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carriegracey  Last name Lloyd. British author, writer, pastor living in Northern California.

New Podcast! Episode 21: ‘Enter The Critics’ How do you face criticism? How do you dish it out? Is it effective or could there be another perspective on the matter? As an only child, I was very sensitive to criticism, until I realised how much my identity was attached to another’s praise. Here’s some thoughts on breaking the cycle, and approaching even the most scathing of commentaries. Thanks for all your messages and thoughts. We really love hearing from you. Thanks to @ty.rex for producing this, even if I have no studio. 📸 @callie_gal ❤️

The Sacred Expression Retreat is now over. The irony that words will not suffice in reflection. The power of words is a potent and intoxicating experience, if you surrender to it. And all these folks, gave way for the option to be stretched, empowered and inspired. Thanks must go to the team who came up with the idea and are barely able to walk after such long days. Their giggles in the background encouraged me to know they were doing okay within these hours. Thank you beloveds. Thank you. What a privilege it was to share my friend @terarcher who flew from LA and wowed us all. @iamtinashalaraye - The Rhythm Writer - who shared with us such a fine skill and craft in storytelling. @mikemaeshiro for teaching about the spirit behind writing and the words in which we use. The importance of subtle versus telegraphing. And Hanz who led them in contemplative prayer, your stillness led us to unwind. Thank you. #thesacredexpression @thesacredexpression #writing #retreats #library #books 📸 @callie_gal

New podcast: ‘Building Trust with Others’. In part 2 of the trust series, Carrie talks about what builds trust and what breaks it. Impermissible expectations to misguided assumptions. How do you build back trust when it’s been unimaginably broken? Carrie shares a little on the intentionality of building trust and what true freedom looks like in love and friendship. Now live on iTunes. #thecarrieonpodcast #podcasts #trust #expectations 📸 @callie_gal Thanks @ty.rex for always doing such a good job in producing these. Please note my massive faux pas at the beginning of this podcast. My housemate was walking into the house and I became very distracted but didn’t want dead air. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤪❤️

‘I’m not intimidating, calm yourself down...It’s the anointing you can feel, not the intimidation.....that’s outrageous....sorry Pops’ #ladiesnight I LOVE this class. So hungry, so passionate, a cut above 👌🏻❤️📸 @lovely_lila

@mikemaeshiro has a fun new series on You Tube. ‘Conversations with Fabulous People.’ Unfortunately the fabulous guest couldn’t make it, so I stepped in. Applause to Drew who did a fab job editing this 30 minute piece. Full video on You Tube. #funnies #youtube #mikemeashiro #jonnagainesofredding 📸 @andrew_j_smith_ @cristblackwell

For years, I wanted to create a space much like The Inklings did in the Eagle & Child Pub in Oxford. A forum to discuss genres of writing, techniques, methods for inspiration and finding strength to endure such vulnerability. To coach writers to find their voice. When my team pitched a retreat weekend at my cottage in Redding, for 15 people to gain insight of the truth behind the scenes of publishing, new perspectives for inspiring content and the editorial process - I couldn’t say no. My brilliant friend @terarcher is making a special trip from Los Angeles to discuss what she looks for in good writers and the marvellous @iamtinashalaraye will share her methodology and the rhythms that accompany the spoken word. I’m excited to be not just speaking at this, but being a student again. Spaces are very limited and so apply early. We made it cosy and intimate on purpose. We also want 500 written words from you, so we can gauge your voice, before you walk into the room. #thesacredexpression #writingretreat For more info, visit the new website designed by the terrific @callie_gal ❤️❤️ 📸 @callie_gal

She is rising from the ashes. #strongerthancarr 📸 @callie_gal

‘Ladies and gentlemen we will be flying at an altitude of 36,000ft, should we experience any turbulence....’ What they won’t tell you is that I was hiding a packet of Frazzles in that clutch and had a bone of contention for these Rupert Sandersons by the end of the night. But what a fun one it was. Thanks to @jordan.dennett for the styling tips. To Tie from @narsissist for make up and to my mother for the Frazzles.#amas #microsofttheatre #la #awardseason

Episode one of a two-part series. Carrie talks about taking an intentional look into building trust within ourselves. Once that begins, the sky is the limit. Take a listen for practical steps in gaining confidence in the decisions you make for yourself and therefore for others. #podcasts #thecarrieonpodcast #trust #selftrust #emotionalhealth #confidence
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Impromptu Abba, whilst waiting...I do love my team ❤️

‘Hey Lynette, mind if I shout about your brilliance and your new movie?’ ‘Why would I mind?’ She says, ‘However, the real brilliance is Bradley Cooper.’ Congratulations to @lynettehowell79 for producing another ‘Emotional Knockout’. @starisbornmovie is out today. Go see it. And see it now. I love watching friends from university not only fulfil their dreams, but make others’ dreams come true too. Proud friend 🙋🏻‍♀️💕#astarisbornmovie #movies #bradleycooper #ladygaga

You were the quintessential English gent. Although you played a hundred brilliant parts, characters should have been written on you. You were the light relief when people were getting too serious. The man of a thousand stories. The voice that captivated hundreds of faces to sold out houses. From The Madness of King George, Art and Hobson’s Choice, I adored every part you ever played. But by far my favourite role was watching you father one of my best friends. The sheer tenderness, quick wit and downright truth would have us all falling into hysterics. Thank you, for being so beautifully bonkers. Lincolnshire just got a little more dull because you’re no longer in it. You were our fondest memories and our greatest smiles in our tumultuous youth. What a privilege it was to share a stage with you, but more importantly what an honour it was to watch you father and cover such a strong set of women who are who they are, because of you. Russ, this is the last time I speak of you in past tense, for you shall live on through @charlifer80 , her sisters and her boys and the legacy you built for so long. Our love stays not in the past, but forever present, forever timeless. To all my friends who know my girl, go hug her, let my girl grieve and may you, Charlifer, always be allowed to talk about him, without restriction, without fear. He, the legend, is irreplaceable. Just like you my sweet. Just like you.❤️❤️ #russwatson #Englishmen #stamfordshoestring #whoisgoingtomakethejokesnow? #stamfordshakespearecompany

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