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WCW....enough said! Very blessed and very happy! God is good!

Nailed it! 🥁🤘🏽

📹: @haannss_01

So my girlfriend and I will be seeing Chance The Rapper May 7th in Houston!! Very very excited!!! Chance is by far my favorite rapper! Can't wait!!

Pluckers with this beautiful woman! Very blessed to have you in my life! I wake up every morning and thank God for putting you in my life! Even though you like Lemon pepper and not Buffalo! 😜

When you really care about your relationship with your girlfriend and step out and try new things! For those of you that know me know I hate Chinese food but this is is pretty darn good!

Love playing with the Eikon worship team! I thank God every opportunity I get to play! I've been playing the drums in church for about 5 years now and feel very blessed to be apart of this team!

Want to wish a Happy Valentine's Day to this special girl! Words cannot express how happy you make me! You're the blessing I did not not see coming and I really knew one day I would meet someone but had no idea I would meet someone like you! I've thanked God every day since we've been together because I know I don't deserve you! But isn't that just like God blessing us when we don't deserve it! Happy Valentine's Day Hannah! Here's to the future!!

Already posted this on FB but I'm just loving all the respect that Chance is now getting! This man is in no way a Christian artist! But he still gives all the glory to God even though he may not fit the status quo of a believer in Jesus Christ! All music sold for free, no label, multiple Grammy wins! And All the glory to God! This is why Chance the Rapper is my favorite rap artist!

I would like to give a shout out to my awesome girlfriend for making me lunch for today! Lemon pepper chicken with seasoned green beans! Your the best @turnelizhan thank you!!

So the picture on the left was from 2 years ago and the picture on the right is me exactly 1 week ago... About 1 year ago I made the decision to really make a change in my life I was tired of making excuses so I got a gym membership at Golds gym and let me tell you the first couple of months was rough not to mention embarrassing! But I stuck through it! As I look back to my old habits and to just how lazy I was! I know I'll never let myself get back to that place! Don't get me wrong I look forward to those Friday cheat days haha! But I'm proud that I've made it this far! And I'm looking forward to a brighter and much healthier future! It's easy just stop making excuses and just start doing something!

This part of my life right here this is called happiness! You are stuck with me!

Love my job!

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