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Caroline Thompson (Dowell)

baby angel is off to church for the first time! πŸ•Š

Today marks 6 months that we've lived in Nashville! Tripp is our little native Nashvillian and he has brought so much joy to our new home. We are especially thankful for new friends who have welcomed us and been so gracious in inviting us and including us in their lives and introducing us to others; a priceless gift to newbies. We plan to pay it forward to other newbies in the future. Life is good and we are blessed! πŸ™πŸΌ Thanks Aunt Clare for our TN onesie! 😘#ipicktn #nashville #trippthompson #8weeks

Tripp is 2 months old! This month, we've loved watching Tripp become more aware of the world around him. He started smiling, making lots of happy noises and took his first Uber ride. He's giving us peeks into his personality and we couldn't love him more!
Tripp Loves πŸ’™: staring at our ceiling and lights, smiling, sucking on his hands (and his fingers when he finds them), bath time, his swing (finally!), listening to music, kicking his legs, holding up his head and looking around, trying to stand, being held up on your shoulder and being talked to
Tripp Dislikes πŸ‘ŽπŸΌ: being cradled like a baby, waiting to eat, reading books before nap πŸ˜•

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all smiles (before our first shots). our sweet, growing boy is 10 lbs 2 oz. we are so proud of our double digits! πŸ’™ || #trippthompson #7weeks #13thpercentile πŸ˜‚

I literally melt over the fact that Tripp has started smiling at me πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ’™#yay #trippthompson

sweater weather! ❄️ #snowinmarch #trippthompson #6weeks | thanks for our sweater Aunt @katemacneil! 😘

sailboats + smiles for mama πŸ’™β›΅οΈ#trippthompson #7weeks

llove you a llama. πŸ’« #trippthompson #rrrkids

love my baby daddy. πŸ’™ #datenight #trippisheretoo

It's exhausting being a precious, growing boy! Our sweet baby Tripp is 1 month old! It has been the best (and fastest) month of our lives loving our little peanut.
Tripp loves πŸ’™: his hands, being swaddled, sleeping, snuggling with mama and daddy before bed, bath time, riding in the car, and holding his head up to look around.
Tripp dislikes πŸ‘ŽπŸΌ: waking up to eat and getting dressed.
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my heart has doubled in size this year. love my valentines so much! #happyvalentinesday #trippthompson

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