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I did double the therapy this week. At the first session i was tired, pmsy, irritable, & it felt like a waste of time. Today, it was the exact opposite.


And not in a nice way but in a definite progress-way. It’s not always gentle or easy guys, but im told, if you commit & lay the groundwork & show up for yourself even when you don’t want to, or especially then, the rewards are great. It’s absolutely true for body image & food stuff too. I will share more soon bc my acupuncturist & therapist are making the ultimate tag team & I’m learning a ton from them right now. My own #angelnetwork is hard at work 😁✨💫

Ran home to this snack: roasted sweet potato slices (20 min at 400*) x smashed avo x the secret ingredient: @traderjoes chili lime seasoning. I can’t believe i used to snack on nutrition bars when this exists in the world. Happy Friday 😘

Fun fact: @foodtrainers & i met over twitter in 2011, when she wrote a great article (RIP BlissTree) on atypical things you can give up for ‘Non-Religious Lent’ (#NRL).

I committed & gave up the elevator... & you’ll have to read the Foodtrainers blog today to see what happened. Also some fresh ideas of things you can give up, regardless of your religion (bye bye seamless, or eating after 8pm, or...) now live, link in Bio & instastories.

You never knew, committing to #NRL might change your life too 😉

✨Happy V Day my lovers✨
If you prefer chocolate over romance (or if you’re into both, YUP 🙋🏼‍♀️🍫💕) check out @foodtrainers blog today for your chocolate cheatsheet. x

Right around when the monochrome queen @samanthawills threatened me, if I added any color to her instastories, I’d be dead ... or forced to live a jewel-less life, which is basically the same ☠️
So proud of this B O S S (not a girl boss, just the boss!), launching her massive project @samanthawillsofficial for @qvc this week. Catch her 1 hr show at 1 am tonight (LOL you know I’ll be asleep for 4 hr already) or tomorrow.🖤✨

Indiana Jones aka INDY 🖤
Best meeting of the week (ok of life) yesterday with @nutritionbygrace’s new baby. Our puppy mascots now outnumber our Foodtrainers, which seems like an ideal ratio. ✨🐶✨🐶✨🐶✨🐶✨

F A T T E N I N G. U P. With @menshealthmag 💁🏼‍♀️🥑🥥🌰
every meal you eat should have at least a tbsp of good fat, like olive oil, avo, coconut, nuts or seeds, olives, etc. It keeps you feeling satisfied, is great for hair/skin/nails & your weight, & is vital for your hormones & for fat-soluble vitamin absorption (vits A D E & K). Oh and it’s delish.
What other topics do you want to know about? ⬇️⬇️⬇️


the weekend food free-for-all is 🌪REAL🌪
So many friends & clients come in with immaculate weekday eating, then go off the rails on the wknd. More drinks, more food, less movement, zero structure. Sound familiar? This used to happen to me all the time too.

You can actually wake up Monday feeling GREAT, not exhausted, bloated, drained or like you have to be “strict” to make up for the weekend. I like a reset day but if u don’t sabotage yourself fri-sun, they don’t have to be so frequent.

Here’s how I handle weekend eating:

• plan a treat: Drinks, a dessert, pancakes, pizza? Choose one & be done. Next meal is back on track.
• ‘be choosy when you’re boozy’ one of my fave lines from @foodtrainers book #LBT. I try for 3 drink max but maybe a booze free wknd would feel amazing for you (maybe 🤷🏼‍♀️) & no drunk munchies.
• mid day mini meal: Most ppl go HUGE brunch straight thru to HUGE dinner. Make those meals smaller and have a snack or small lunch in btwn.
• hello hydration + very veggie: water and veg are the first things to go on the wknd so drink and eat up.

Ok lots more if you’re a client 😉 i have spots open for our email program, Foodstalking, next week if you need some real accountability. more info Foodtrainers.com or message me. ✌️💛🍋

🚨 Breaking news 🚨
We have so many new goodies at @foodtrainers @shopfoodtrainers for February it’s hard to be in the office unchaperoned. 🤗
• For my anxious ppl ↠ natural calm GUMMIES
• For pita chip ppl ↠ jicachips in all the flavors (cinna is like Cinnamon Toast Crunch *drool*)
• For our coffee & hot cocoa ppl ↠ MoonDeli Bliss Booster
• For after dinner sweet teeth ↠ chocolate covered gojis (think adult raisinets)
Get stocked before they sell out! link to today’s newsletter in instastories; follow @shopfoodtrainers for info and weekly sales. Happy snacking.

Giving away things that don’t spark joy (‘the life changing magic of tidying up’ is at the top of the pile🙃). Since forever, i have loved being surrounded by books, even if i don’t read them. In my efforts to be an adult (ask me how that’s going another time) I’m getting rid of a lot of clutter. But staring at this wall of books headed to donation has been a crazy rattle about the passing of time.

I can’t tell you the ending of Anna Karenina (well now i can bc @maximpoz quizzed me... I knew there was something with a train!) or really most of these books, but I can tell you the circumstance of every one and how I felt while holding it or why i got it.

Like Chelsea handler ‘are you there vodka’, i was 24, en route to a school program in Italy after a bad break up, & cried, no wait, i wailed, the entire flight. Chelsea was the only thing that made me smile. I tried the ‘Raw Food Detox’ when I moved to Boulder after college, tried to impress some guy by reading Freakonomics (I’ll let you guess how both of those went), and read 1Q84 on my first solo work trip to Portland (so. weird)... etc etc.

