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Two black sheep in Miami — with my business partner Stefan @the.Siegel, founder of @NOTJUSTALABEL, who represent 30,000 designers globally. Yep, we work from Saturday to Saturday and... I’m officially looking for a girlfriend for him...

How can we have such a perfect planet and yet such imperfect humans, and so much inequality with each country in this world having one grossly imperfect human being in power over and over and over again? Our political systems are failing us all over the world - one head can never solve all the problems we as imperfect people have created over centuries, but it’s worth noting that some of these problems are not political - it’s simply about basic humanity - separating children from their parents is just not human! One man who is not educated nor well-prepared to solve a problem of this magnitude with such complexities without the proper human experience to deal with it should at least seek advice and help from all the non-profit organizations that have the right structure and experience to solve this problem ASAP. We, the world citizens, want to help find solutions, Mr President. Let’s use our minds and our money to help these children return to their parents - you only should stick to politics and your own agenda. Let human emphathy reign and proper organizations do their jobs, and let us humanitarians see that our money is going to the proper organizations to make things right.

If you’re in London, you need to go to Browns on South Molton Street, rent your favorite looks from @worldarmarium and meet fabulous @trisha.gregory and then buy strictly only what you really want at @brownsfashion. To me, this is the new smart way to consume and shop in the future, buying less and experiencing by renting more in order to know which brand you want to be loyal to or experiment on different personal styles or new trend without creating wasting another outfit in your closet and get more of what you truly wear and love ! Besides @holli_rogers hqs the best buying and selling team with best taste so they will help you to buy time-less and quality pieces ❤️ #buylessrentmore #sustainableideas #democraticandcircular

Just because of this crazy world we live in, I would not be in peace if I did not remind myself everyday that I in need to forgive everyday...especially when I see the news on TV!!! #humanitybeforepolitics 🙈💔💔 #quoteoftheday

Here with my #MCM @maalpedro, editor of Complot Magazine. He launched this successful magazine in Venezuela in the mid-90s, but after seeing that they could not continue to be succesful there, he and his team left and started from zero in Miami - where their perseverance helped them become one of the top fashion magazines. Here we are reunited at Maria’s wedding, the daughter of @alexandraleret with Margarita Zingg. @margzingg Not only was she admired as one of the most beautiful women in Venezuela, but worked with Dior for many years. Foto credit @leodavalostamayo ♥️ @complot212 ♥️ my dress by my dear friends @dundasworld ♥️ earrings @munnugempalace ♥️ #womenwhoempowercreativeminds

Happy Father’s Day to the most amazing man I’ve ever known! Thanks for teaching all your daughters and wife what is really valuable in life - from meditating and embracing nature since we were kids to learning how to become independent women who can stand up for all our rights, without needing a man by our side to get us what we want ,for showing us that unconditional love is the biggest gift we all have for each other, and for teaching us that as a man you don’t feel that love only for us as your daughters, but also for my mother! We admire you for loving her beyond any human expectations, even now with Alzheimer’s - you keep looking at her with the same pride, love and melting heart you always had for her but the best is that you keep her smiling every day and she is your queen! Even when you are going through your own health issues, every day you work and sort through problems - you’re our hero!

It's incredible to reflect on the work that my dear friend @mr.tomasmaier has accomplished at Bottega Veneta for the past 17 years, creating a true heritage-driven vision and consistency that speaks of a fashion house with a clear DNA. There is no doubt that few houses have accomplished the success that Bottega has in under 20 years - establishing status in such an instantly recognizable way yet without logos - something that took other houses decades to create - and some are still trying. He is one of the only designers in the world who has puts artisanal quality first. Being a woman who loves forever-bags, and when it comes to wearing impecable timeless outfits Tomas's creations will always remain in my closet. I applaud the Kering Group for backing @mr.tomasmaier ’s vision and respect of heritage and support for artisans, as well as upholding the principles of slow fashion always they both accomplished as partners with #BottegaVeneta and I can't wait to see what Tomas and Kering do next, with @tomasmaier all I know is that would be a timeless sustainable journey and success ! 🙌🏼

A real underreported tragedy, the #guatemalavolcano erupted last Sunday, leaving more than 70 dead, 40 injured, and 1.7 million people affected by the ashes. Of these, 2,000 are served in shelters. @GlasswingI, on which I am on the board, is collecting funds to direct them to shelters and people in need through their office in Guatemala and @Elbi, another entity I back, has partnered with Glasswing and @celidesola to collect funds to direct them to displaced people in need. Please donate via the link. Already 2,000 beautiful souls have donated one dollars each through @elbi platform !!!! #and with our incredible #GuatemalaRoundtable that met in Costa Rica last week, including @LiviaFirth, @DonnaKaranTheWoman and @OskarMetsavaht, and we plan to grow bigger and help the people of Guatemala and other causes and initiatives in Latin America. Donate what you can through the link in my bio. #helpothers

Latin love sandwich: lucky to be with these two in Costa Rica 🇨🇷 #puravida

Isabelle is one of the most extraordinary women I’ve ever met. Just aged 21, she has refused to let her Down’s Syndrome get in the way of her goal of becoming a designer, which she has achieved and also empowers local artisans from her country, Guatemala. Her speech at Costa Rica summit received a standing ovation and had us all moved! #Costarica

It was incredible to chair my panel at #CostaRica2018 yesterday with Shanin from VillageLuxe, Trisha from Armarium, Ben from Platforme and Ytzia from Troquer. We discussed how fashion rental and personalization platforms will help reverse the damage the current system has done. To me, supporting, mentoring and educating creative entrepreneurs, supporting their disruptive ideas - this leads to driving their business in responsible ways towards sustainable and efficient outcomes. It also avoids giving more business to high street fashion and highlights craftsmanship, respects the dignity of artisans and inspires us to embrace different cultures. This has always been my passion - I spent years and put a lot of funding toward sustaining CoutureLab since 2006 so that our industry will wake up. It closed in 2014 as I discovered that there are more scalable ways to promote all of these values, but the mission stays in my heart - which is full after having these like-minded people all here in Costa Rica. ♥️ 📸 by Mauricio Martínez @whiteboldagency

At the #sustainable-summit in Costa Rica, the most sustainable country in the Americas, we give solutions and teach consumers to buy less and more intelligently and we have learned how to close the cycle! According to Paul Hawken, it is one of two countries “in drawdown” in the world (the other is Tasmania). As a @wwf council member, I am involved in helping other countries become more sustainable, like in Bhutan - a project that took four years and today is the first country in Asia taking such strides towards sustainability and is host to the biggest conservation story ever heard. Both countries are among the happiest countries in the world, and uphold “think big but start small”! Together, we can make all more local areas sustainable! 🌈❤️🙏🏼 #quoteoftheday

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