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Meet Hope and her heart breaking story... I am very happy to be involved with @atlantalabrescue and their first annual fundraiser to raise money and awareness for abandoned, mistreated and abused dogs like Hope. I have had three beautiful labs and they will always hold a special place. 50% of all sales go directly to ALR 🐶...............
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ALR's Summer Fundraiser Party
Saturday June 23rd, 7pm to 10pm
Donaldson-Bannister Farm in Dunwoody
Tickets are $75 and include food, beverages and entertainment!
VIP tickets are $125 and also include a deluxe swag bag with event hat and shirt, and other surprises throughout the night!
Advance tickets only - June 20th @ 10pm Deadline
Party is 21 and over and no dogs, please
Go to to buy your tickets!

The First Annual “Bourbon, Barbecue and Best of Breed” is coming up this Saturday. We have a few tickets left, but ticket sales end this Wednesday at 10:00 pm. This party is shaping up to be something for everyone and certainly something for many more deserving dogs out there, that we will be able to help because of your support.
I had a “cutesy” picture that I was going to use for this reminder, but then a shelter sent the picture of this… This dog is a silver lab and was surrendered to the shelter by a breeder, who proudly waived her registration papers, but had no vet records and neglected to leave her name. She is barely 2 years old and he bragged that he had bred her twice.
This dog is the “poster child” for neglect, yet the owners suffer no consequences, so the cycle continues. We named this girl Hopebecause that’s what her future has in store. Hope for a comfortable home, with a soft bed and plenty of food. Hope for proper vetting and preventatives, so she doesn’t have to suffer with chronic flea infestation and parasites anymore. Hope for someone to love her and treat her like every dog should be treated.
HOPE is what your ticket buys….. #atlanta #atlantalabrescue #alr5k #georgia #whiskeydog #bonelickbbq #zachseabaugh #birddogwhiskey

hope you sporting dads get some time outside doing what you love this weekend! Just finished, this hunting dog is a mixed media piece on birch panel, 30”x36”. #germanshorthairedpointer #huntingdogs #mansbestfriend #carriepenleyart #gardenandgun #birddogs #pointers #sportingdogs #duckhunting #gentlemenstyle #fieldsport #waterfowl #coveyrise #sportingart

This noble beast has been inspiring Celtic thought for thousands of years. In myth and religion, the stag personifies the power of the Other World, the forest and untamed nature generally. The animal is powerful, agile and vigorous. Its antlers, resembling branches of a tree, are an emblem of the regenerative and cyclical pattern of nature — they grow in summer, are used in the rutting duels, and drop in winter only to grow again next spring. The antlers also remind us that nature can be dangerous and violent, or benign.

Kieran, mixed media, 36x48. Available.
#scottishhighlands #stag #highlander #wildlifeart #deer #noble #gentlemenstyle #scotland #antler #carriepenleyart

“The greatest thing you will learn is to be loved and to love in return.” ( in the 60s and 70s he loved a lot 😆). David Bowie. 36x48 canvas, collection of @arnetteschopshop #davidbowie #ziggystardust #60smusic #bowie⚡️ #hottrampiloveyouso #britishicon #britishrock #carriepenleyart #davidrobertjones

There are four more of these rock icons hanging in the bar at Arnette’s. Please check them out and tag me!

It’s only rock N roll (but I like it)

@arnetteschopshop opens May 24

So very lucky to be included in this new venture @arnetteschopshop! Thank you to Tonya, Michel, Stephen, Steve, Scott and all the people who have and continue to put their ingenuity, sweat and toil into this incredible restaurant! I cannot wait to experience the food!
Shown is main dining room.. upstairs bar coming soon 😎. #arnetteschopshop #brookhaven #atlanta #atlantadining #havenrestaurant #steakhouse #carriepenleyart #longhorn #skullpainting #skull #buckhead #mixedmedia

so excited to be Included in the new catalog!! reposting from @bdjeffriesatl
You ARE on our mailing list, right? If so, the @bdjeffriesatl Spring/Summer Catalog should land in your mailbox any day now! 📪📪📪 (If not, we would love to add you!) #bdjeffries #bdjeffriesatl #bdjeffriesatlanta #atlantashopping #buckhead #online #catalog #slideshow

working on a special commission of iconic musicians decked out in sunglasses for a much anticipated steak house opening in Atlanta in two weeks! Here is Debbie Harry and Petty.. what are your favorites? Bowie Jagger and Hendrix in the works #petty #blondie #buckhead #musicians #carriepenleyart #steakhouse #atlanta

Delighted to share this post by @josephinedesignhouse of a recent renovation/interior design project masterpiece! Love the warm citron enlivening a neutral palette and the use of antiques with modern accessories.. the whole house pops with beautiful interiors and youthful energy! Love your new home @bethgreenreid!! ...
To top it off the client and designers are life long friends who encouraged and supported my career from inception when confidence was bleak at best. Plus the struggles of being a newly single mother of three starting a new career, was like that moment on a swing when you see how high you can get before you let go and hope you land on your feet. I am thankful for all those who have supported me and my children these last four years. And so excited for @c2malloy and @mberzsenyi as they embark on their new adventure!

looking forward to seeing this painting that will ultimately be encased in charred wood panels, lit with ochre hand blown glass orbs in a room with beautiful leather seating among other gorgeous design elements. All the brain child of restauranteur, Michel Arnette, for his new and much anticipated steak house @arnetteschopshop opening this May in Brookhaven. A huge thanks to Michel and Tonya for including me and other local artist in their new venture!

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