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Proud creator of a lopsided egg. It only took burning a hole in my pants to make it

I already miss seeing mountains full of snow every time I walk outside

It doesn't look that high but I'm low key afraid of uncontrolled heights especially when I have to rely on my balance PC: @buhbuhbutton

The town's "wild" horses that played hard to get. it's not like it was raining or freezing or anything.

feeling Clueless™

I now answer to Lord Farquaad

sos school is already kicking me in the hiney

10+ years and still going strong together I love you my perfect bday girl

Nashville is lucky to have you 🌟 @caitlinlucia

Last nights favorite bday girl

Karaoke queens

I'm covered in invisible bruises and my *shins are swollen but it was so worth it