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“ 真想每天睜開眼都能看到你。”

好喜歡 @shenail_bm_nailshop 幫我弄的指甲 很有個性之外氣質也滿分 下次一定還要再去弄美美💙


I have very sensitive skin and i used to suffer from skin allergies all the time. Ever since i started using @lamer , i can feel my skin getting stronger, healthier, and i’m no longer suffering from allergies. #lamerMY

What makes my skin glow all day? Creme de La Mer for sure. 👌🏻 Go get yours from @lamer exclusive pop up store at Sunway Pyramid Mall (till 19 Feb) and i promise you won’t regret. 😉 #lamerMY

For those who asked about my hair, this is where you go 👉🏻 @aire.hair.studio


现在的年轻人都是享受生活 难免都在寻找美食 我自己當然也不例外 所以很多人都会问我如何保持我的小蛮腰 今天來公开小小的秘密 就是這個瘦身产品(苹果飲品)

wechat 💌 ann0786133
#bejovialfibre #youngrabbit #tgreen

謝謝dear推薦這款那麼清爽的瘦身霜給我 個人非常喜歡他的質地和清香的味道 最重要是還能滋潤皮膚!
平時都特別愛出國愛吃美食的我 很少做運動 又不希望自己變得肉肉的
SUSENJI 絕對是最佳選擇❣️
早晨苏醒沐浴后 掏出疗愈的绿瓶 给自己疲惫的四肢按摩按摩舒舒压。抹上凝胶搭配5️⃣分钟按摩手法✔️(介紹我的dear 會讓你知道小技巧喔)
小小的习惯便能轻松达到排毒 燃脂 润肤 以及祛水肿的作用。清香的味道 清爽的质地 无需运动也能打造女人梦寐以求的S曲线。哪怕生活再怎么劳碌 瘦神奇依然助你打造完美曲线💫SUSENJI🌿———你生活中不可缺少的精髓。
想了解更多詳情 //
WECHAT laikarrao , @laikarrao

Are you always feeling and looking your best while travelling? Thanks to @lamer , I am! I’m amazed by how La Mer keeps my skin nourished and gives me that natural glow both at home and travelling. #lamerMY

2018年 還是一樣 願所有我愛的 和愛我的 平安 健康 開心 心想事成! 🌟

Tiny pastel town. 🐻

In this beautiful city - Venice ⚜️

Glorious structure.

Ciao Milano! 👋🏻

It’s never too early for some wine.🍷☁️

Second trip with you. 🖤

Chillin’ by the beach. 🍸

Bare feet & salty hair. 🌊

Surrounded by beautiful things. 🌷

Thank you Red Bull, Google, Vodka and Wikipedia for making this possible. 🎓

The sun is up, the sky is blue, it’s beautiful, and so are you. ☁️

Nothing like a good breakfast to start the day off right 🥓🍳

Brunch anyone? ☕️

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