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Be who you are !(;  Make a difference , Be who you are , Changee the world , be a better person , Make life worth a living !(; Be Supportive (: Don't change yourself (:

I just want to say you've been an amazing friend You always we're there for me boo ily so much thanks for always being here when i needed you i can't believe i won't see you that much anymore but You still can kik me I'm just a text away omgg i told you alot of things you never judged me you understood me every time we hung out we had alot of laughs lol I'm going to miss that aloot it won't be the same boo your like a sister to me we had alot of fun when we hung out (; you always cheered me up when i was down i always cheered you up when you were down I'm really glad i met you you an amazing friend ilyy and i will miss you boo so much :c were gonna hangout soon again :* thanks for understanding me and being there i appreciate that alot girl kik mee ! Love Youu boo always and forever Our memories were amazing were going to make more thoo (; i promise I'll always be here if you need someone to talk to or call on (;

We are so beautiful /.\

I'm speechless you guys are like my sisters you've always helped me out through hard and easy things your always there for me keeping a smile on my face we always have amazing times when we hangout like we forget all the problems we have it's like no tomorrow every time we are together i just want to say even thoo i alot of people talk mad stuff about me you guys always help me out and give me good advice even when i feel down you guys always by my side i love you guys to the moon and back you made me a stronger person sometimes i feel i don't deserve too be here but since i got you guys i deserve to be here i don't want to lose our friendship over anything you guys are like family to me i love you so so so much words can't explain even when i got hurt by sooo many people you guys we're always there for me i couldn't ask for better people in my life i love you guys to the end you guys are my r.o.d I'm so glad we got close <3 Thanks sooo much for loving me :***

I Love This girl sooo much hehe :** <3

I Just want to say this amazing person right here is my r.o.d my boo, sis , bestfriend everything you can imagine she is always there for me words can't even explain she is so nice &! Always there for people that's why i love her soo much i kno i could tell her anything &! She wouldn't judge me just kno I'll be here for you whenever bby girl i knew you for a year Perfection Love you Always &! Forever <3.<3.<3 I'm thankful to have such amazing people in my life without them i wouldn't be me i wouldn't feel sooo happy c: /.\ i Just hope we stay friends for a very long time thanks for always being here for me (; just kno I'll be here for you whenever boo your such an amazing friend I'm so glad i met you boo (: /.\

I saw you today, and your smile made my heart skip a beat. /.\ (;

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