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Carson  drawing and drawing and drawing

Making this fekking Irishman plant praties in the rain before he leaves on tour. ☘️

Chuck Howe, you were a great-hearted, hilarious, prince of a guy. A truly wonderful human, gone way too soon.

It’s true.

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Happy fifth birthday to this ray of light. ❤️

Repost @nationale
Last two days to see this show!
Happy birthday @mcdazzler!

To people who have inquired about buying these buttons: I keep going back and forth on whether or not I should sell them and, for the time being, I think I won't. Years ago, in the very early days of ‪the Decemberists‬, I dreamed of buying a button machine to make merch with but we were broke then and it was too expensive. The me of my mid-twenties is shaking her head at the me of now who can not only afford a nice button machine but can also afford not to make any money off of it. But there you go. I bought it because I always wanted one. The buttons I’ve been making are all hand-drawn or painted and one-of-a-kind and it feels better to give them as gifts than it would to sell them, so that’s what I’m going to do. I feel the same way about those MELT THE GUNS buttons that a bunch of you have asked about (in the second photo). I’m also not sure about profiting off of someone else’s song title (Melt The Guns is an XTC song) or profiting off of political slogans in general. I thought about selling them and donating the proceeds to Everytown for Gun Safety but I think I’d rather support them another way. Here’s a weird idea: if you love this MELT THE GUNS sentiment and this design, feel free to copy it. It is very easy to draw and you have my blessing. Make your own buttons or whatever else. I don’t care, so long as you don’t sell them. Obviously you should NEVER EVER do this without permission from the artist. But it makes me happy that you like the design and you care about the issue and I do not feel proprietary about this art so go for it if you’re inclined. Now: it’s sunny and warm in northwestern Oregon and I’ve been looking at my phone all day long for months. Thanks, as always, for caring about what I do. I’m signing off! ✌️


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