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CARON  Maison de Haute Parfumerie française depuis 1904

Thank you so much @evalongoria for this amazing picture and very good choice. This fan is wonderful !
Find it on our shops and e-shop. #luxury #evalongoria #fan #fashion #perfume

#FleurdeRocaille is a contemporary floral creation that reinterprets Fleurs de Rocaille, an old perfume by Caron, created by #ErnestDaltroff in 1933. The woman who wears this perfume is like her #perfume, strong and fragile at the same time. #Caron #Perfumer

Clear, obscure, late afternoon ... a few notes of music collapse, fly away and roll during the evening. #Nocturnes, the perfume of the day combines its olfactory range with the rhythm of a musical suite, in tribute to #Chopin. #Caron #perfume

In 1933, women discovered sport, progress and speed. Ernest Daltroff feels that they now need perfumes Lighter, more dynamic. He then uses a new discovery of perfumery: the aldehyde which will sign one of the largest agreements of French perfumery. #Caron #Fleurderocaille #Perfume #Women

A fragrance of amazon, 30’s, of a rare and solid elegance. #Caron #Perfume #EnAvion #Women

Caron is one of the major Perfume Houses that works with its own perfume creators. Richard Fraysse comes from a line of perfumers: his grandfather created Yardley's English Lavender in 1913 and his father was behind Arpège by Lanvin in 1927. He has always been an olfactory designer. His perfume compositions are unique; he selects the most beautiful natural essences, continually searching for a high quality signature. #Caron #Perfume #Perfumer #Inside

#Nocturnes. A sparkling opening of citrus fruits which unfurls on a elegant bouquet of white flowers. Soothing musical notes of rose and jasmine. Leaves a woody-amber impression. #Caron #Perfume #Women

"Pour un homme", created by Ernest Daltroff, the first masculine perfume, with such timelessness since 1934. Rediscover it everyday. #caron #pourunhomme #perfume #male

Felicie Wanpouille, the woman, the collaborator and the unconfessed love of Ernest Daltroff, the founder of Caron.
Ambitious, solitary and determined, she has instilled in the 10 rue de la Paix, in the first Caron’s boutique, an atmosphere of love, energy, imagination.
Thanks to the tandem Felicie - Ernest, the most famous perfumes of the house have emerged. #FelicieWanpouille #Caron #Caronstory #perfume #paris

The sparkling, fresh top notes open with citrusy Grapefruit, green Mandarin from Italy and Indian Verbena, which meld with Absolute of green Lavender from France, in reference to the original Pour Un Homme. #perfume

Fleur de Rocaille is a complex harmony combining the delicacy of lilac and rose to the roundness of the gardenia. A floral bouquet that recalls the scents of flowers in spring. #Caron #FleurdeRocaille #CaronWoman #perfumer

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