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Upper view. All joist layouts and home layouts in general are different so no rule of thumb on placement, just work around where it lands. I get asked daily so sorry if I keep repeating myself but I've been doing all the tutorials to figure and build these in my stories that I update on my highlights so if your interested just check them out there. Anyhow hope you follow Along the process and how to's as I'll be building the stairs as well.
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Skimmed process of building curved stair openings. The hard part is figuring size angle and placement of the curve, been covering the math and build in my stories, if your interested I saved them up in my story highlights. The framing is like anything else figuring and laying out plates cut em build wall and stack it. Curve walls get couple more studs then usual mostly for a smoother drywall bend, I pop half in then half later I'll explain why in a later post. If you got questions ask away and follow along as I share and explain the process of building the actual curved staircase. #framing #framer #craftsman #curves #carpentry #construction #circularstaircase #stairs #math #carpenter

My process for coping these small intricate profiles,get as close as i can with the jigsaw and finish tight areas with grinder. Why not a coping saw? Simple i dont cope one piece at a time,i do all my copes before I even measure anything if i use a cope saw i will snap a dozen blades by time i am done, along with numbing my elbow. Just my preference, and answering a question i get asked alot so hopefully this helps. Stay tuned for more finish carpentry tips and pointers
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Really happy with the advantech foam adhesive compared to regular PL. Strength is around 2500 psi compared to 350 psi of the PL, doesn't harden in the cold,its faster and easier. Been trying to nail alot slower and just forward no back nailing or side to side always away from people. And no other nailer I'd rather run than the @itwpaslode powermaster series. Anyhow stay tuned for more carpentry tips and pointers.
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My first year, I gotta a pretty good scare on the miter saw trying to re trim a small piece of crown because I would half ass my measurements and pencil marks then I'd have the audacity to get mad because it wouldn't fit perfectly. Made me re think how I measure and mark these small pieces and you really cant miss with a combo square I take all the measurements write em down then transfer. I also pay attention to the "play" between the butt and hook of measuring tape if I am using that trust me makes a difference when you know what your tape measure is doing. Last i always always leave my pencil marks inside of the cut as a verification after the cut is done that I didn't f*ck it up,hope it helps. Stay tuned for more finish carpentry tips and pointers, feedback is appreciated even negative. #crowmolding #carpentry #craftsman #fireplace #likeaglove #carpenter #construction #oddlysatisfying #interiordesign

Some tips I've ignored for first time cope foot users. For first time users you want to do some more relief cuts to make the saw easier to maneuver, also you dont need to get that close to the line you can cut back a hair and sand it or file afterwards. Always cut on nested position to get the back cut right the first time, cut towards you and from the UNDERSIDE, and practice you wont get it right away. Hopefully this helps someone somewhere and stay tuned for finish carpentry tips and pointers. Vid got .50 speed up original is close to a minute.
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An oldie. To state the obvious you gotta add glue and you dont want to claw it off. I got a 200 pack of golf tees for about 3 bucks and they've definitely helped for a quick and dirty fix. Hopefully this helps someone somewhere and stay tuned for finish carpentry tips and stuff of that sort. Also started a how-to from start to finish on figuring out and building curved openings and curved stairs been updating it on my story highlights. #handtools #carpentry #craftsman #hammer #construction #door #lifehacks #carpenter #tools

A throwback ,If you are ever in a situation where you gotta find a diagonal detail whether for an island detail, built in or even ceiling details and you cant trace it but dont want to do a hundred cuts,here is a quick way. SWIPE Snap or laser the center of the diagonal ,find one of the angles,mine was 50 so i know the other one was 40 (subtraction of 90). Next pic i build a pattern make sure it works on all 4 corners and last pic is an easy way of getting accurate measurements, my block was 20 inches so i tack it,measure and add the 20. Hope it helps someone somewhere. Let me know what you guys think. #carpentry #craftsman #jigsaw #oddlysatisfying #likeaglove #shiplap #diy #carpenter #construction #interiordesign

Considering I'm currently framing well kinda Haha this months featured is my buddy Kyle dude makes it look easy doesn't he? Aside from the super clean work,Kyle is my go to when I am trying to purchase any framing related tools guy is honest and has tried it all,yet he hasnt turned his page into a tool advertising fest.Good knowledge, clean work and honest feedback makes Kyle one of my favorite follows so check his page out you wont be disappointed
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The tenon goes in 2 1/2 inches,gets glued clamped both ways and trim head screw at bttm just for sh¡ts and giggles. The ballusters are double dowel, looks cleaner than a plow and definetly a bit sturdier. Anyhow hopefully this helps someone, let me know what you guys think and stay tuned for more finish carpentry tips and pointers. #stairs #railings #modern #architecture #carpentry #craftsmanship #interiordesign #carpenter #woodart

A throw back to scribing to stone I almost always use a scriber,when stone sticks out too much i push the pencil in further than the needle and bend it a bit then i scribe going counter clockwise,always set scriber to the biggest gap. Swipe, once i got my line i use the jigsaw with a collins cope foot ,easy to control and also easy to give the edge a back cut (really important to back cut). I sand off any small scribes, also sand the entire edge so its not as fragile and doesn't chip when fitting. Might take a few tries but gets easier with practice. Hopefully this helps someone somewhere, if your new stay tuned for more finish carpentry tips and pointers I'll be reposting some older helpful how to's considering my current condition Haha. #scribe #crowmolding #carpentry #craftsman #jigsaw #carpenter #likeaglove #oddlysatisfying

A warm up framing job for tmrw. Typical remodel frame up,these stairs were the more interesting part which isnt much but eh. Never had a reason to talk about the makita rear handle because I didn't have a reason doing light framing and such, I'll make it short and sweet it is an incredible saw no doubt but so so disappointed with the runtime it simply blows, I ran completely out mid way thru cutting this set of stairs, stringers,steps and risers for 2 batteries it's kinda ridiculous. Anyone interested in some stair building how to's? I will be doing a how to on circular stairs for an upcoming house so Let me know,hope y'all had a good weekend.
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