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Carol Valladão  I’m not anything. I’m just a creative. @AGENC_C @STYLEBR

“cause they not ready for my lifestyle” 🎶

I’m so deep I can’t deal!

my baby girl, I will give you a part of me if you need 🖤 happy bday!

For you I did all these things, so I don't need to show it...I try, I tried everything... But you claim you wasn't ready

I’m here to do business ⚡️ by @andreligeiro

Tell me you’re outside and you need to see me...

I’m doing what I’m supposed to do.

Always moving forward! 🌟 PH: @fecandy #SPFWN46 #STYLEBR

Be the game changer ⚡️ @vondutchbr PH: @fecandy

I’m building a brand, I’m always busy.

I know that you already want to have one of those 🖤 tks @lojamonely #nikeshox

fashion victim PH: @fecandy #StyleBR

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