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Carrie📷-YOUR Photographer!  Rochester NY Area Photographer ❤️📷 w/ties to the Port Charlotte, FL area☀️ Lover of new adventures, sunshine, laughter & of course cupcakes!

"Nothing worth having comes easy." My husband and my youngest, working on the project truck that my husband bought for him and our boys. This will be a lot of work that when completed will be enjoyed by all. But for now, I'm enjoying all the little moments I catch of the three of them working together. Honestly for me, seeing them doing all of this together as a team- this is the hard work that we have put in, my husband and I, into our family and raising young men in today's world. ❤️

"I love taking magical moments and making them last forever. I want to capture today's moments for you, to provide your family with memories to relive and cherish for all your tomorrows." ~Carrie Eigbrett ❤️

Do you every find that walking alone in nature gives you a feeling of peace? Right up until that moment when you realize you're not alone. 😱Then it's suddenly every horror movie you've ever seen in your life running through your mind, am I right? Lol #thatsmylife ☠️
I know I'm not alone. Just like when you're walking alone in the dark and a you hear something small like a leaf move. Suddenly you're sure someone is there so you're running for your life. 😰
And you thought this was going to be a cute post about a dandelion! 🤷🏻‍♀️ Nope, sorry...

Good luck to the Avon Varsity Boys Baseball Team at Sectional Finals tonight! #gobraves

If you want to get in for a session make sure to contact me soon! There are just 3 dates left in June & 5 dates in July. Summer is booking up fast! Who is ready for all kinds of fun and laughter? 🙋🏻

What a great day it has been! I have laughed so much today. If you know anything about me you know I love to laugh and to make others laugh! My last post is just a slice of the amount of laughter we created today. 🤣😂
I realized that I've never actually done an intro here, so excuse my ultra classy photo of my TRex friend and I. 😉This is me, Carrie of Carrie Eigbrett Photography. Here are a few ransom fact about me:
1️⃣ I have 4 tattoos, 2 in honor of my mother who passed over 2 years ago. ❤️
2️⃣In just a few days I'll celebrate my 20th Wedding Anniversary. 💍
3️⃣I'm a sucker for scary movies and sappy ones that make you cry.😱😭
4️⃣My family thinks it's weird that I'll eat things like brussel sprouts and cottage cheese. (Not together) 🥗
What a great way to cap off my birthday than to introduce myself, right? Now tell me something about you:
Tell me about your dream Birthday! Whether it is location, activity, doesn't matter, what would make your birthday dreams come true? 🌈🍰
**No Dinosaurs were hurt in these photographs nor were any humans eaten.**

When it's #TrexTuesday, your 40th birthday and your youngest turns 16 all on the same day....#laughingsohard

Look at these beautiful people! I hope #Prom2017 was all you wanted it to be. 🕺🏻💃

Sectional Baseball-Avon 7-5 over Lyons. ⚾️

More LCAA Championships! This time-all girls! I'll have more on FB later today. Link in my bio. 😉🏃‍♀️

LCAA Championships was last night. So of course I had to stop and see some great athletic competition!

Hey-I need your help! I'm looking to make a Summer bucket list. A list of places to see around the area (let's say 1-2 hours), events to experience, diners to eat at, places to get the picture. Gimme your 2 cents, please?

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