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Carol Elizabeth  Fitness Pro turned Personal Development Junkie |From Struggle to Success |International Sparkle Spreader | Founder of A Confident Warrior | Mom of 3✨✨


What you focus on you find ✨

You can fight that notion HARD as I did when I was the most frustrated and angry person I knew.

Or you can start to notice how many people who are living in happiness say some form of this same message.

To me... it started to be a very VERY big clue 💕

Can you feel it? How fast the days are going?? Where I live the snow is melting and revealing things that have been laying dormant since October.

Is that how you feel? 🧐😱.
Trust me I know it!!🙋🏼‍♀️
And it’s ok.... BUT. I know how you want to feel in the Spring and Summer as the layers come off! .
🔥🔥 I know you want to dive into a fresh spring/summer wardrobe feeling on top of your game 🙋🏼‍♀️.
I know how proud you will feel of yourself. ✨💕🙌🏻 I also know it’s hard AF to do it alone!! I’m ready to rock and roll with my next group of 10 new warriors! ⚡️⚡️ .
What you get: .
- if you just want to hang for 30 days that’s ok too.... but I know when you feel what’s about to happen you’ll hang a little more 🙌🏻🦄👙 .
✨16 weeks of CE Jedi mind tricks to crack the self doubt battle 😃 🔑 number 1🤜🏻 .
✨16 week guided food plan that has flexibility and yum! 🍷 🍫 🍉 .
✨based around nutritionally supported intermittent fasting 🔥🔥scientifically proven to blast fat. .
✨APP support for tracking and accountability!! .
✨your first 30 days to try the food and if your not happy you get your $$ back :). We start March 5.
Spots will fill up so don’t wait to reach out so we can hop on a phone chat and discuss YOUR needs!! DM me for info or email carol@carolelizabeth.com

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Still taking in the emotions of being shaken to the core literally in Mexico City yesterday.

Millions of thoughts in my head and conversations I’m having with myself are very interesting... I’ve been listening to a ton of @brendonburchard stuff in the last month as he is a key note at our convention in August and this phrase literally was running through my mind as I was racing down the flights of stairs to get out of the building.

Those fears I had about things Im embarking on before were nothing compared to what I felt yesterday.

I have found a new INTERNAL GPS to guide me✨🙏✨

Appreciate everyone checking in. Crazy experience without a doubt ❤️

Hey ladies.... let’s move away from “WISHING” for everything. “I wish I had this.... that.... the other..” Do you understand how incredibly POWERFUL and WORTHY you are?? Stand up tall... shoulders back... deep breath... and go get after it!!
#riseup #empowerment #yougotthis #personaldevelopment

Mexico City 🇲🇽 let the adventure begin 💕

#travel #team #contagiousnrg #globalbusiness #believeitspossible #networkmarketing

Tomorrow. Change of time because I’m in Mexico 🇲🇽 and the basis of our Chat this week... FREEDOM!
Join me and my gal @ritacatolino as we get Real :) tune into my fb tomorrow at 11:30 am est
Link in bio!

❤️ @michaelcharlesgrayer you are more important to me than I can ever express. So I will continue on showing you daily!! 💕

Sad but very very very true.
Find those who are showing up how YOU want to in life and vibe off their energy instead of all the crap that’s coming your way with others opinions🙏🎯 Your life
Your reasons
Your choice ✨✨✨ #growthmindset #change #nextlevel

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour, and some style”
- Maya Angelou

I can soooooo get behind that!! Can you?
#quotestoliveby #positivity #legacy #confidence #ladyboss #travel #wellness #fitover40

Dreams to Reality -
Don’t count yourself out baby!
Don’t let age, background, history or prior experiences hold you back!

Girl, you are meant for greatness! There is someone out there right now who needs to hear your message✨

What is it that LIGHTS you up?? Follow that... figure it out as you go!

#travel #fun #happymonday #mondaymotivation #mexico #lifestyleblogger #healthylifestyle #wellnessrevolution

It still amazes me how many people spend hours and hours and hours talking smack about others.
“I can’t believe she said this....”
“I can’t stand how she is always talking about....”
“I bet she isn’t really doing what she says....”
“She’s only a success because of XYZ”
“Must be nice to have that life...” All with such an undertone that feels soooooo yucky
LADIES! It’s time to open your heart to celebrate others! To find something within you to say “ dang gurl.... your inspiring me”

Duplicating the actions, thoughts and feelings of those living with confidence will help increase your own!

#confidence #theconfidenceconnection #celebrateothers #empoweredwomen #risetogether #love #saturday

{LONG POST- If you have DREAMS - Read on}

In honour of Freedom Friday I am bringing back a post I did waaaayyyyy back in 2014! If you take the time to read this entire story - it will either INSPIRE YOU or PISS you off.... either way I am ok with it. I just want you to think about what is possible
. #flashbackfriday Tavia Rogerson save this!!! Your going to have to read it all.... to the end... the get to FULL IMPACT!
I bet only 1 of 20 will.... but that is the kind of odds I'm used to:) Posted August 2014.
"Why am I always so fired up about freedom living?

Why do I spend my days sharing what I love to do with others?

