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Too many words that describe how grateful I am .. For the smiles I have had.. And moments I have lived.. And for those I will miss... Amongst friends.. Best friends.. Family. Distance, and time. I will keep these moments forever.. And see faces again.. After they grow awesome families a lil bigger.. I use them to share my smiles.. And tall tales.. With those who have less.. So tomorrow Will be just as awesome and more so.. When we are gone .. Thank you for my light.. It was cast with love.. I just grow it.. Cause.. I kea.. Because I was grown with love.. I can..
So thankful a million times over again.. For the tall trees we plant together

Let the Pains of the Past Wash Away... LOOK AHEAD.. To a brighter future hand in hand

Surround you

Yes Can!

gods and generals :)

I never really spoke about faith.. I kept it

But about a year ago today.. Even though i felt unchurchy enough to use words of faith.. I simply didn't go like others who are devout .. And had no time ... I Hadn't often spoken of God... Cause it's a touchy subject for many..because of norm.. .. But I smiled when I saw a post I had written. in reflection a post I cringed to share.. but had to write out loud.. Even if I got judged for it .. IT SAID:

keep your faith
And share I never really read the bible. I got the app instead. :( If there truly is a kingdom of heaven on earth .. It is for everyone.. And only for those who respect all.. World peace is possible.. If you say it is.. And believe you're own words .. I wish I had been able to give more time to sharing the hundreds of posts in my head. But I am so sincerely grateful for all the support I received . All my life
For a long time .. The only temple I used was in my head.. And my spiritual leader and I took an oath.. To GOD.. To serve his people.. When I couldn't go to church anymore., my favorite line .. I've had many "The Kingdom of God, is all around you.. Split a piece of wood.. And, I am there.. lift a rock, and there you will find me.." I'd like to ask. Tell the tree thank you and ask his permission before you cut him
Ask Pele and thank the crab for taking his home before you lift rock.. But whatever you are. He's always down to start again when it goes bad. It will . It does. Walk on foreword into his love. And not on and on.. In the blame the past . Zombie is not fun .

It is my sincere desire.. To be a doer.. And I walk my path.. But alone was never my intent. So I began to create designs .. And would have been less capable at attaining plausible design to help world problems without the .. Strict tutelage of a man I call my , homie king.. There are many designs and many contributors.. However.. His.. Has changed me spiritually .. The fastest..and most simplest .. The quickest action is in inaction.. And most effective help. Is mediation of choice..
It is no secret.. We WERE GIVEN THE GIFT OF FREE WIILL . God has the same free will to listen.... We are all part of a very big answer.. To a kingdom that is breaking.. The answer.. We forgot.. Give back .. To the earth.. Give up.. To the heavens.. Man.. Is not the top of the food chain.. The sun is. Pay respect to all kings.. So that tyranny does not gain power in disdain.. And worship ALL GOD.. And all spirit of earth.. Before Christ.. There was still a Lord.. And there was a land .. Before time existed :) God can be good again.. When all deserve it. It is my belief. It is my faith in a quadrant. And a power. Where one stands behind.. And 3.. Walk side by side into the future.. Without leaders.. Only friends.. Without fear.. With ought fight.. Only laughter.. And in a simple daily choice.. Create? Or Destroy? It comes moment by moment. And team is WAY BETTER THAN I.. When they create one vision.. On the same page.. And step together.. I AM DIMPLY NOT ENOUGH.. JUST ME.. Is injust.. Ask permission from the spirit. from the God.. From the man.. BeCause in friends.. If your creation.. Destroys there's.. Bridges get burnt.. And the only thing you should own..?i s each other's backs :) and holding hands.. Is better than creating distance between foe.. Even the sound of fight.. Multiply's..
We are at a time.. When the norms of society.. Have become.. Unbearable for the critical mass of earths people.. It is now .. Uncool.. To be cool. The world is moreover.. Unwell.. I just blend in.. With those I stand behind.. And I was simply. Not enough.. I tried. I will continue.. Till I draw my last breath. But without having the help. I have really accomplished.. Not enough of anything

