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Carrie-Anne Moss  Fierce woman inspired

I'm taking a social media break for the rest of the summer. Will be taking the IG app off my phone. Looking forward to going old school. I love IG but want to pull out of all of it and see what's there . ::
Social media has introduced me to incredible women who are now my friends . I get so much inspiration from so many here. @loveannapurnaliving will still be flowing via my gorgeous @_sadiedeluxe
Sending love and blessings ::
Happy summer
#annapurnawoman #annapurnalivinginnercircle #callme

Saturday kitchen table scene

Went to see my dear friend @daniellelaporte speak last night. It was deep powerful funny fierce and raw.
My fave quote from @daniellelaporte last night " I live in a house I paid for with my ideas "
Deep bow deep bow

New moon inspiration
Sword and shield

#Repost @mpaspirit
Keeping up with 40 days of pantra in Anandpur Sahib


Often new moon intention making starts like this:: my son drew a sword and a shield for me. Sword and shield symbolizing so much for me right now. I will continue writing- coloring -this page through out my day of doing this and that. When it's finished I will fold it and place it on my new altar that I will simply create today as I do my day:: happy new moon :: #annapurnawoman #simpleandsincere

From the wishing tree at my fave cafe in NYC- thankyou to whoever wrote this - passing it on:: A wish for anybody who reads this:
I wish for groundedness - to feel my feet beneath me. To gain perspective on the world: what REALLY matters and what does not. I wish to breathe and lead from love. To freely give kindness and thanks to those who hold me up. Because I don't think we can do this alone. Maybe we can but it won't be half as fun.
Light and strength BE KIND TO YOURSELF ::

Women are amazing creative strong and wise:: sending love to @umberdove this am ::her beauty as a human being takes my breath away :: @robin.soyala will be doing a group meditation for this beauty :: lifting her up with the energy of community with love laser focus and absolute knowing that she is so good :: #community #love

Happy Father's Day to the love of my life and the best man I know :: @freedom_architect Inspires me everyday to stretch and grow and shows up for our kids /our family with impeccable heart and soul ::happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there ::

Is there a co-op in your neighborhood. A place where all the produce is organic and they have relationships with farmers that supply to them. Where faces like these know your name and your kids. Where we spend our money is one of the most important political statements we can make :: #foodmatters #supportcoops #40daysnocomplainingnogossip #dontcomplainfindyourway #motheractivist

My mom far left :: grandma and grand pa:: auntie Bev and uncle bill and bob. :: I love this picture

These two 💖✨
My biggest teachers right here::
So fun and deeply wise both of them in their own unique ways. One i was born to the other I became with ::

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