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Like a kid in a candy store 🍭

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@deardhra sent me this with no expectation of me ever replying or even ever seeing it. She really touched me. Has the fitness industry changed? Yes. In a better or worse way? Everyone has their opinion. I'm not hear to voice mine. I'm hear acknowledging how this stranger reached out to me because a stranger (me) inspired her. Has the use of social media changed? Yes, but has it changed you for the better or worse? Changing one persons mind and body for the better reminded me why I started my fitness journey almost 5yrs ago. If she was the only person I have or will ever have changed then I believe everything I've accomplished, all the high and lows through this journey was worth it. @deardhra contact @pjbraunfitness so we can continue to have people like you motivate yourself and others. @blackstonelabs #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitfam

Two week break from getting so sick but finally back at it thanks to @blackstonelabs and their fat burners powering me through my first workout !

It's tough being a single mother with two babies but spending quality time with them reminds me it's all worth it πŸ˜‚πŸΆ just look how perfect they are ! #tequila and #louisvuitton

Keep your confidence so high people can't help but look up to you.

Our πŸ‘‘

Had just an amazing time at @theweeknd concert! Check out my snapchat: sweeetcaroline2 for all the other videos !

Wearing plunging v-necks is a lot easier when @sneakyvaunt backless strapless sticky bra keeps my chest lifted with no hassle or hiding any straps. Xxo

Make rap great again.

About it doeeee #305

Day 1 with my day 1's, RollinLoud #305

Always try to get atleast a 40-60min workout in 4-5 times a week either with my trainer @__falconer in the @the_dungeon_llc or at any commercial gym ! @blackstonelabs fat burners in pill and powder form really help me get that sweat going πŸ˜… #curves #fitness #fitthick πŸ‘»: sweeetcaroline2

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