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Carrie-Anne Moss  Recognize the other person is you - Yogi Bhajan

This photo is by my dear beautiful friend @michellegardella . She is a photographer writer and incredible mother. She started a kickstart yesterday to publisher her writing. She surpassed the amount in a few short hours. Why?how?
Because she is true.she is so real so authentic. She moves people when they witness her showing up in such fierce authenticity that it shakes you into your own truth. She never bullshits. She shares her struggles she shares her huge wins. I am in tears at the success today of the funding of her book. I am in tears because in a world that often feels like only the IN folks get recognition this woman in her truth has been held by a collective of others that are saying WE see you @michellegardella and we want more of YOU .

NYC you have been so good to me.
You have been so kind to me.
I have had to stretch to step out of my life to embrace these few years working in NYC.
It’s been good for me and reminds me it’s ok to step out of your comfort zone - important actually .

Fave nyc @malinlandaeusvintage @blumingstudio @thealchemistskitchen @puerhbrooklyn @jetblue @blackbrick @theinvinciblehall

Peppermint for the win.
Grateful to know and love this beauty @rachaelmaytaylor and our love for @livinglibations is contagious over here . #nourish #peppermintforeverything

Repost from my bestie @therealkrystenritter .
Dear friends we have become - family we are - Grateful 🙏💓

Oh my oh my :: @snatamkaurkhalsa .
This is incredible. Anyone who has been touched by the sound current of @snatamkaurkhalsa knows the power of her grace . Anyone who knows her knows the truth and love and grace she humbling offers as a healing to this world . How many babies were born to this woman’s sound 💞Congratulations @snatamkaurkhalsa 🙏🙏🙏🙏

This morning inspired by
My beautiful and fierce teacher @prophetasonic who in her @spaceweathertransmissions shared today about the wisdom of the black of the moon. It’s the time just before the new moon (which is now this month ) its a time that can feel dark and heavy - she shares that there is wisdom here. She also shared to give gratitude to those that have held us in compassion when we were struggling .
I give gratitude to 3 folks today - there are so many who have held me up- but for today i share 3 and i challenge you to do the same add them in your comment or and tag me -lets get this thank you compassion spiraling today ::
My 3 today
@_sadiedeluxe thank you for listening as i shared my heart the other day and you shared yes i get it .
@nallie22 thank you for seeing me and my family
@motherwalk thank you Meg for listening and holding the love and offering me your wisdom.

Who has held you with compassion use hashtag #darkofthemoonthankyou

I’ve tagged others here who have offered me this love ❤️ couldn’t fit them all so I’ll add some here : 🙏
@malinlandaeusvintage @therealkrystenritter @emilyfalconbridge @drdebkern @zippymoss @bevroxie @officialmariabello @freedom_architect @shirbilia @gabriellebrick @magpie_wild

Grateful for this view.
As someone who has loved a life full of busy -some quiet and stillness is rocking my world . #fiercegracecollective

My life is my ritual.
My life is my altar .
Day after day I show up for my life
Somedays - most days it’s incredibly simple. I create a vibe through sound and smell and sight
I listen i take my time
I stretch my body
I close my eyes and connect to the truth within me before i go about all the things I do .
Sometimes it is pure bliss other times it’s beyond mundane .
Being grateful for the mundane
Is my elixir.
Feet on floor
Boiling water
Serving food
Feeding the dog the cat the bunny
Connecting to the grocery clerk
Smiling at a woman who feels weary
Holding her up with a gaze.
Creating pockets inside my life where i feel warmth soothing the nervous system so that all the other stuff doesn’t spin me out .

“Whatever their outcome, the profound relationships in our lives gives us the riches of loving. ThAt wealth is the only wealth that means anything in the end “ Marion Woodman . From her book Coming home to myself

Wow yes
Repost @onbeing #rachelnaomiremen

Spent the last 2 days in The nature of the Sequoia’s. The smoke from the fires is intense. It’s so beautiful to be in nature even with the smoke and the terrible air quality . I want my children to love the trees to care about the trees. If our children don’t care we have no chance . The distraction of devices taking us away from the beauty of what’s right in front of us . Nature has all the answers.
Please wear a mask if you are in areas that are effected by the fires. We gave a construction worker a mask today - he was working All day in Air that is hazardous. I wasn’t sure what he’d say - but honestly he seemed relieved . 😷 i thank @mariacauldron for her intel on after a fire - she and her family lost everything in the ojai Fire last year and her information has been really stellar . She suggested we have a bag of masks in our cars and hand them out / thank you @mariacauldron :: let’s grow closer folks so we can support each other through these times: #community

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