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Carrie-Anne Moss  Fierce woman inspired

Mother has completed for this year. It's been amazing to witness women transform their lives with simple tools :: triumph and slip triumph and slip ::grateful to all the women who joined @nataliechristensencoaching and I :: brave beautiful women who are creating lives they love from the inside out :: Words by @nataliechristensencoaching spoken by me:: #annapurnamother #annapurnawoman

Day 1 join me as I join @prophetasonic in this stellar krya:: 40 days no gossip no complaining :: transformative ::
If your in say yes here in comments or jump over to @prophetasonic and say yes there:: the yes is all you need to do and then don't gossip and don't complain :: #aquarianleader

Bam ✨✨new moon ✨✨
I could just repost every word this woman @nayyirah.waheed writes ::

Happy birthday to this stunning -fierce and powerful woman :: @daniellelaporte sending you wishes on this powerful new moon and grateful to be in your orbit :: fierce and grace you are in every way :: generous and passionate with your activism ::your truth is white hot :: adore you to the moon And back
Photo by @cjust

Incredible read:: anyone interested in the creative process// making movies ::
Creative genius #sidneylumet writes " Howard hawks was once asked to name the most important element in an actors performance . His answer was "confidence." In a sense that is really what's been going on during rehearsal: the actors are gaining confidence in revealing their inner selves"
:: I think this applies to everything :: creating from yourself is vulnerable at times and feeling supported and supporting others is gold.
@therealkrystenritter grateful to you on so many levels 💖💓

Your images evoke so much
Your written words illustrate authenticity truth and using ones life and voice for healing :: I am humbled to be your friend: I'm coming for my river story :: #inspiredwomen #photosoul #myriverstory

Happy birthday beautiful @therobynwolfe :: I'll meet you in this picture and gaze at that view and celebrate the wildly creative stunning human you are :: #geminiwomenarethebest #canadianwomenaredeeplycreative

Celebrating this magnificent woman today : happy birthday @malinlandaeusvintage :: you are kind creative and a true friend :: malin creates community that's what she does and has the most incredible vintage shop in Williamsburg ::she has the capacity to listen and reflect with compassion and so much grace :: happy birthday beautiful you @malinlandaeusvintage ::: the world is a better place with you in it :: photo by @nadiakaufhold #geminiwomenaremybesties

Shout out to this beauty @_sadiedeluxe who does all the business of @loveannapurnaliving :: sadie keeps my vision moving forward and keeps me on track as I swirl in the day to day of my acting work and of course my family :: I love having this little jewel of @loveannapurnaliving it keeps me growing stretching and gives me a creative place to put my heart and soul. I built this with my heart and with the support of sadie and the luscious who midwifed the whole idea and held my hand as I brought it into being :: creative soulful women rock !! #annapurnawoman #kitchentablebusiness #kitchentable #visionkeeper

Covered in tie dye celebrated my youngest turning 8 next week :: grateful for community :: humbled by the deep connection I have with @nataliechristensencoaching who has given me tools to show up all the way in all the messy imperfection of my life :: sat with my dear fierce teacher @gurusinghdaily this week and laughed and cried and marveled at how far I've come and the how far is all an inside job ::heart open :feelings coming and going / presence / good food and other folks who love and care too:: photo by a mama who shows up -all in and all heart @lightitupwithmee
Necklace gifted me from my soul sister @elenabrower @rocknrawjewellery @#annapurnamother #collective #mungbeansandrice #ihopethedyecomesout #beingamamateachesme #godlivesincozyhomes

Love love @oceanfrank :: #soundcurrent #motherslove
And yes that's a chopped carrot on my finger cause I'm cooking and listen to frank ::))🙏

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