanse of your life.
Please don't expect the following:
- starvation - tissue breakdown/depletion - losing 111 pounds - losing sight of higher consciousness decision-making
You can count on this cleanse to:
- improve digestion/elimination
- clarity of mind + purpose .
- regulate metabolism
- create glowing skin + spirit!
- deeper awareness + appreciation for delicious, medicinal foods
- a week of awesome meals and no cooking!
- more time for yourself and loved ones .
- opportunities to introduce your kids to a lifestyle you model for them πŸ’—

Details found online. πŸ”— in bio. Schedule belowπŸ‘‡πŸΌ #fall #cleanse #gamechanger #healthy #happy #free #stick #fork #wearedone .
#movement #meditation #ayurveda #yoga #traveling #ayurvedic #health #counselor #fun #luxury #adventure #retreat

Death is nature's expert advice to get plenty of life. - Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

For the most quality in our years, we need medicine of the three pillars: food, sleep, sex.

The body receives food daily. It's up to us to know what we need, when we need it, and how much.

Contrary to most western-based "health" programs, this means allowing ourselves the joy medicine of eating foods of comfort - in moderation.

The mind and body receive sleep, a necessary restoration of the body each day. It's up to us not to skip or take too much.
This requires us to get a pulse for how much is restorative and honor that by gifting it to ourselves unapologetically and regularly - in moderation.

The sensory and soul bodies heal through intimacy. It's up to us to understand how to deeply respect our bodies and another's to engage in beautiful, mutually supportive sex that has just the right amount of fun, connectedness, and steam!! .
This means getting our freak on as long as it feels like a connection to the self and (of a shared experience) our partner so that energetically we aren't depleting our vital essence. This too - in moderation.

The middle road is what sustains us and affords us long, quality-filled years.

Today let's consider less is more if we are usually driven to excess, we are worthy of more if our inner bitchy voice tries to tell us we aren't, and for all intents and purposes enjoy a what we crave in a mindful, full body experience so we truly are present to receive the medicine we're after.

Food. Sleep. Sex.
In some way, we take these medicines regularly. Some multiple times per day. Some daily. Some may fluctuate to reflect our current lifestyle, which includes the input of our surroundings.

Connect to the birth and death of every day and each one will arrive with more meaning.

#life #death #food #sleep #sex #wisdom #teacher
#movement #meditation #ayurveda #yoga #traveling #ayurvedic #health #counselor #fun #luxury #adventure #retreat

Have you ever experienced the power of 100 women, devoted to living their best life + making the world a better place, gathering in one room to support one another? .
I'd love to invite you to be part of Fall Into Flow :: A Fall Equinox Soul-ebration of Abundance so you can experience this transformational gathering for women, hosted by my dear friend Emily Cassel. .
Emily has curated an event that feels sacred, beautiful, celebratory, inspiring, + meaningful for ALL women to gather, grow, + give, and I am so excited and grateful to be a part of it!
The event benefits Women for Women International, an organization that helps women receive education + training to restore their lives, families, + communities after devastation from war. .
As we gather together in sisterhood here in Charleston on Sept 21st at The Cedar Room, we'll be giving back to a global sisterhood, and growing individually through conversations + coaching around creating more abundance in every area of our lives, in all ways. .
πŸ™‹πŸΌI'll be one of three experts on the panel discussing abundance. πŸ’₯
Sign up to be part of the movement at www.emilycassel.com/sisterhoodevents.
#sisterhood #soulebration #tickets #abundance #inspire #gather #grow #give #womensupportingwomen
#movement #meditation #ayurveda #yoga #traveling #ayurvedic #health #coach #fun #luxury #adventure #retreat @emilycasselofficial @stephaniemburg @sacredcircleherbal

Meet the dawn with fullness. Authenticity. Rawness. You-ness.
If we can be here in full presence for life, we recognize we are a part of the whole.

It's when we get wrapped up in "me", when we choose to believe the inner dialogue chatter we get entangled in our own lives.

We forget to zoom out to see the bigger picture, the relationships, the universal request for us to play an integral part that's inclusive.

Yes, sometimes the best decision is to focus on ourselves - when health requires us to urgently respond, when we're energetically depleted and don't have a tank full enough to extend ourselves more than we already have. ☹️😩😠 .
In fact this is the best way we serve the whole. πŸ€—

There's a beautiful example of our ancestors' daily awareness of this, on that two of my teachers emphasize.

It's one I come to often with personal matters and share with clients.

It is simple, true, and profoundly relevant in so many situations.

Native Americans are wise teachers of the interconnectedness of all things so instead of asking "How are you?" the Blackfoot tribe asks: "Tza Nee da Bee Wah?" How are your connections? πŸ’ž

Doesn't this make sense? If our connections are clear and healthy, then we are too!

Chew on this for a bit and then get out there and support the whole.
It's about healing, health, and happiness, friends.

If you are inspired, share what you'll do this week that supports the whole of us.
I thank you for all you do for us and offer my best every day to our well-being.

After all, we are all souls whose intentions are good.
PS Was listening to Nina Simone in the background but Instagram no likey. πŸ™„ 🎼

#interconnectedness #weareone #love #choice #native #soul #innate #healing #wisdom #intentions #good #dontmindthebalancingplants #irma .
#movement #meditation #ayurveda #yoga #traveling #ayurvedic #health #counselor #fun #luxury #adventure #retreat


The effects of Irma are here.
We received a tornado warning to take cover.
Charleston hass flooding as the tide is peaking and there is damage happening.

These are the moments when residents here can choose to be present for the discomfort of not knowing how strong the wind gusts will be or how high the waters will rise and what the effects from those will be.

Sitting with uncertainty in this situation, while consciously breathing and allowing - instead of ignoring or completely obsessing about every sound and shift and downed branch - gives us a peek into Mother Nature's ability to chaotically dance as the elements express themselves - ether, air, fire, water, earth.
It heals us if we can Be. And Allow.
Higher consciousness seekers practice holding space for the dark moments - read: {perceived} danger or fear emoting around it.
This gives us the opportunity to see that shadow which is within us AND the choice (not by chance) to sense the brilliance of contrast - the being our own light/joy/intrinsic goodness.

This is connecting to our innate healing wisdom. ✨

In my current personal experience, I am putting my screens down for a while after I post this to detox from anything external that isn't in my immediate environment.

Being with this storm reflects the cries of the past, inner and outer.
We experience the external - transition of a loved one, break up, diagnosis, job loss, 9/11 horror and while it might not make any logical sense, we can sit with the heart and feel its effects.

We are the elements.
We are the shadow and light.
We are all connected. πŸ’ž

best photos: @charlotteephoto

#heartfelt #hands #ground #connection #be #allow #receive #shadow #light #darkness #radiance #911

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