I am very grateful to all the many friends I have come into during my time on my path.. I believed.. I had faith.. And I truly saw miracles in GOD.. And received hope in many.. I have lead the most blessed life.. And have been filled kith the love of amazing individuals.. They have made me .. In their contributions.. Uniquely me.. In shape of their awesomeness.. In a mission to live a life in GODS NAME.. I give special thanks to my mother. Who gave me the humility.. I try to teach to others.. And apologize to my friends.. Even those I never formally met.. For all their help to become the better me .. I challenge.. Only me.. Go become.. Every waking day.. It is unfortunate.. That in a search to find deeper spirituality.. I lost the sincere tie to my friends.. I seeked to have.. But I had to make a hierarchy.. And honestly.. I seek balance for the world.. But I am a giver.. Who asked GOD to be blessed with other givers.. I simply told him.. They would find me.. As long as I kept a promise.. A daily sacrifice of myself.. To others.. In hopes I could acquire.. Contribution to sustain my own living .. Without ever asking.. The world simply has enough needs. And I am dedicated to making the tree.. That started as abundance.. A tree big enough to feed the needs of the entire world.
8billion fingerprints.. I was told 7. I feel it may be more now.. But .. In deep contemplation.. WHO KNEW? Promise.. Not even me.. I didn't know and still don't know where this will go.. How long it will take.. Or when they will come.. But I am amazed everyday.. For every breath I drew.. And the myriad beauty of creation.. You simply can't fake God.. He was here in Hawaii.. He spoke.. THUNDER.. Happened
I'm grateful I heard.. But what you ask for.. It really matters.. Is it for you? Is it for few? Is it for all?
And when u hit your head on a cabinet.. Perhaps you didn't ask the tree if you could cut its bough? Did it happen three times.. Scratched by a thorn?
My truth is my own.. Today I just sacrificed blood to a rock. Was grateful I didn't break my neck .. And made sure I knew why me.. So the kiddos.. Would have to. So yes.? I am thankful. I spilled blood to rock..

Share.. Love.. For all..
Gifts from my homie king .. We rename as gift from God.. And give credit to God the creator .. Amin in ilokano = all
Same deal :)
Different name

Legion gives credit up
Has no name

Punctuation matters
Always give credit to those who contribute.. In the se manner..
TO ACHIEVE ONE LOVE.. One country.. In liberty .. And PEACE ON EARTH FOR ALL .. Justice Should be blind..
Consequence is a necessity..
BUT JUDGEMENT.. Was not given to man.. Delivering one's self into temptation.. And and NOT FROM EVIL.. Is the only way to cast light on shadow..
And respect that it gives you shade and comfort in the day

Ilokano- abba
The kalo (taro) and bleeding heart that is the shape of landmass .. One land .. One people .. Under God.. Biblical : ABBA = THE DEVINE CREATOR WHO ART IN HEAVEN
My Homie king .. Preaches the truth of duality.. God was not the kindest dude in the past.. His consequence was rather harsh on the evil of humanity.. The only power stronger than good and evil.. Is balance.. The ying.. The yang.. If abba is the light.,
Say thanks to BABAS FOR CREATING SHADOW.. Cause GOD made him.. And the darkness.. And serpent too.. TO test our faith in love.. For all his creation

The ultimate love. My homie says.. I don't know it..
But I understand it. And know he is right.. When you love someone.. You can suffocate them with love.. It is better to hear them.. And say thank you.. When u really love someone.. Eventually.. You only have to give thanks.. Because the love is a given.

And thanks should be given in all blessings.. ALL. 100 times a day. To contributor.. And to God.. For sending them to you.. I took a leap in faith that started in myself..
Then It turned to ..MAYA.. Earth.. Give back .. By paying with your time. Paying with your own Back . Your own hand.. Your own blood. Your own gRATTITUDE.. Cuz the mother has been giving to you your entire life.. And she is just about tapped out.. So tag yourself in.. Cause justice should only be blind to man.. And God.. Has been listening..
My last leap.. Was faith.. In GOD.. And a gift of myself to serve his peeps

Gather sticks.. Rub them together.. Forget about the sticks.. Then plant something that collects dirt.. One day.. Dirt will gravitate there.. What plant? You ask
Up and to the left.. Take me to your leader :)

70 years of peace over Pearl Harbor . LOVE is DEVINE

Day 52: DROPPING BALLS & HEALING WOUNDS.. When it comes to children.. We all drop the ball. We all loose our grace.. But it's worth waking up and trying again even when weak and fevering.. some battles are worth putting effort into.. Consorting effort.. Asking for help .. Before we loose our banananas.. I WAS NEVER AN OUTSTANDING EDUCATOR.. They call me boot camp.. Many have called me this. At our school, Alvah Scott, there are three outstanding educators that I give my utter respect to. A smiley vice principal.. A PE teacher.. And a 3rd Grade Casanova . All men.. As well as a SSC counselor and a wonderful lady who gave us shorts.. On a muddy homie day.. A young man with muddy shorts could be labeled poorly by his classmates.. I would like to be able to name name. But prefer to ask permission first.
I am loosing my bananas with these kids and the amount of balls we have dropped. True story. Help please :) I'll keep trying over taking care of myself otherwise .. In a not as loosing but still loosing war .. They need it. So do I.. I'm grateful we have saimin. I'm grateful I'll get more shorts or underoos for him.
Doesn't matter .. Bottom line. I'm grateful