Because one day, when I was scared to death, after being a stay at home mom for 10 years, finding myself going through a divorce, I had to find a job.
At 40 the job I found was retail, with 14 days vacation A year that I had already taken 5 days for because of kids being sick.

Commuting 1.5 hours each way and working evenings and weekends.
I was crushed daily as my kids cried because I wasn't there anymore after school or weekends.

But that was what I had to do right?? That was my only option I thought.

Thank goodness an acquaintance called me up and shared something she was doing. I took a look and thought " what if this is true??" Turns out this "thing" was very true!
I made it happen! I worked, I found a passion for helping others and dreaming big. All while helping others go after their dreams.

I met and surrounded myself with people who wanted MORE out if life.

More time with their kids, more options in life.

More than working 50 weeks for someone else's riches and getting 2 weeks for your own family.

Here I sit... Pool side in Miami- after deciding to come and booking it 24 hours before we came. No one to ask permission.

And I don't have to skip a beat... I can work from here all day long.

I say this in no way to brag, just to say that there is another way to live. If your motivated, hard working, passionate- this may just be the vehicle for you to live out your dreams too!! I'll save a pool chair for you😃 who's in!!" One of my bad a$$ Queen Bosses Tavia Rogerson ( who I did not have a relationship before) - see comments

Back at it!! Today I shared a version of my story!! Link in bio ✌🏻🙌🏻

Snow day so our kids are home!! Even MORE of a reason for @tavia_rogerson and I to share what we have been up to and how it’s allowed us the freedom to not stress on snow days :) The ability to set your days and tend to things that matter to YOU first is priceless.... but we all need an income in this world... so how do you balance that?? Join our event at 12 est today, or catch the replay!! Link in bio!

#corporatedropout and #struggletosuccess mommas!

#networkmarketing #evolvedeconomy #yesyoucan #choosewisely #thetimeisnow #franchise #team #leveragedincome

Great organic plant based lunch ( after hearing all about the goodness from @joannewright today) with my buddy @pat_cammisuli
Life brings people into your life, not by accident at all!! This man has such a soul of service! It’s been too long!! Glad your living closer now!! Keep your eyes and your hearts open friends... you have yet to meet some of the most influential people in your life!! 💕💕 #friendship #wellness #abundance #whatspossible #actnow #nextlevel #focus #pathwithpurpose

Once you see another way you have 2 choices.... get mad, or get to work.

I choose the second and I’m looking to lock arms with a few SERIOUS women who have a burning desire to change their position in life!

Message me- or just tune in to my event tomorrow at 12est - link in event!! “make a radical change in your lifestyle and begin to boldly do things which you may previously never have thought of doing, or been too hesitant to attempt.” You feel that???
It’s your gut telling you to reach out and find out more✨. No harm in getting info friends✌🏻 #momlife #girlboss #queenboss #leverage #smallbusiness #legacy #fitpro #family #timeouttuesday #wellnessrevolution #networkmarketingpro

There is sooooooo much truth in this message!

If your waking up today doubting your capacity to live YOUR dreams.... SQUASH THAT NOW!
That scary feeling, that doubt and uncertainty is a sign that you must push forward!! You got this!! #mondaymotivation #motivation #success #successcoach #happiness #livethelife #betheone

Fear is the sign that you MUST take ACTION immediately ✨. The more you think about it, the more you lose momentum and typically don’t move forward .

What will YOU do with fear?? Fear, like fire 🔥, gets bigger with air/time - you should never pull away from, use it as fuel to reach your dreams!

Eat your fears!! Oooooo @grantcardone you nailed it!!

Ok.... this stuff needs to slooooowwww down!! Every day I’m reminded how fast life goes!! 🏃
I thought having 3 babies in 3 years was busy.... NO WHERE near as busy or scary as these ages! 😬

#timefreeze #growingupsofast #timeisvaluable

I’m OBSESSED with funky workout wear!
When it has a history and a story behind it... I need it even more.... when it’s created by one of my friends @angelikenorrie then I am ALL IN!
Just got my first of MANY orders of I soul🌟d out!
Run run run and grab yours!! They feel incredible!!!

Sooooooo almost 10 years ago we met in the world of spray tan, big hair and bikinis... we bonded then.

Now... we bond on things that 🔥 FIRE up our souls!
Neither of us knew what we were getting into ... and now, we are obsessed with helping others.

TONIGHT at 5:30 est @ritacatolino will be LIVE on my fb as she shares some of her truths and triumphs!
It’s Episode 1 of REAL TALK with Rita and Carol ❤️✌🏻

Do you have a vision for what your life should feel like?

We speak about trusting the process, but if we don’t allow ourselves to OWN a vision ..... how can we expect to get anywhere?
Thank you @chelsealauren_m for the reminder this morning✨✨

You are my sunshine.... 🎼🎼
Spent the last 5 days in Cali unplugging, laughing, having fun, playing and dreaming with my daydream @michaelcharlesgrayer
Love watching him step into his dreams. He supports me in everything I do so I am more than happy to be able to the same ❤️ Back to the snow ❄️ but already planning the next get away ☀️

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