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Carrie-Anne Moss  Recognize the other person is you - Yogi Bhajan

Thank you @snatamkaurkhalsa for all that you share with grace and deep love . In NYC tonight we danced we chanted and we felt the power of ❤️. I’ve been to many of her concerts over the years tonight i was struck by how many men were there. The energy in The room was so beautiful / tonight i was inspired i am grateful #satnam #kundaliniyoga

Yes yes yes
Grateful to my teachers
@gurusinghyogi @prophetasonic @nayyirah.waheed always inspiring us with her ability to say so much so simply

Yes yes let’s sign this letter.
Let’s turn our sadness and rage into healing. Please head to @glennondoyle’s profile to find more information on how to sign it.

My dearest friends @aykanna are instrumental in my wellbeing daily by the music they make. If you walk into my kitchen you will hear them softly chanting - the sound heals- the sound keeps me steady - they are raising money to produce this next album- check it out and support if you feel inspired ::go to Kickstarter and type in Aykanna

Canadian thanksgiving connecting to my roots. Home :: when i was growing up I looked to the USA with awe. Now i look to Canada with awe.
We sure are going through so much so much coming up -i Am inspired by others who are beacons of truth @glennondoyle @ladygaga @prophetasonic
Thank you Dr Ford ♥️
Who inspires you ?

Monday morning musing:
Fierce grace manifesto
Let us be strong here and clear .
Let’s stop apologizing for who we are . Let’s stop playing small. Stop complaining. Stop being polite and step into our Fierce Grace. That part of ourselves that values our journey, that knows that perfectionism and pretending are bullshit. We know that to do the important work we are each here to do, we must start with letting go of self doubt. The self doubt that lingers in comparison and shame. Let’s understand that we need to keep up. We need our vitality. We need to step into our power day after day after day. Mind clear . Body strong. Heart open . Spirit full up.
#fiercegracecollective @loveannapurnaliving

These two beautiful humans @aykanna have a concert @yogawestla Friday eve:: go to @yogawestla for details :: this is an experience not to be missed 🙏❤️

Christine Blasey Ford
C/o Rep Anna Eshoo
698 Emerson St
Palo Alto CA 94301
Got the name wrong above it’s ESHOO

So many of us moved by this woman and her courage. I want to write her a letter - anyone know how to get it to her and if you were moved as well will you join me in flooding her with letters of gratitude: #ibelieveher #webelievesurvivors

As the proud mother of a daughter i post this most powerful poem by the stellar poet @nayyirah.waheed

Happy birthday to my best friend my everything @freedom_architect is the most creative and grounded person i know . Virgo mixed with Scorpio and huge dose of deep wisdom / clarity. Grounds this family with all he is:: beyond grateful to know you to love you 🙏🙏 #luckyme #householder #jimmy #kundalini #married #souleverything #blessed #satnam #keepmovingforward

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