Day 48: DIRECTIONALITY and FINGERS.. A reminder.. A slave forever.. To who's hand is the question? A cage is never pleasant .. However many cages we trap ourselves in are self imposed.. A slave to ourselves.. Is also a choice of liberating the mind from oppression.. It is the impression we have of ourselves.. Based on the opinions we deduce others to have of us.. WE DEDUCE THEIR OPINION... One line communication is the sound of yourself echoing off walls in your brain.. Often no one has answered your calls, your questions.. Your value, your worth.. Except yourself. When no one answers your calls.. And we find negative value in the answers.. Only one person added that value. DID YOU ASK? DID YOU ACTUALLY ASK? WERE YOU HEARING THE ANSWER OR AN ANSWER TO ANOTHER QUESTION ? Or DID YOU ANSWER YOURSELF?.. If God answered.. He'd prolly say.. Similarly to the movie... "... WELL ... DID YOU DIE?!"... It's causing your own, "Hangover".. If you didn't die.. We still have lots to be grateful for.. If you are stuck in a cage.. Decorate it.. Let it be gilded so you have something to smile for.. Because the best way to go to bed and wake .. It to be grateful.. So you find more things to be grateful for.
Personally.. Would you reward someone who wasn't grateful to you for all the things you've done for them or given to them? Likely not.. In life in Faith .. It is similar.. WERE WE ACTUALLY GRATEFUL.. When the wind blew.. That was God .. Are you hot? Maybe he can help.. Fingers and directionality
One should point in one should point out.. Adjustments.. Take time.. And practice..
But ultimately, "CAN!" To my New Best Friend Kalani Perry.. You are one Truly Beautiful Mind.. I Look Foreword To Learning Adjustments Together.. And Finding Ways to add Value to each other.. and the World.. Every cell should have a powerhouse. consider it a catalyst or spark that ignited the shattering of cages.. And Dropping of Walls.. We can't help the world.. If we can't first break our own. :) .. See You Soon Buddy.. Looking forward to seeing how you decorate :)

Day 45: Quiet time and Feats of strength.. Finally the only moment to focus on me work. Comes when I take another homie to the ER. I give antibiotics for the medium owees. Left overs. Wrap the ones I can in cloth. And take the ones to the ER when I can. Since I've been here I have come twice. And two went by ambulance. I try to make sure the nutrition level of the ones who are more adept to illness is existent .. Not adequate. But existent.

This is the 3rd spider bite .. Living in a mangrove home. Even I got one. I told the spider thank u. Perhaps that's why I healed.

I told this homie that his anger spreads the venom faster. The homie king burnt his wound .. My kids dad got two gaping spider wounds that lasted a year when he made me a fishpond ten years ago. So I'm not without experience in this field.

I have been trying to understand living without fear of the unknown. Last night I went to understand the breath of heaven. And why kamehameha pushed 300 men off the Pali.. In so doing. I realized my biggest fear. The dark.. Alone.. I went into a dark wood to show my respect. And ask permission to blow pain away. I felt invited. But soon realized some places don't want light. It was a vacuum.. It sucked all the light from my taillights. And in all my rear view mirrors complete black. Even though I felt very invited.i could never do it alone. This I believe is how it will feel in a bunny hole. Plunging into darkness. When I left .. I didn't feel fear. I felt heart wrenched. I'd like to go back and understand darkness more. I am very familiar with the water and reflections. But the mountains suck light faster than the shores. I learned last year when I went hiking too late. Hunters will go fearlessly with lights and weapon. But in keeping still. In the darkness that is natural .. You feel more about who stood there before. And the fluttering of leaves in different ways. In as much as I'd rather be taught how to learn about this properly I was called to go there. And hope a friend will enlighten me of their own experiences there. Without installing fear. But actual history. When u go into darkness with fear it will multiply. I want to enter with love so it wil

DAY 44: Not All the Wandering are Lost according to , Darene Matsuoka in accordance to, To The Lord of the Rings.. Everyday we are given a series of choices. The one you choose over another is a priority.. But doesn't devalue any other choice of work or love you want to produce.. People I love have the tendency to tell me I lack focus.. THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY UNDOUBTEDLY CORRECT.. In more ways than one.. However.. I like to be grateful I can see a very big picture. But can only be responsible with what situations randomly walk into my life on a daily basis. In reflection I found even the random acts I have done.. Have lead to the same big picture. For a long time.. So on days like this where I would like to do something for myself, or work on my fishpond, or plant something.. I can't.. Because of priority and time limitations.. They are starting points.. For me.. Starting points are always the poor.. And the children.. When planting seeds planting a child is like a tree that will bloom 15 years from now and still have my back when I'm gone. When it comes to kids starting points is 11-17.. You can't come back as easily. That's why I stayed home for my own kid. It's the age when they are teaching each other instead of learning from adults who aren't home or are too tired. There are clear messages to give them .. NOT ONCE.. CREDIT MATTERS.. ASK AN ADULT.. Even if the adult is not myself. I give my child liberty to speak freely to other adults I trust by name. It gets back around.
In entrepreneurship.. The more respect you give.. The more you will get.. I teach the kids to say hello to bikers and walkers.. It is something that is gone.. Hello. Initiate friendship.. That easy.. Depend on each other.. Not the power. My kid is so responsible now.. She wakes me up for school. And helps the other two. I dig her. In helping the poor and finding appropriate job placement.. Trust they have issues. And needs .. It is not conventional business. But it is still labor. More importantly when u put someone in a possession that they have passion to learn.. They learn faster. They work harder.. It's called happiness.. When u don't look foreword to going to work.. Something is not s

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