Yes what’s in (most of) these books is important, duh, but the memories around them might be even more so to me. It feels like literally closing a chapter 😭

What are your fave books or fave book memories? 💛

Is Kombucha full of BS?🕵🏼‍♀️

I looked at my favorite kombucha label last week & spied a 400% (!!) increase in grams of sugar. Everyone on insta story was just as alarmed, i received over 25 msgs on it! 🙀

So I’ve been doing some detective work on the trendiest “good for you” beverage, and turns out many brands dilute products with juice & tons of sugar, with minimal benefits.

Find out the kombucha-scoop now on @foodtrainers Blog, link in bio or insta stories. & Tag any kombucha addicts below 🔻 and let us know your fave lower sugar kombucha brands/flavors! We 💛 @pilotkombucha.

This super bowl of Red Pepper Cashew Dip is the main event today (ok minus JT 💛). @nutritionbygrace wasnt kidding when she said she wanted to drink it. Her super bowl snack & drink tips & this @purekitchenblog recipe on the @foodtrainers blog, link in insta story or Foodtrainers.com/blog.
Oh & details & a discount on the only Cauli pizza crusts you need to know about, coming this week — I gave a bunch away to my neighbor & am about to ask for them back, that’s how legit they are 😋

Just fell back in love with NYC :: Today my friend (who is not on insta 🤯) took us on an adventure bc it was too cold to go hiking & too boring to stay indoors. He gave us 3 optional itineraries, & so @freyagrant and I chose “fine art for fine people”. Which meant a workout followed by the Chelsea galleries followed by our own painting party (+🍸). It was the best day and such a good reminder of how much there is to do all around us & also how cool my friends are (& how bad i am at painting... but good at other things!) 🤙 👩🏼‍🎨👨🏻‍🎨🏄🏼‍♀️ #artshaming

My grandma would call this our ‘noon balloon’🎈Friday’s Lunch “meeting”, we had our vegetables with a side of tequila and mapped out our book. Yup if i write it here we’ll bring it to life right @foodtrainers?📚🤓👯‍♀️🌿
Drinks are the “too good for you” kale-cuc-tequila at @whilewewereyoungnyc, but we loved ‘one night stand’ & ‘it takes 2 to make a thing go right’ even more. Guess who’s who... actually, don’t. 🥃


Do you think about food all the damn time? How much is normal & how much is too much? I Decided to dust ye old therefreshed.com off for this question I’ve been asked a lot recently (by 3/9 clients today!). And my thoughts on the meal prep obsession (...nope). Link in bio / insta story #theREFRESHED.
📸 @davonchandler_ 💇🏼‍♀️ @heywhatschaplin you guys can come home now.

Ok my busy humans!! In my old age (live shot: 👵🏻) I’m all about homemade weekday meals, but some weeks it’s just not possible. This week I tried @euphebenyc’s RD-crafted, plant based meal delivery which arrived on the perfect manic Monday.
EUPHEBE’s plan is research-focused & shown to lower LDL cholesterol & aid weight loss. I loved the eggplant sugo & the magic mushroom ragout (sorry to report no real magic mushrooms 🍄 but I did feel great the next day).
Personally I add wild fish or pasture raised eggs to many of these meals but you don’t have to. 🌿✨
if you’re looking for a plant based push this year, check out @euphebenyc 7 or 28 day reboot programs and use the code Carolyn35 for $35 off your first order. And feel free to msg me with questions! xx
📸 @euphebenyc

hi I love you. my permanent #wcw is mama nature & this romanesco aka psychedelic broccoli. It’s spirals follow Fibonacci’s sequence/the golden ratio/fractals... and it also tastes great roasted w olive oil and a little sprinkle of parm ✨🥦🤯✨
True story I was just on the phone with @indigoacu and told her I’m making romanesco and she said “Mother Nature is the coooooolest”. We must be sisters. And super nerdy 🤓👯‍♀️🤓

200 photos later. Nailed it. Hope you had an equally productive weekend.

“This fruit is so pretty”
“Um, the way it’s sliced is called supreming” - @freyagrant 💛🍊✨ i love friends who actually read my posts.
Beautiful bites at @frankies.pm while getting an Australian slang lesson, but why does it always come out of my mouth with an Italian accent? 🤔🐨#coolyaprivatejetsmate #ceebs

🌿 real talk in 2018 🤭🌿
Don’t force yourself to eat foods you don’t like. It’s what gives ppl the impression that eating healthy sucks. When it’s actually the coolest 😎. Add baby spinach or herbs like basil/mint/parsley to smoothies/eggs/soups etc and it’s way yummier, still v nutritious. Happy Sunday! 💛

Life hack: Slice up citrus so you actually use it. I got the “citrus suprise” winters best box from @foodkick and look at all this beauty!!! Did you know that cutting citrus into proper segments is called “supreming” it?
I’m obviously not that supreme. But i am pretty supreme at blood orange x avocado salad and citrus spa water. 😋 watch stories to see what all this vit C is good for! 🌿🍊🥩🍋💪✨

Today’s good mood brought to you by: my therapist, an annual astrologist visit, meditation, @originalmineralnyc, #theartistsway, @samanthawillsofficial, some wonderful friends, lotsa coffee, FaceTime from my nieces&sis, and the spray tan lady.
It really does take a village. 🤗

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