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Carole Lin  Actress by passion πŸ”΄ Mother by profession 🌏 Live Life. Love Life. Be Life. #ratracerebel

@brooklynsingapore #f1 circuit 🏁
Mummy Pig & George bathtub πŸ›€ race car is in the lead πŸ“£
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@lifebeyondgrades -
It is a parent-led initiative to raise awareness on the increasing pressure & academic stress on our kids...
Here I share my PSLE score & if 235 defined me...
I know, these numbers were not ideal to many but to me that’s a WOW for what I put in.
Did I struggle in the system? No. Neither did my siblings & niece. They did well. How? Just because we are motivated individuals. We were given the freedom to study & PLAY/EXPLORE at our own pace. We were held responsible for our actions which helped us understand ourselves better & focus on what mattered to us.
Did these numbers define me?
Nothing too impactful since I was fortunate enough to have the freedom to go for what I am passionate about with core values instilled in me.
Surely, I had my share of battles from the harsh realities of life & unwanted discrimination in our society. However, I never failed to find alternatives to get life going great again.
Today, I run a promising enterprise. It’s called Motherhood. My office is anywhere that’ll inspire me & my kid. I get to explore my passion on the science of child & health development.
I share creative ideas with my husband for his business.
I βœ…off my list on having a happy family, traveling to dream destinations & pursuing an acting career.
I am living life not because of grades but because of grit & values.
I am not insinuating that we shouldn’t care about studies or grades.
I just hope parents can SHOW their child:
Do your best at school & in everything. Focus on what matters to you and be passionate about it.
It’s you & your drive for a constructive life that will define & impact your future.
With this post, I sincerely want parents & society to understand that it’s time to evolve. Shift our mindset & perception on capabilities & success. Every kid learns & thrives differently. Offer the kids space to express themselves, nurture their core/strengths & prepare them for a career based on qualities.
I also hope we can tweak the education system to strive for more balance & alternatives that’ll set our kids up for a future of a whole new paradigm. #lifebeyondgrades #morethananumber
MoreπŸ‘‡πŸΌin comment section:

#historicalmoment πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
Our 1st time going out for #supper ever since motherhood πŸ˜†
It’s no big deal for many but it means a whole lot for us to be able to step out at 1130pm & eat/chat/laugh till 2am!
Thanks to our hubbies for watching our little sleeping beauties 😍 + thanks for the treat & fetching me around @carefulsummer
This is #liberating
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It was a precious 1.5 hour of catching up πŸ’•
My honest, amazing friend & ever so grounded...Sharing how you are as a parent gives me confidence that I am on the right track with @brooklynsingapore ✌🏼
Keep your dynamism going & yes, it’s time to #pamperyourself 😘

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Now @brooklynsingapore has a new character for her #pawpatrol plot 🐾
Thanks cousins 😘
*pardon my annoying villain voice
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Thank you cousins Mia & Lucas for this lovely plushy 😍
Miss you guys...πŸ’Œ
πŸ“¦ from #usafamily #cousins

Active living πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ #fbf
That’s me at one of our beach holidays before @brooklynsingapore 😎

@wellnessforlifechiropractic ・・・
7 Basic Human Movements:
β€’ taking care of your health an investment of your time OR a waste of your time?
If you’re too busy to take care of #health now, you will be busy taking care of #sickness #disease in the future
Solution: #MOVE

Went to @brooklynsingapore #playdate πŸ– ALONE AGAIN...
She rather stay home these days & no temptation could change her mind.
β€œIt’s ok baby, you decide how/where to play & always play at your own pace.”
Anyways, I had a wonderful time with her/my play dates πŸ˜† & BONUS I saw fireworks πŸŽ‡ & met my primary school classmate @jill.lim at the beach. 😍
Credit to @drdavidlim for watching our baby! πŸ’•
#lovelydayatthebeach #itsaphase #gratitude

All day long, all night long 😍
Same #rainbowwaterbeads 🌈 played in different styles.
Thank you @aprilalicious yiyi!

Back again! This time with my #humlovers πŸ˜‹- garlic & spicy versions!
Happy Birthday to our dear friend πŸ˜†
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In hope of creating constructive improvements to the education system & mindset of parents/employers for a happier & more dynamic future generation.
Privileged to join these like-minded moms & many other parents for a chat with our Minister of Education, thoughtfully put together by @lifebeyondgrades πŸ‘‡πŸΌ
Started by a group of concerned parents about the rising stress, school pressure, depression and suicide rates among our kids in Singapore. πŸ’¬
β€œ...From here, we can then take the conversation forward to consider more options and solutions to ease the pressure from our children...”
I am excited about this & stay with us, support their upcoming projects!
Thank you Minister @ongyekung for your time and insightful sharing.
#lifebeyondgrades #welovesingapore #educationmatters

Are we trying to make robots out of our children?
This was a conversation with a friend who has a memory of astronomical speed & capacity (by nature). That even someone like him would have such an insight about intelligence & being human. Here’s an excerpt of his thoughts on human vs technology:

Intelligence is not the capacity to memorise information, or indeed the amount of information one has memorised. Nor is it the capacity to process information or solve problems using pre-determined procedures. All these things can be done by computers (and indeed better than humans). πŸ’»
Human intelligence includes the ability to understand, evaluate, judge and plan. Its most valuable components include imagination and insight. None of these things can truly be done by computers. A computer simply makes calculations according to rules programmed by a human. The output of these calculations may appear to represent awareness or intelligence, but this is an illusion. Intelligence requires consciousness...
~ P. A.
My honest advice to fellow parents:
Let’s not destructively clutter the young brains of our kids with endless classes that train/teach memory, advanced lessons, structured sports...etc.
Give them space within their minds and environment. Nurture their consciousness. You’d be pleasantly surprised with what they can become.
It’s not all easy peasy, it’ll take lots of effort and creativity from parents. But it’s worth it.
#consciousness #artofintelligence #transformonebrainatatimeandtransformtheworld #ratracerebel @lifebeyondgrades

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