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Carmella Rayone  Wyoming based interior design. Where tasteful design and simple living meet in an inspired, organic way. This, is living well.

A fresh little Christmas tree, foraged juniper, Boxelder, willow, and wild hops - it’s all here, waiting in the wings to come together in a burst of holiday decorating, which I thought might happen today but, instead, today was more of a blend of knitting, tea, birthday fun with our youngest, and reading more pages than I thought possible from my 1910 copy of Little Women (my sister & I decided recently that we should have a sister book club, that we should read the classics, and that we should certainly begin at the holidays with none other than Louisa May Alcott). In other words, today was just what a day of rest should be. The decorating will happen soon enough.

When your client says, “Can we do plants?” And you dance inside, then say, “Absolutely.” @westelm #carmellarayone #liveauthentic #interiordesign #bathroomdesign #westelm #houseplants #wallplanter #walldecor

Just the two of us home on a Saturday night. Two of us, one at each end of the dining table, the lights down low, and a homemade pizza between us. It felt date-ish, we decided.

I can’t get enough of these guys of mine! #montanastate #bobcats

I’m not a minimalist, but I’ve been inspired by those who are.
I’ve been awakened by those who write, by those who design, by those who dream.
I’ve been influenced by those who make homes, by those who make do, by those who make well.
I’ve been encouraged by those who take naps.
I’ve been inspired by those who love nature, by those who love heirlooms, by those who love margin.
I’ve been enlightened by those who choose fewer, by those who choose better, by those who choose simpler.
I’ve been influenced by those who sew, by those who garden, by those who run.
I’ve been inspired by those who wait.
I’ve been taken by those who cook, by those who read, by those who listen.
I’ve been encouraged by the intentional ones, the mindful ones, the quiet ones, the bold ones.

Take these things, add the rest of me, and there you go.
That’s who I am.
Loves? Next time you see an inspiring human, let them wake up the best in you. No inferiority or lack. No inadequacy or comparison. Just inspired curiosity, discovery, passion. You.

I’m cheering us on.

There’s been snow and near zero temperatures. There’s also been tea and wool throw blankets. Netflix (I have to make myself switch off my work mind sometimes, this helps). Knitting. The things November weekend days should have in them. Because of this, hello, Monday. I’m ready.🍂

Three out of the four of us in this house are not good at sleeping in 🙄. We really don’t mind, though. We’d miss mornings like these. (Yes, that’s a chess game happening before 8:00 on a Saturday morning!)

We have nary a pumpkin to our name. Not a one. Maybe even more shocking is the fact that there’s not a lick of seasonal decor to be found anywhere at our house. There are no fall squashes on our step, there’s no leaf-festooned wreath on our door, there are no gourds or grains or bittersweet vines. The golden-leafed branch that sat in a vase on our table a few weeks ago is now long since gone.
Guess what?
When your time is filled brim-full with other things, it’s okay to let autumn do her own decorating, and simply sit back and enjoy what she’s done.
Just as if you were her guest. (More thoughts along these lines on the blog post linked in profile.)

Snatching the weekends’ sunny days for last-minute outdoor winter prep, snatching the rainy days for simmering soup, cleaning closets, and straightening drawers (and knitting a round or two). Today’s a rainy one.

It seems we’re often taken with looking around for the big things to make the big impact in our home or life. The big plan, the big ticket, the big step.
We expect the Big Deal to be the big deal. And rightly so, as the big things are not likely to leave anything but a big wake behind. Big change, big improvement, better life.
Yes, yes, and yes.
But the small things? Interestingly, their effects are somehow larger than we think they are, larger than we give them credit for. Larger than we expect. They’re powerful, in fact. Yet simple.
Even, perhaps, as simple as a footstool.
Think about this: elevate your feet, and suddenly you’re in a deeper place of rest. You’ve slowed down, settled in. Yes, like that.
Simple. Reachable. Doable. Small ways.
They pack enough punch to change your world, or your day. Or maybe, simply and gloriously, they’ll change your moment.

When work is work and it’s put your head down and go, I like to know that I’ve banked up on experiences like this - misty autumn mornings on a quiet mountain road, or being tucked into a rock overhang on a mountainside while a rain storm rolls by. When it’s been too long I have to go find the wild once again.

It started with an idea, as things do. Linen, needle, thread, and an idea. Sculpting with fabric, hoping that what I could see in my mind would be seen with my eyes. Thrilled to say that it worked, even better than I thought it would. It reminds me of topography, of how rivers and mountains, valleys and hills lie together in random pattern. Nature’s inspiration translated in a throw pillow.

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