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Carrie-Anne Moss  Recognize the other person is you - Yogi Bhajan

Repost from @gurusinghyogi :: gurusinghyogiBeginning tomorrow, JOIN IN creating group energy and love to project and create a reverberation of light around the children of the world who need us. Go to Nam. #GuruSinghYogi #BlessTheChildrenToday

How you do one thing is how you do all things. How you tend to the mundane bits the daily bits of life are what make up your life.
I was 15 years old working as a bus girl in a kitsilano ( Vancouver)restaurant . I learned so much at that job that I apply today to my work and life Ethic. I chose to connect to people in that restaurant- other staff and customers / to ask people for what they genuinely needed. To bring what I thought they Needed because I noticed . When I show up today on a set as an actress i put aside the end result all of which i have zero control over and i connect to my coworkers. I do this selfishly as it feeds my souls. It opens me creatively and connects me to collective energy.
I remember working double shifts all those years ago /saving for something i wanted / needed and choosing to love what i was doing . When I chose that attitude my work hours brought me so much.
I’m reminiscing on this today as I make another meal as I listen to NPR and as I drive from point A to point B .
I choose to notice others
I choose to connect
I choose to see that how I do this one thing is how i do everything:: #fiercegracecollective

This is the very first course i offered when i created Annapurna living . I called it Simple and Sincere : 10 days to a simple and sincere meditation practice : because that is my guiding principle.
I am deeply committed to sharing and demystifying meditation.
We just opened a simple store on @loveannapurnaliving and that course is there.
Check it out if you feel :: photo by @faesoul

Wisdom via @yogawestvancouver via @spiritvoyage via #yoghibhajan ::
This is why i meditate ::

This is my dear friend @drdebkern :: she is holding a virtual camp for women Called bliss camp for the everyday goddess - feel like treating yourself to a summer experience amidst your life :: Deb is an amazing teacher - full of wisdom and just one of the kindest people i know :: check out what she’s offering on her IG page :: @drdebkern 💕

@megganwatterson look what I pulled this morning ::
Holy wow :: thank you for creating this magic :: MAI BHAGO~ i am a warrior of love - my devotion attracts resources and support :: @shewhois this image i love 💕

Sound school inspired by
Sound current holding up the endless doings and creates the space to notice - notice the back pack
The way the light comes through the window
The beauty of this mundane space that grounds it all for me :: #kitchentable #annapurnaliving

“A woman’s capacity to nurture and her longing to merge with the beloved are hardwired into her arcline. But our culture has taken our essential nature and created a hook: telling us we need something or someone outside ourselves to complete us- to be whole
. So we often mistake our longing for the Beloved for that someone or something in the material world, which leads to attachment ,pain, and heartache. Instead we must remember that our longing is for the beloved within us”
From the book I AM A WOMAN creative sacred and invincible ~inspired by Yogi Bhajan #kundalini #woman #adishakti
Photo by @cjust
Photo with my dear friend and incredible doterra leader @magpie_wild 💕✨

Do you know that tics carry bacteria that can cause people to get really sick. Lyme disease is a multi layered illness and many folks have it and don’t realize as it’s often overlooked and misdiagnosed. If you’re traveling this summer or spending time in the beauty of nature make sure you are informed about tics. I’m not an expert at all and don’t have lyme but I’m passionate about information and wisdom - head over to @lymediseasechallenge for info:: and @thelymeeducator as well and many more and of course @medicalmedium fir extra amazing info :: i like to use a spray by @livinglibations called foragers cologne - spraying shoes - belts - ect-
Deet is often recommended but not my fave.but again IM NOT AN EXPERT::Keep your immune system robust by eating Good food and always do a tic check when u know you’ve been somewhere where tics are common ::
Any great tips out there for dealing with tics.
@ampcoil is being talked about heavily in the health world as stellar technology for health and well-being
#ticcheck #lymediseaseawareness #lymedisease

I had the extraordinary experience of working in Prague 3 years ago. The highlight of the trip was wandering to the studio of this artist and watching her create with color pencils absolute beauty right in front of my eyes. I was changed watching this . She told me she created from her dreams :: check this one out and what she wrote about it :::: “Every woman is like an underground river. No matter how hurt, diminished or beaten we feel, we can hide under the surface and when our wounds are healed, we can emerge again - stronger”.

Oh my heart is blown wide open by this new show @redtabletalk ::
@willowsmith @jadapinkettsmith and @only1mrsn (Adrienne )your truth and heart are stunning beyond words. I remember while shooting MATRix 2@3 being deeply inspired by these 3 women : Jada with her children and willow a wee baby - Adrienne supporting Jada as she worked. I looked to Jada with a heart filled with wanting a family and said yes i can do it too:: @redtabletalk is a deep dive in authentic conversation ~ check this out :: women are amazing

In love with this oracle divine feminine deck by @megganwatterson and @shewhois
Inspiration and guidance through qualities of goddess :: love love love 💕
Kitchen table creativity - infusing the everyday with soul and depth ✨

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