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We’re not so big on celebrating Valentine’s Day but we do like taking trips & this weekend, we’re heading to Big Sur! Looking forward to no reception, dirt roads & waking up above the clouds.

Until we return, here’s a throwback from our trip to Oregon some time ago.

Snow hiking is exhausting AF.
You work twice as hard to move half the speed and go half the distance (maybe). I cringe thinking about it.

Also had the same feeling last night while I was watching the Olympic Cross Country Skiing race. I was excited to try it but now I’m scared.

Why do I prefer going to classes rather than working out by myself?
1️⃣ I can’t leave early.
Well, technically I can but I don’t want to be that person.
2️⃣ I’m not the only one suffering.
There’s something comforting about looking up & seeing someone else struggle as much as I am. Reminds me that I’m not alone & if they’re still pushing though, so can I
3️⃣ I don’t have to think about what work outs to do.
They got it all planned for me & I just have to do them
4️⃣ I’m repeatedly reminded about proper form.
Can’t stress this enough. I’ve had many coaches tell me “I’d rather have you do 5 push ups with great form rather than 20 with bad”
What about you? Do you prefer classes or working out at the gym?

It’s crazy.
I was having dinner when registration opened and tbh, I thought maybe half of the spots would fill. Sure, Havasupai sold out but that’s an easy sell. Joshua Tree? I had low expectations.
So you can imagine how shocked I was when I saw “stock depleted” & emails asking if there were any way to fit more.
I don’t even know how to put it into words. Grateful? Happy? Humbled? All of the above

I’ve gone through a mix of emotions the past 12 hours.
1️⃣ humbled that 40 people were down to work together to try & snag spots for Havasupai with less than 24 hour notice
2️⃣ calm & optimistic that things will just work in our favor
3️⃣ anxiety as I quickly watched every date on the calendar disappear
4️⃣ excitement as I was putting in the payment information for one of the dates
5️⃣ frustration as every time I tried to book, the server would go down and the dates would no longer be available
6️⃣ disappointment as I continued to refresh and refresh and still not see anything available
7️⃣ defeat as I started refunding everyone who paid
Booking for a group was not the route to go this year 😔
On the bright side, I was able to snag 2 spots for @jarminrunes & I in April and now, I’m focusing on how relaxing this one will be. Maybe we’ll get a site by the water so I can put up my hammock & listen to the water flow.
Anyone else get lucky? What dates did you get?

HALP. I feel a cold coming on. 😷

What are you favorite remedies to boost your immune system? 👇🏽 Pls share!

Raise your hand if you’re one of the many who hope to snag a permit to see this magnificent place this year. 🙋🏻 🙏🏽 If so, when do you plan on going?

After finishing the #22dayrevolution (a challenge we’re I’m vegan AF for 22 days) I surprisingly found myself preferring this plant based lifestyle. Not 100% but for the most part. I also ended up discovering pretty awesome alternatives like this vegan jerky from @unisoyfoods. It literally tastes like jerky - I have no idea how they did it - but instead of meat, it’s soy. Anyone else got vegan treats they recommend? I’m all ears #gunitmammoth

The weather this weekend was prime. Layer of fresh powder from the night before and sun/light snow while on the slopes. Is there such thing as a snowboarding high? Because I think I experienced about 30 seconds of it #gunitmammoth

Bruh, do you even lift? #gunitmammoth

Hike #2 of 2018 to the highest peak of the Santa Monica Mountains w @rarax3
Will I go for 52 this year? 🤔

Yesterday’s food + art installation was tastebud heaven. 🤤 They even had vegan jerky & this rice pudding that I can’t stop thinking about. I have so many things to add to my next grocery haul. Thanks for having me @milkandeggscom 💛

One of the perks of living on the west side (or los angeles in general) is abundance of the free fitness events. I actually had to choose between two different ones today 😭 It was tough but I’m glad I was able to attend this work out w @kohls & @toneitup because I got to see so many familiar faces! Huge thanks to @kwowtoneitup for bringing me as her plus one 💕 #kohlsxstudiotoneitup #tiucheckin #tiula

I didn’t realize how much I needed & missed being outdoors until after our MLC hike this past weekend. I had flashbacks of days where I had a ton of free time & very little responsibility. Days where I would roam around Santa Monica careless, broke but free. It’s hard to say which life I prefer more; the one where you’re hustling so hard that’s it’s just organized chaos or the life that’s simple and routine. Is there an in between? Because right now I’m living a life of chaos and to be frank, it’s quite exhausting. I’ve tried to have some lazy days but it doesn’t seem to be helping. Maybe what I really need is just a bit more time outdoors - somewhere with no reception so I can truly unplug. That’s why @marieharriet & I started @makelifecountco in the first place - not only for everyone else but for ourselves. Even a short weekend will do. Maybe even a day. Whichever one, I need it ASAP

One of my resolutions was to be more comfortable in front of the camera & I’d say that I’m off to a great start. #foreverawkward #whatdoyoudowithyourarms

Have you noticed the hate on resolutions lately? Don’t get me wrong; I can see that the intentions are good since the message is typically “don’t wait, start now” but if I’ve learned anything these past few years, it’s that sometimes we need something like a new year, new month or even a new challenge to get us back on track towards our goals.
One of mine is to get back into blogging & guess what? I just wrote my first post in a really, really long time. Click the link in my bio to check it out coz I’m pretty damn proud of it 😊️

It’s good to turn your mind upside down every now and then so you can see things from a different perspective. Not to mention, it’s a great way to stretch your spine.

Less than 12 hours until I’m reunited with my other half ☺️ & to those of who do long distance relationships, idk how you do it. #itsonlybeen5days #jarandcar

Thankful for friends like @melliecay who help me get off my ass & back at the gym. Let’s be real - I probably would have stayed in bed & watched Netflix if she wasn’t there to keep me accountable. 💁🏻

Blurry AF but another one of my goals is to learn how to use my camera. For too long I’ve been relying on my iPhone & it’s time to step it up. For you photographers out there, what tools did you use to learn? You’re looking at a complete noob

Writing out my goals & destinations for 2018 and Big Sur is definitely one of them. Just waiting for one more road to open before venturing out. 🙏🏽 What do you have in your list so far? 📷: @marieharriet from our trip two years ago

How I felt this morning when @bitalove brought me @kreationjuice for breakfast #celebratingearly

Less than one month until our fourth annual Mammoth trip & yesterday’s gloom has me hoping it will be a good snow season. Anyone want to join us? We have a couple spots left & we’ll be going JAN 19-21. PM me for details. 📷: @whensheroams from our 2015 #optoutside trip

If you’ve been watching my stories, then you already know that I’m kind of obsessed w this gym. I even have a membership at a location 10-14 miles away from me; which is far AF for Los Angeles but their classes are just that good. So you can imagine how stoked I was to see that @f45_training_culvercity just opened up less than 2 miles away. 🙌🏽 If anyone’s down to train, I’ll be there 5:30p this Friday & they have a 2-week free trial going on.

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