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Hex  I lead a micronation.

Smith's Tree Farm
Mid June 1989
Stored in a van in the middle of the Honduran jungle, Smith's weed stockpile was successfully used to create a high quality weed farm, earning him $15,000 in weed products daily. His first sale went successfully as it was done locally and earned him a gross sum of $15,535.

Max's first deal
Mid June 1989
Max's men had prepared for this moment for weeks now. Max had sent 3 armed dealers in vans across the borders. Everything had been a success up until one of the vans ran out of gas on the way to Mexico. Max's man was forced to abandon the van and get gas at a gas station about 2 miles away. When he came back, the van was gone, and the product was gone.
$652,000 in cocaine has reached the dealers.
$268,000 of potential product has slipped through Max's hands and into an unknown perpetrator's...

An unfortunate turn of events has led cartel leader Raul Desario to be caught in a sting operation. Contacts indicate 3 VERY large shipment of cocaine are still moving in central and South America. If any of these can be claimed, the estimated value of them are around 20mil in total.

@cartel.smith2 Your first shipment of weed as arrived safely.

@defo.simmer Your hemp seeds are successfully shipped to your warehouse

You can hire additional grunts besides your crew members. Grunts are not as skilled as crew and thus do not have stats. Grunts can do all the stuff as normal crew all though they may require some training. Grunts can be reached through crew or through contact with people met. Unlike crew, grunts are usually a one time pay deal, meaning you don't have to worry to much about that, but they can still be killed in raids.

Sim Start!

Starting Crew Limit is 4 but I recommend more than 2

Crew Member
Fitness: (overall health and shape)
Strength: (physical power)
Intelligence: (mental strength)
Weapons Training: (combat training)
Preparedness: (work ethic and readiness)
Alertness: (overall awareness)
Adaptability: (ability to adapt to jobs and situations)
Crew type:
Special skill:

South America is a rough place, and business only gets rougher. As a cartel leader, you will be faced with many challenges, enemy cartels, other players, and the harsh jungles and environments that await. If you want to make it, you need be bold. Nobody will stand for a weak leader. In this sim, daily events will occur to earn rewards, most of which you will need to compete with other cartels to complete the task.

Jobs will be extremely lucrative and useful when growing your business. Jobs will include transport of items, raiding of enemy supplies and more. You will have to plan the right moment to strike. You will have to purchase every weapon, every vehicle, and every supply in each mission. You will assign crew members to complete jobs based on their skills. The better the skills, the higher the success rate. Planning is crucial, and necessary if you want to succeed, so be warned. Your job can be busted by cops, or a crew member can fall asleep and screw up the whole thing, so be warned, not everything can be controlled. Every job and event will be posted in results depending on the planning and implementation of the plan. Plans can be posted or DM'd.

In this sim you will manage your cartel by hiring new gang members and managing their skills. Each new crew member will have their own unique skills and assets, making some much more valuable than others. Be careful though, as nobody can be trusted fully... sometimes your gang members will snitch, leading to events like imprisonment and police investigations. Events can include enemy rival encounters, loss of product, death of your self and crew members, and more. To get anything done you will need crew members. Crew members can be assigned to produce product, guard facilities and more.

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