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carriegracey  Last name Lloyd. Has the power of flight. Still trying to heal leopards.

Some people have asked for before and after pics of my guest cottage that we worked on during the summer. Soon to start welcoming visitors. None of this would have happened if it weren’t for the amazing friends and community who chipped in. Just one before pic...too many after shots to look into the past. Welcome to Magnolia May Cottage. Named after my mother, a tribute to the sacrifice she makes of me living in California every year. DM me for details if you’d like to stay a few days...(2 bed, 1 bath cottage). It’s a start. A beautiful start. 💕📸 @callie_gal #interiordesign #magnoliamaycottage #creativeinteriors #woodpanneling #countrycottage #vintagehomes #californiahomes #restoration #rest #guestcottage

Chicago, you left a beautiful impression on me, and so thankful to that family that made it happen. From being stuck in thunder, to cats sleeping on your face, Hamilton, Shakespeare In The Park (Maggie your musical direction was breath taking), the architecture tours and fascinating conversation....let’s do it again? Yeah? #chicago #hamilton #thunder #shakespeareinthepark @maggiedoo @nataliecalifornia 💕💕

New Podcast! ‘If we can’t disagree, we will never find unity’ “In a world full of fighting opinion, Carrie looks into the importance of diversity and how we love in disagreement. From finding friendships with Christians when she was an atheist, to the current political climate, freedom of speech is losing it’s edge and causing an identity crises.” This picture has no relation to the topic but apparently it helps to have your face on social media occasionally. So here is my alter ego holding a motorcycle helmet. It’s okay, @emorycolvin and I shall be getting our US license soon. Thanks to all those who have contacted and reached out. Loving your comments and feedback. Don’t stop. Never stop. ❤️😘😘 Link in bio. #carrieon #podcasts #unity #goodfighting #diversity Episode available on #iTunes and #podbean 📸 @_jdhudson Hair by @jana_elizabeth_arts

My brilliant friend and president of the The Giving Keys came up with this lovely idea for the victims of the #CarrFire Thank you @britgilmore 💕💕💕#Repost @thegivingkeys with @get_repost
We have so many friends who lost their homes in the #carrfire. We are donating $5 of every one of these necklace purchases to Shasta Regional Community Center ( @shastarcf ) Tag your loved ones who have been affected or might want to help. Link in Bio to wear your support. 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 #reddingstrong #thegivingkeys

*URGENT* ALL FAMILY PHOTOS AND VALUABLES TAKEN FROM MY CAR TRUNK IN LA AFTER CARR FIRE EVACUATION. After being evacuated from the #Carrfire this week, I was just so grateful that I had packed all my valuables in a red suitcase - the passport, my Smythson journals since 2015, and most importantly a photo album of photos of my late father in the sixties - the rock n roll kind of him on BSA motorbikes printed in black and white and personal photos of him and Diana. This morning, staying at a house in LA after the evacuation, I came out to the car and found my trunk open, the car locked. The red suitcase is gone. I don’t care about the passport or the laptop, despite my thousands of hours of writings, even though that photo album is priceless, I’m giving a $1,000 reward to return the suitcase back with those photos inside. No questions asked. All is forgiven to the thief, it must be a desperate time for you to do this, so my heart is for and with you, but let’s find a compromise, these were the things that kept my heart hopeful. Please do the right thing. Friends, can you help spread the word?❤️

The last four days have been incredibly surreal, yet alarmingly confirming of just how much I love love. Despite the chaos, the racing down roads to escape fire - even if having to drive on opposite sides of traffic, the evacuations making so many of us homeless, the total disintegration of everything they owned for some of my friends, I have been most marked by friendship, by community, by the sheer heroic brilliance of the firefighters and excellent communicators such as Chad Carrol from Cal Fire department. The donations are pouring into the Red Cross and Salvation Army. Friends have given their homes to house us (thank you Maggie for your love, your much needed humour 💕) Others are selling/giving what they can or travelling hundreds of miles to help. It’s not completely over, (those Firenados were quite an eye opener) and many are staying away due to such bad air quality, but if you can help and you are in Redding, above are ways to help. Some have contacted more so since this caught national/international press. The yellow circle is where my houses were and the map stayed like that for four days. It has stayed away from being burned because of the vigorous action taken by firefighters to ensure the fire couldn’t begin to touch the anymore of west Redding moving towards the center. Most of our homes would have gone without them. Most of Redding, would have gone. So I surrender in sheer gratitude and awe to the firefighters and that remarkable 747 bomber, that saved the majority of the city. My heart goes to the civilians and firefighters lost. To the great grandma fighting to save her great grandchildren’s life. Sometimes love won’t just look like action, it may cost you everything. My hero in all of this, was her. Picture of Redding sourced by @lucassankey Video taken by @james.d.burke Picture of @manhattanbabi and @judahcris44 home before and after - click on Judah’s profiles if you’d like to donate personally as they lost everything, and my goddaughter and her little sister has no toys or barely any clothing. We are safe and thankful for a very strong city that shall rise out of the ashes. #carrfire #thisisredding #lovedoes #calfire #redcross

