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Caroline Heintzman  American by birth, Southern by the grace of God.


Home for the first half of the trip. Picture does not do this place justice

Not pictured: cellulite and stretch marks. But fuck it, I'm gonna drink my wine, eat my pasta, and enjoy every single second of being here. Cheers to all you who do the same!

To my person: happy, happy birthday to you. ❤️

Kettle Bells today! KB swings are at great way to get your heart rate up quickly. I do all these movements with a Tabata timer to put out my maximum effort in the shortest amount of time.

There's two ways I use the treadmill: 1) for distance and overall cardio 2) for interval and fat burning. If I'm just going for distance I will warm up for 2 minutes then start at 6.0 and go up in speed every 2.5-5 min so my body doesn't get used to the speed. For interval and fat burning, I'll turn the speed to as fast as I can run (usually 8.0-9.0) and do Tabata (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off) for 8 rounds. I'll usually do it twice and then do Tabata with weights and burpees. Not going to lie, the treadmill and I have a love/hate relationship. Today it was def on the hate side. I really think the first 10-15 min are the worst, my feel good starts to release around the 15 min mark. Just find your happy place and do the damn thang!

Well, I did NOT start the week off how I intended too. I was completely exhausted yesterday and just had what comes down to a case of the Mondays. That being said, I opted for unhealthy food choices that I would normally never have during the week. But, it's ok because I'm human and life goes on. I push myself really hard during the week, getting up at 4AM, working out before work, working 7-5, running errands, making sure I'm eating right, laundry, etc. Sometimes we all need mental health days. Today was the day I usually run or do circuits but my feet are achy from wearing heels all day Saturday so I went hard on the elliptical instead. I still got up and broke a sweat so I think today is looking better than yesterday

Derby Day

Happy Derby Day!

Let's go BLUES

With all this body positivity going on I decided I wanted to start posting some of my work outs. I've been working out for years and it's all about being healthy, strong and happy. Scales are garbage and I never weigh myself. If I feel good in my clothes and strong in the gym, then I'm good. Eat sensible, healthy meals, work out, sleep 7-8 hours a night, live your truth and the rest will fall in place. I have no desire to be an IG model or whatever, it's important to have balance and live (for example, I wrote this while having a glass of wine bc it's FRIDAY). Here's 3 easy arm work outs that you can do anywhere. I did this after 5 miles on the elliptical, which kicks your ass just as much as running if you turn up the resistance. I've had lots of trouble with my hips, feet and shins for years due to running, no matter how much I stretch or warm up. So yay for low impact! Work out and be healthy because it makes you feel like the bad bitch that you are. Here's to you!

Obligatory Neiman's lunch when bird is in town

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