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Hot dogs à la carte

SOS my tire flew off on the freeway and a cop is waiting with me until AAA comes

And I, JACK! The Pumpkin King...

you know you didn't sleep much when you plug your dead phone in when you go to bed and wake up to it at 54%. That's basically my life now bc research methods is the devil

Proud creator of a lopsided egg. It only took burning a hole in my pants to make it

I already miss seeing mountains full of snow every time I walk outside

It doesn't look that high but I'm low key afraid of uncontrolled heights especially when I have to rely on my balance PC: @buhbuhbutton

The town's "wild" horses that played hard to get. it's not like it was raining or freezing or anything.

feeling Clueless™

I now answer to Lord Farquaad

sos school is already kicking me in the hiney

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