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Carmella Rayone  Wyoming based interior design. Where tasteful design and simple living meet in an inspired, organic way. This, is living well.

When a vicious ten minute hail storm shreds the blooming flower gardens and fruiting vegetable gardens that took hours upon hours of seasonal tending, there’s not much else you can do but clip the remaining broken stems and put the blooms in a vase on the table. You know, carry on.

Down the road and around the corner, milkweed. There hedging the irrigation ditch in the farmer’s field, lolling in the breeze, neighbors with tall grasses and tasseled grains. The evening sun, pulled but not yet caught by the western horizon, wildly throws its golden light. I wade in, basket in hand. 🌸 More on summer floral foraging now on the blog.

Where the morning run led. I’m always in awe of the sanctuary of nature. It revives me, it humbles me. #wyoming #onlivingwell

An explosion of another kind. Jackmanii clematis


“Whether we’re the keeper of our home or we manage the keeper of our home, a summer way of keeping might be just the thing that makes the summer sweeter. The same things differently, that’s the summer way.” More about the summer way now on the blog. #onlivingwell #simpleliving #carmellarayone #lifeinthelittlehouse

We know what it’s like to lose a child. There should be one more in this photo - our daughter. She was dark haired and dark skinned and looked the most like her brother there in the plaid shirt. To lose your child to death is an unspeakable grief; to lose your child by forced separation is unfathomable. My heart cannot bear the inhumanity of it. I do not pretend to know the deep complexities of the immigration issues, but I do know the deep complexities of a parent’s love. Let your state’s congressional delegation know where you stand.

We are the lucky ones. Happy Father’s Day to this man who believes in good, stands for what’s right, and never gives up on the ones he loves.

The colors, the pattern, the natural stone. All of it. 🖤

Pages from a vintage bird book; a thrifted watercolor. Art is anywhere. Art is everywhere. #carmellarayone

Patriotism, in a small space. #loft #carmellarayone

Beams are in! Trim and doors are in! Travertine flooring is going in! Found the perfect chandelier last week! #carmellarayone #interiordesign

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