You may remember me posting a video of us all celebrating the miracle of @mrsmeganlittle and @mrjeremylittle getting pregnant a while back. Two weeks today, Lily Grace was born in California. During the delivery, I held the hand of an anxious grandmother who wanted to just hear that Lily Grace survived the birth (there was a concern she would have a25% chance of suffering fatal dwarfism that doesn’t survive passed labour). Beautifully Lily Grace came into the world with loud celebrations along the corridor, and a very teary pastor (me) with an even more teary grandmother. 18 hours later Lily Grace began to suffer severe breathing difficulties and was rushed to NICU. Then flown to UC Davis, Sacramento via helicopter to get the treatment she needed. From relying on machines to supply 95% of oxygen to Lily Grace to lower than 25% of oxygen, this baby girl is a fighter and doing great in her recovery, although boy there were some sleepless nights. The parents are finally holding her and she is feeding. Be it communion in the hospital corridors of UC Davis Sacramento to prayers at night, it’s been a privilege to fight in this with Meg and Jer who have been champions and an inspiration of peace. Whilst at UC Davis, I asked what we could practically do to help. We have set up a Gofundme account to go towards the medical bills and loss of earnings. The link is in my profile, if you’d like to give, do click there. Lily Grace has been a fighter, a true warrior against the odds and I am so excited to see what this woman will achieve one day. It’s a life I plan to keep a close eye on, and one I hold so dearly in gratitude already. Thanks to all of those who have contributed already. It’s rendering the parents to such humility and tears of thankfulness. Sometimes it takes more than a village to raise a child. It takes a city and a few more besides that. Thank you ❤️❤️#lilygrace

The Carry On Podcast had a small facelift in her break, thanks to the brilliant Tyler for producing it and thanks to those supporting our little venture. New episode is up, up, up - EPISODE 16: Loving The Addict. Dedicated to my girl who is now two years clean and the one who was courageous enough to share ‘that phone call’ between her and I two years ago. We always love hearing your thoughts, so message us on here or on iTunes. Or on the Carrie Lloyd facebook page. Link in profile. #addiction #carryonpodcast #lovingtheaddict #freedom #sobriety #recovery @ty.rex

And so starts the summer, as we mean to go on. Coming off social media for a bit. For info on future podcasts, just subscribe to Carrie On (through itunes). Meanwhile, it’s play time. Thank you to @_themonroes for the boat shenanigans. My favourite part was our own rendition of The Notebook. Ahem. 😍❤️ #thisisredding #california #isitraining?Ihadntnoticed

The Famous Five. Building people to taste their own gifts and strengths is one of my favourite things to do. And these 5 certainly were stretched to use all of their talents, and weaknesses in any given moment. They were my eyes and ears, my accountability, my laughter and my refuge in many moments. Thank you for everything you bought to each chapter. You bought peace, joy, gentleness, kindness, love, self-control, patience, faithfulness, goodness and most importantly the presence. Thanks for making my year so memorable, so delightful for the mind. We fell in love, we got pregnant, we jumped off stages, we laughed til it hurt, we cried til it stopped hurting, we discovered the more. Your victory, was my victory. This was always going to be an exchange, and what an exchange it was. Missing you terribly today. #thefamousfive @christiebiggs @wendy_mesloh_yates @brett_g_morris @mrjeremylittle Johannes. ❤️❤️

This is Rupert. I met him one New Year’s Eve a few years back through my friend @kwelbyroberts He was staying in the same place as his cousin Katharine in a rather beautiful location. For my own amusement, as we were climbing stairs to the roof for the fireworks, I decided to pretend to be an estate agent, valuing the property in front of Rupert. I had him believing me for a good 10 minutes. When I confessed my authenticity, or lack of, he proceeded to tell me what he was up to. Climbing Everest to be exact. ‘Oh he’s a joker like me’ I thought. Why else would he say that he was attempting to be the world’s youngest man to climb Everest and the first European to attempt the summit twice - once from the Nepalese side and once from the Tibetan side? No pennies dropped until I watched his training online and kept hearing tales of the planning, the sponsorships, raising money for humanitarian causes, the downright hardcore rigorous mentality it takes for this. Suddenly this dude wasn’t joking. In 2015 the tragic earthquake took place in Nepal and so Rupert had to abandon the first attempt of the Everest mission. This year he succeeded his first attempt for the summit (as pictured), but vital tools and equipment, including oxygen had been stolen from his station. And so he had to abandon the second attempt of the mission. Does this stop him from trying again? Absolutely not. This chap is no quitter. What’s that line? ‘Perseverance must take its course, so that we may mature and lack nothing.’ Follow this guy for the most awesome pics of Everest, and to support however you can. #rupertjoneswarner #mounteverest #determination #nevergiveup #missionaccomplished #mightymen

Can we just talk about how my dear Brettles has only been back to Canada for about 8 minutes and he built this beautiful monster within that time. Yowsa. @brett_g_morris Sorry he is taken. #actuallynotsorryheistaken #brettles #revivalmotorcycles #momobikes #revvvvvvverend #revvvverence #aseaofleatherandmetal #daddywouldbeproud #cazzaisproud #😍

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