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Issa good luck post. Break is almost here

I’m not taking any chances. πŸ˜‡πŸ’«πŸ’«



This is my good luck account

I need good grades please Jesus better go to work

I’m so bored with life and i want better grades and more clothes

This is v important

This is pure and I'm blessing your timeline

A few things I wish I had never done
1: made multiple spam accounts with cringey and ugly pictures of me that I eventually lost the password to
2: isolate myself from things that I don't want to do just because I thought they were not worth trying
3: try to reconnect old friendships but never hang out with anyone
4: never leave the house or do anything for an entire day, eventually regretting it

Every night that I've gone out to dinner this week I've spilled my drink all over me, including tonight . Why

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