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caroline  wild, even wilder than they luke 12:27-28

I got polish on my nails for the first time in three years (!!!!) today so it feels important to document

pro tip: wear your cool new RAD tee you're getting in the mail this week over the dress you wore to your college graduation

are you going to tell me that all that glitters is gold ????

there's lots of new friends here and I'm SO excited about it! thanks for thinking I'm cool but know that I'm really not. my name is caroline, I'm an artist based in my hometown of los angeles. I graduated from fashion school last year and have found myself working in the furniture/interior design industry. it's really a lot more fun than I thought it'd be!! I also sell curated vintage and make dorky tees and take a lot of photos and have a lot of photos taken of me. I'm pretty moody as an infp but I think that's one of my strengths so bare w me!! my life looks pretty cool but honestly this past year has been hard and I've found a lot of joy using this platform to create moments of bliss that are there in the midst of all the chaos. that's all, welcome!!!

closing a chapter of a book this week which is probably really good and healthy but also super scary because I'm starting my first real big kid job on tuesday and I'm not taking care of my mom anymore and I won't get to grocery shop on wednesday afternoons or hike in the middle of the day when everyone else is at work and I'll probably have to start paying for all my own lattes but I think that's really rad (shameless plug, buy this tee from me to support my coffee addiction) — that's all, so sorry everyone if I've been weird or selfish lately but life is heavy and I'm a feeler and man, the feels are real hehe ok bye !!

today we drove to the desert with the windows down listening to khalid and played dress up and took pictures because that's what the artime sisters do

I forced grace to listen to the new miley cyrus song on repeat

grace poole is such a megababe !!!! RAD tees are going to be available next week in S M & L !! super limited qualities so let me know if you want one !!

listening to fleetwood and making art and feelin all the feels today

where is the sun ??!!

sorry if this feels sad

grandma over here couldn't jump as high as everyone else (pc @rachelartime)

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