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Throwing it back to talent: these are some of textiles found in one of the hundreds of traditional embroidering communities you find in the middle of nowhere in Guatemala. #textiles cc: @pacunam

Here in Guatemala with @glasswingi, mentoring inspiring young people doing theraphy together with them and talking about our challenges as women .I am wearing @downtoxjabelle_, to celebrate the country's traditional Mayan textiles and bespoke skills. I tried to adapt the style into my own, and it made the kids so happy to see me wearing what their mothers or grandmothers would use. Many are inspired to become seamstress themselves, and they want to come and meet more industry figures who care about craftsmanship such as @donnakaranthewoman with @parsonsschoolofdesign and @ecoage @liviafirth organized by @pacunam and during our next #CoutureLabCoalition event. We will aim to show the world how the private industry can actually create a big impact in developing countries rich in heritage who are willing to learn and make themselves and their countries sustainable, not only in nature but by creating jobs by keeping their skills that have been passed down from generations. ♥️#mondaymotivation #mentoringmonday 🌹🧚‍♂️

I love this quote as I never really understood the whole “cool” people thing. In Spanish it leans towards “cold”, and we don’t like cold people, we like warm people, fun people, and people who express their feelings. I guess “cool people” see us Latinos as goofy because we laugh at everything, can be dramatic, and we express our feelings and vulnerabilities. Out style is also out-there and can be a bit garish to others as we are colorful and adapt to many styles. #quoteoftheday ❤️ inspiration @valerydemure 🌹

From some of my most forward-thinking portfolio companies such as @soniccloud, @villageluxe @worldarmarium @umd_studio and @platforme_ , to VitroLabs a new start-up creating BioFur, to my coffee, to the flowers I used (@theflowerbx) I told @britishvogue about a few of my favorite new sustainable innovations. Thanks @denagia for the feature and @gianlucalongogg for the styling! (I am wearing @figuelove, which is one of the companies I have been supporting as they work with artisans from mainly India, Africa, and Peru since inception.) And surprise: I made the necklace myself on one of my trips to India!

The non-profit @Pacunam focuses on the macro - the importance of preserving Guatemala’s cultural and natural heritage - and the micro - social investment in the communities that live in the Maya Biosphere Reserve (an area of 21,602 km²). Here is a photo of my friend Marianne Hernandez, @marianne_hdez the president and founder of @Pacunam development . Here are some photos and videos of the Astronomical Observatory of Uaxactun, Structure VII-Sub, the first Gruop E type identified in the Mayan world and oldest observatory of the Americas. (Uaxactun is an ancient sacred place of the Maya civilization in the present-day department of Petén, Guatemala. The site lies around 12 miles north of Tikal.) This is the community where a school that will now receive help from Pacunam and Glasswing is situated. One of the community's biggest goals is to buy a microscope so that students can better study the natural world around them, and a telescope much like the old Mayan ancestors used to have, so they could also study the bigger unknown matters about life. They are wise to focus on what matters. These people don’t have a TV and they've never travelled, but they understand that life goes beyond the earth and is not necessary limited to our tiny human lives here. I am fascinated ,inspired and honored to be part of the board of directors of this organization 🙏🏻♥️ can’t wait to see what the future unfolds with this new path in our lives and the partnerships we are creating with @pacunam @glasswingi @ecoage @urbanzen @bottletoppers @osklen @f4dofficial and many others who are joining us in this #couturelabcoalition

Here with a happy girl who benefits from her school community! “The backbone of the @pacunam initiative is control and security of a Biosphere Reserve that represents half of the border with Mexico, and potentially half of the migration solution. The other half is being addressed by the US government already Pacunam presents a very compelling solution through sustainable development of cultural and natural heritage in this Biosphere Reserve and accomplishes security and prosperity to solve this very dire situation that not only affects Central America, but is at the heart of some of the more debated migration issues in the US. Stay tuned for more about the initiatives we are planning for Central America with the @pacunam and @glasswingi partnership both co-founders from #couturelabcoalition team .Read the @nytimes article that coincidentally came out today while we were in @pacunam Guatemala thanks @marianne_hdez @celidesola @liviafirth @donnakaranthewoman co founders of couturelabcoalition and @anabelmaldonado @tomlillo @mauro.durant loyal members and co founder team , who been with me throughout this journey in special @mauro.durant who has been my friend and partner in crime and part of team for almost 25 years ! ❤️🙏 #peoplewhoempowerpeople #couturelabcoalition 📸 by @marianne_hdez

Dreamy patchwork at the atelier of @aliboer who makes art of @mariasbag with @marianne_hdez 📸 by @mhalkralvrez

Love my days with @glasswingi in Guatemala with founder @celidesola and @pacunam president @marianne_hdez who took most of these photos and videos! I admire and learn so much from all the children we’ve met - it is so fun to listen to them when they engage in adult conversations with the Glasswing volunteers and teachers, and these programs are so mutually enjoyable. Thank you Guatemala for another day...more to come on Guatemala and our work here will try not to bore you with our enthusiasm! 🙏❤️

True words that I live for: it’s more important to observe people’s behavior and actions than their words. Reading between the lines is one of few gifts that my deafness has given me, so I love this quote from #muhammadali👊 #quoteoftheday

Happy birthday to a woman I look up to for all her accomplishments, some of which you may not even know about such as her Urban Zen Foundation’s Haitian Artisan Program, Integrative Therapy Program and other very relevant initiatives I suggest you read about on her website. Thank you Donna for celebrating with me, and to @therealadamsays for the amazing cake! #dkat70

So this #ManCrushMonday is dedicated to all men and organizations that always understood that when I had CoutureLab, my vision was about the world beyond fashion and trends, and was about supporting artisan communities, a lifestyle rooted in wellbeing, and developing entrepreneurs. For all my co-founders, our lives were happier when we were sustainable on our own and kept small. The CoutureLab Coalition is genderless and goes beyond fashion - it’s about all of us who believe we need to find win-win solutions to many of the world’s problems. Much like my friend Thor Halvorssen, the founder of Oslo Freedom Forum, which I support, said to me, “None of us get to keep our belongings when we die. We have to be smart about how we use assets and capital and have an impact now. Not fifty years from now.” Time is up, we need to act now: join the movement if you have a proven track record in any area of social development, human rights, or cultural and environmental preservation. #supporting #environment #nature #wellbeing #education #local #global #comunity #sustainability #technology #science #artisan #entrepreneurship #local and #global #economy

So sad to see again the news of Indonesia ‘s earthquake and tsunami , what a hard and sad time for the people of Palu ,Donggala and Mamuju ...let’s hope it harms no more 🙏🏻❤️#silentweekend #prayforindonesia 💔

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