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Caroline Henderson  Read 7:50 pm // go cocks 🌻

Cheers to our Mardi kween & a huge thank you for the absolute best weekend! Incredibly thankful for our friendship & for your sweet family ⚜️

Night 1 was a success. Jason Derulo performed and we befriended several of TX's lovely police officers.

Only 3 more days until we're on the beach, but this time it's TX... Can't wait to take on new adventures with my KT!! 🌻

H50BD to the best srat in Greek Village 🔑

Don't know what we were doing, but I do know that I already miss you. Stay safe & have fun in Prague.. Love you twin!

Happy birthday Urb 🍾 Love you like Kanye loves Kanye

I cannot count the amount of times we said "I'm so sorry" to people for Kristen but I'm glad 5 points could take another victory before Prague 🍾

Plot Twist: found the high quality version of this photo on my laptop. Sorry to those of you who already saw this, but shout out to those of you who will still like it // You're the real MVPs.

Happy 21st birthday to one of my favorite people in the world. Thank you for being my chill and for always being there when I need you. I wish Prague wasn't so far away, but at least i get to celebrate with you this weekend. Also not sure how on Earth you made it to 21 without an MIP but you go glenn cocoa. Love you s'much! 🍾

Be a best friend, tell the truth & overuse "I love you"

We got bored and went to Greenville and went to this Mexican place. The Mexican place screwed us and gave us $12 puke worthy margs and $8 queso and $8 guac and then offered us tea and it was the worst experience ever. Then we went to a bar down the street and it was lit but it was only 7 pm so it wasn't rlly socially acceptable to get tip. Then we went back to the house (aka I drove and my car slid down the hill at least 3 times) and met up with some people and went back out to a bar & we were easily the only ones under 28 but we ran into the bar tenders from the cool bar. Finally we had this nasty "thin mint" shot which tasted similar to hell and it made Ragen feel gross so we left. Turns out this girl was about to puke and ran to the bathroom but not before she half puked all on my hand and bag. Then when I was washing it off in the bathroom the "bathroom attendant" (didn't know this was an occupation) gave me 2 paper towels to use and asked me for a tip but like??? We all went back to the house and ended up watching cops while Ragen made us all pasta... I went to bed at 2:30 while they stayed up. I couldn't think of a caption so here's the overall summary of what happens when 3 girls get bored of being in Columbia.

Snapchat saw the fur blanket first ❄️