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Caroline S  #Travel #art #food #lifestyle #fintech #uxwriter #startup #contentstrategist #petsitter #digitalnomad @lonelyplanet @cnntravel @artbasel ✈️🍷🥗🏖⛰🇨🇭🇺🇸

I’m not religious, but being among all these people who believe in various Gods moved me immensely. #jerusalem

A dose of exactly what I need today. Not pictured: an exquisitely cold passion fruit slushy and the excellent’s a public holiday here today and everyone seems to be at the beach! 😋😎☀️ 🏖 #beachday #telaviv #israel

Starting the day off right with the ultimate Turkish breakfast @privatocafe . 😋❤️#istanbul #turkey #turkishbreakfast #galata

Off on another adventure. Few things trump the feeling of flying off to lands I’ve never visited before. Especially when they offer fantastic food, exotic spices and unfamiliar-to-me cultures. 😋😁Travel rules. ❤️

When I wished upon a star in the magical streets of #girona ⭐️❤️#catalonia #cobblestone #tbt

Movement into the light, #berlin style #urbanlife #germany

Urban life in #Berlin on the Landwehr Canal. #germany #landwehrkanal

28 years of a wall cutting smack through the center of a city. It’s bonkers. But I’m glad these plaques exist, marking the places where the wall once stood. I mean, it’s 2018, you’re just strolling down the street, look down and realize that in this very spot, the wall divided east from west. Lives on either side were drastically different. Lives were lost when people from the GDR tried to escape to the west. I’ll never fully wrap my head around the fact that this wall existed for so many years. It’s simply mad. And unsettling to think how our world is currently so divided and building new walls. #berlin #germany #berlinwall

Bravo to Catalan chef Carmen Ruscalleda #Repost @parabereforum with @get_repost
Scroll for English. "El premio "World's Best Female Chef" (mejor mujer chef del mundo) me parece feo.
Que ocurra eso actualmente es feo, muy feo.
Es ponernos en una segunda fila, es ponernos en el arcén. Las mujeres no vamos por el arcén. Vamos por el carril que circula.
Pero hay mujeres que personalmente me han recriminado estar contra ese premio.
Mujeres que me dicen que "tenemos que aprovecharlo todo, cualquier presencia, lo que sea..." (!)
Y yo les digo: “Oye, yo no me conformo con cualquier cosa”. Parece que tengan que darte las migas. Nada de nada, señores, qué os habéis creído.
Hacemos un trabajo como el vuestro. Y trabajamos con hombres y mujeres como vosotros.
Nadie nos descuenta nada. Eso es feo, muy feo.
Y siento que en un mundo moderno que afronta la vida con modernidad, que haya estas cosas tan antiguas, es triste.
Ya lo entenderán, estoy segura." @xef_ruscalleda (Michelin 7* ⭐️) Cuando los valores y la ética son mas fuertes que todo lo demas.
••• "The "World's Best Female Chef" award is awful.
To have nowadays this kind of award is awful.
They are putting us in a second row, they are putting us on the shoulder. Women do not go by the shoulder. We go through the lane that circulates.
But there are women who have personally reproached me for being against that prize.
Women who tell me "we have to take advantage of everything, any presence, whatever..." (!) My answer to them is: "Hey, I do not settle for anything."
It seems that they have to give you the crumbs. Sorry gentlemen, what did you expect?
We do a job like yours. And we work with men and women like you.
Nobody give us anything for free. This award is ugly, very ugly.
And I feel that in a modern world that faces life with modernity, that there are such old school things, it is sad.
They will change their mind, I'm sure." @xef_ruscalleda (Michelin 7* ⭐️) . When ethics and values are stronger than everything else. ➡️➡️ A must read interview by fabulous @cristinajolonch for @lavanguardia. Link in profile. #parabereforum #empoweringwomen #planet5050

Legendary former airport. Site of refugee camp. City park. Who could have predicted that #tempelhof, once the site of the historic Berlin Airlift, would become what it is now: a vast recreation area, a space with oodles of grilling sections where hipsters and Turkish families and everything in between loll about and now, a place with an entire swath of structures housing refugees. I observed the camp, clearly visibly behind a metal gate, for quite awhile, a million thoughts whirling through my mind. And then I cleared my head with a brisk cycle down this former runway. And then I had a cuppa from a coffee cart. And I thought about all those families, living on the grounds of a former airport field in limbo, so far away from home. #crazytimes #berlin #germany #refugees #refugeeswelcome #refugeecrisis

These guys. They always make me smile. Especially on a sunny, lazy Sunday afternoon . ❤️😎☀️#berlin #germany #moleculeman #spree

One of my favorite roasters in #Berlin is Finnish-run @populus_coffee. Mmmm. ❤️Their cinnamon buns rock too. Plus, fab location on the #maybachufer and warm, friendly staff. ☕️#coffeeaddict #thirdwavecoffee #coffeeroasters #specialtycoffee

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