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Caryn Nicole Paolini IFBB Pro  🌎Worldwide Health Coach Creator MIND.BODY.LIFE Coaching LIVE FIT • "CARYNLVFT" BPI Athlete • "CARYN" TEAMBodybuildingcom COACHING|DISCOUNTS|APP👇

CLA Coconut Oil Aminos 1️⃣0️⃣1️⃣ comin at ya! So many questions about this product!
What are @bpi_sports CLA Coconut Oil Aminos? How do I take them? And why?!
This product combines three powerful ingredients (CLA + Coconut Oil + Aminos) in one non-stim (aka NO caffeine) formula to help burn fat for fuel, boost the metabolism, & prevent muscle breakdown.
Here's how:
CLA helps to burn fat for fuel
The MCTs in coconut oil support a healthy fast metabolism, cognitive function, and cardio health (SOO many benefits!)
Aminos support recovery & help perseve lean muscle!
I take one scoop in the AM☀️ typically with my first meal and one scoop in the PM🌜 (typically when I'm having a sweet tooth😋)
"CARYN" saves ya 20% on ALL BPI products when you click the link in my bio!💗 #BPIathlete #ad #BPIsports

It may look like I'm deep in thought, but really I'm just thinking about when the foods gonna be ready.😆💭
Me dressed up for the party in:
My fanciest leggings
My cleanest pair of chucks
My @live_fit_apparel Live Fit FOREVER longsleeve
LVFT khaki hat 🖤Code: CARYNLVFT🖤

Weekend vibes.😎
Who's lifting today?!💪
It's science, @live_fit_apparel snapbacks give you a better pump.😏
Discount: "CARYNLVFT"

You know you busted out a shimmy too when you found out @bpi_sports was running their biggest sale of the year!😏💃🏽
For 24 hours only the entire site is 35% off! Just click the link in my bio and STOCK UPPP!

Must haves & my favorite flavors!😋👇
1MR - snow cone
BCAA Shredded - cherry lime
BCAA w/ energy - rainbow ice
Creatine Defined - sour candy
CLA + Carnitine - snow cone
ISO HD - peanut butter candy bar
Coconut oil + Aminos - Tropical Punch
Niagenix - fave fat burner + anti-aging

Let's talk POST SHOW.
Often times, this can be the hardest time for competitors, even more so than prep itself.
You get to show day, you've a achieved an insane level of conditioning, the show ends. Now what?
The sad reality is not many competitors are prepared for that part, the lack of a plan and structure post show plus the skewed image of your body after comparing it to the day of a show are just some of the struggles that are experienced too often.
Suddenly all the freedom you wanted during prep feels like too much freedom and suddenly you're just not lean enough anymore.
I've been there in the past, I've experienced it myself. And it's not fun. Im simply making this post to shed some light on this topic for anyone who may be experiencing this and who feels alone. You're not.
What's helped me to prevent this is making sure that my approach to prep is never too extreme, that even though it's tough, I'm still fully enjoying it.
And remember that the look for show day is for one day only, SHOW DAY, and it is not a sustainable look or healthy to maintain long-term.
Take some time post show to reflect on why you got into fitness in the first place. How good you feel when you feel STRONG. And start appreciating your body for all the things it can do and not just what it looks like.
Make sure you have a solid post show plan and good support system in place, and if you don't, don't be afraid to reach out for help.
Fitness is not competing, in my opinion. Fitness is health from the inside out!
My post-show plans are to slowly put on a healthy amount of weight, to feel STRONG AF in the gym😎, to have fun with my training and try new things, and to appreciate and love my body every step of the way.❤️

The best declaration of self-love is to wake up wishing to be nobody but the best version of you.
That's what the world needs more of. Today my wish is that you live unapollagetically you.
That you live fearless to spread your own beautifully unique vibes into the world.😎✌️
🖤I could live in this @live_fit_apparel Varsity Crewneck🖤
"CARYNLVFT" saves ya!

