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Carrie  Hiker✨Educator✨Peakbagger✨Mama NH 48/48⛰ADK 4/46⛰US highpoints 22/51 Leave No Trace she/her 💌: ⬇️: my blog!

Visiting this spot was one of my favorite memories from our vanlife road trip. We escaped the crowds of Arches National Park and drove down one of the longest and bumpiest dirt roads I’ve ever experienced. I was shocked the van was in one piece when we arrived! The hike itself was brutally hot but the scenery was breathtaking. Unfortunately my camera lens wasn’t wide enough to even begin to capture the immense desert formations, but thankfully @walasavagephoto was able to snap this shot. It still doesn’t do justice to actually being there!

I haven’t had time to do much editing or posting of new stuff on Instagram lately. Taking care of a baby sure takes a lot of time and energy! 😅 These past seven weeks have been the best of my life but I’m not gonna lie, maternity leave is HARD! Sometimes I feel like I’m caught in an endless loop of changing diapers, nursing, playing, putting the baby to sleep, and cleaning messes. But baby Evie has started to smile and it is the most wonderful sight in the world. She can lift her head, stick out her tongue, and can now grab things with her tiny fingers. It’s amazing how such little things can bring so much joy! ❤️
Remember, if you want to see a million baby pictures and videos you can follow the private account @eviewala. My @carrieoutdoors account will continue to showcase my outdoor adventures past and present. (📸: @walasavagephoto)

Are you truly an Instagrammer if you don’t make an Earth Day post? 😂 I missed my chance yesterday, but loved reading everyone’s captions about ways to treat the planet with respect. 🌎 As a new parent, I’ve been feeling extra wasteful these past few weeks. Between postpartum personal hygiene products, diapers, wipes, trash bags, and extra loads of laundry - I feel like I’ve really increased my negative impact on our planet’s resources. I hope to work on reducing my waste over time, and will be looking into things like cloth diapers. Do you have any other ideas or advice? Please let me know! 💙💚 I hope you all had a wonderful Earth Day! (📸 by @walasavagephoto)

Steve and I have pretty terrible luck with sunrises and sunsets. On our six month van trip, we only saw a few great ones, despite spending almost every morning and evening out in nature. But every once in a while we get lucky and the world just glows! This early morning light through foggy trees is one of my favorite moments from our travels. 😌

There aren’t many better feelings than a cold lake after a hot hike! I can’t wait until it’s warm enough to hop in some lakes. Bring on summer!! ☀️ (photo by @walasavagephoto)

I am so excited to be #sponsored by @TopoAthletic to share some local adventures with you all!
Now that the weather is getting warmer and the days are getting longer, the great outdoors are calling to me! I’ve been wanting to hike to Taughannock Falls for quite some time, and my Topo Athletic shoes made it so easy to hit the trail on a beautiful Saturday afternoon! Check out my stories for more behind-the-scenes snaps from this waterfall adventure. #topoathletic #mytopoadventures #movebetternaturally

Steve and I took baby Evie on her second hike this weekend. We did three easy miles on mostly flat terrain in a nearby park. Not gonna lie, I was hurting afterward. I definitely miss being fit and climbing mountains, but I just have to be patient, let my body recover from giving birth, and work on slowly getting back in shape. Hopefully by August I’ll be ready for some more strenuous hikes in the Canadian Rockies, like this one from two years ago! 💚 (Photo by @walasavagephoto)

"The nights grew warm
the days grew long
spring turned to summer
and was gone."
- Nick Drake

Dreaming of warm sunshine, outdoor adventures, and skirt weather! 🌞

It was a beautiful day yesterday for Evie’s first waterfall hike! ❤️

I’m just about at three weeks postpartum. 👶🏻 I haven’t been very active on this account lately as I adjust to life with a newborn. I didn’t have an ideal birth experience (I’ll spare you all the details, but feel free to DM me if you want to hear more!) and the recovery has been harder than I imagined. However, me and baby got out for a lovely walk around the neighborhood yesterday and I can feel my body improving little by little. It’s only a matter of time until we’re back out in nature, and eventually climbing mountains together! We also have an exciting trip planned for late August to one of my favorite places (see the photo to find out where we’re going!!) I can’t wait to share this beautiful world with my amazing little girl! 💙 (photo by @walasavagephoto)

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