I have ✌️ favorite times of the day:
Eating time & gym time!😆
Soo happy to be back home to all of my @bpi_sports supplements! I swear they make all the difference in the intensity and energy of my workouts.
Today's workout fueled by:
1/2 scoop 1MR snow cone
1 full scoop Creatine Defined sour candy
I've also got a shaker filled with BCAA Shredded that I'll be sipping on throughout my workout (non-stim but packed with l-carnitine to burn fat for fuel!)
Click the link in my bio to stock up and use "CARYN" to save yourself some 💸!
#BPISports #ad #BPIathlete #1MRshimmy #TeamBPI

Sometimes along our daily grind, it's important to stop in the present moment, express gratitude, and just be happy.☺️🙏💗

CHICAGO! @HerFitcamp is coming October 15th!😍
Every @HerFitCamp feels like a dream come true and @randikennedy_ and I could not be more excited to bring it to my HOMETOWN, CHICAGO!
Our mission with @HerFitCamp is to provide an UPLIFTING, POSITIVE & EMPOWERING environment for women all over the globe!
📍Location: @chicagofitlife in Naperville, Illinois 📅Date: Sunday, October 15 @ 12pm
HER Fitcamp will include;
• A booty kickin workout for ALL fitness levels
• Nutrition / Training / Supplementation Seminar
• Tips on how to be successful in the fitness industry
• Q&A with Caryn & Randi
• TONS of free swag from our sponsors!
& MORE!!
VERY LIMITED spots are still available, first come first serve!
Email to register:
🏷COST: $129 for 5 hours of fun, sweating, learning and tons of FREE goodies!
🎥: @gabrielletfitness from our Calgary camp held at @ironempireyyc! Thank you to our sponsors @live_fit_apparel @bodybuildingcom @bpi_sports @1upnutrition @proteincookieco

Happy Tuesday loves! I thought I'd share a few random facts about me today, and I hope you'll share something about yourself in the comments below!❤️
1️⃣I grew up on the south side of Chicago (but I'm a Cubs fan🐻)
2️⃣I laugh at all my own jokes, so you don't have to😆 and when I'm excited I turn everything I say into a song (even though I can't sing)
3️⃣One of my pet peeves is people who are close-minded and who don't say "thank you"
Okay, your turn!👇
Lots of people asking in my story, these sunnies are the @mvmtforher "runway" glasses!🕶 Super affordable! Plus "carynnicole15" saves ya an extra $15!

My first trip to Canada left me feeling on top of the world (literally)! 11 days later and I'm finally heading home to LA.☀️ Being able to spend the last 6 days with my soul sister @randikennedy_ was such a blessing. [the only person I know who's as weird as I am.🙃] and to end the trip with an incredibly inspirational day at our @HerFitcamp has me traveling home with a full and happy heart!❤️
Traveling and collecting moments like this is great, but I'm happy to be heading home and getting back into my routine!
I'm accepting a few more clients into my MIND.BODY.LIFE coaching program and will be going through applications and jumping on coaching calls all week!
My MBL girls know that this program is not for those who just want a quick fix. It's for action takers, for those who are committed, determined, and willing to put in the work to learn how to achieve & experience life-long change!
Am I right girls?!💪💗
If this is you, click the email link in my bio to apply!
Wearing my faaave @live_fit_apparel Splatter Crop!😍
"CARYNLVFT" saves ya!

@HerFitcamp CALGARY was such a special, amazing day!😍🙌

Thank you to all of the ladies who came out to share the day with us! YOU are the reason @randikennedy_ and I are so passionate about our vision and our mission!
To provide and uplifting, empowering environment for like-minded women all over the globe!🌎❤️ A HUGE thank you to our sponsors for believing in and supporting us! We could not do this without you!

Next up:
📍Chicago, IL - OCT 15th
📍Miami - NOV
📍Los Angeles, CA - TBA

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