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Carmel Goddess  Sorry for being nasty. I watch vivid at 5 and listen to 2Live Crew at 9 Blame them lol

Wow! That's so fucked up shit.
Five dumb niggas couldn't even get the right person to get, smh Fucking innocent kid killed by five punk ass Bitches. The video is so disgusting. Couldn't be one on one. Had to jump him. That doesn't make you a bad ass. That makes you a fucking little bitch, all yours assholes going to have mops all up in it.
My heart goes out to his mother, she will never be the same, how could you after having your baby killed by animals?
R.I.P Junior, wish you would had survive. You were strong to the end. He ran to the hospital with his throat open people.


I think that is so funny when a guy says a chick can't fuck at all. How is that possible????? Sex isn't that hard to do. Driving harder LoL
Honey child, don't be shy with sex. Let go and enjoy that Dick! Make him moan like a little bitch lol

Guys and their stupid, fucking sleep! SMH!
I get bored staring at him sleeping wondering if he's dreaming about other bitches and hoes! FUck that! Gotta wake his ass up now! ask him who is she?
That hoe in your dream lol

Sure is.
I don't hate you men, just hate the shit you fucking doing. KNOWING BETTER! but ALWAYS acting stupid with "what?" And those stupid face expressions. You not fooling anyone dummy.

That spot will make you crazy lol

Loving someone is too dangerous when you are crazy. Love and hate just go hand in hand.

Lmao! I know you guys be talking to your dick like" come on man, why you gotta do me like this? Told that bitch I could pipe down for a hour and I only gave her 30 seconds"

Right lol. They keep that sword fighting ,dick sucking, taking turns fucking each other ass a secret smh. they are the ones who are homophobic too LoL
Scary ass bitch too afraid to be themselves, worry about what others think and some guys don't want to be gay. That's sad to me. Be who you want to be and love who you want🏳️‍🌈

Number 1 for me. Guys can't even eat pussy to save their lives but they do be enjoying themselves when they down town. Eyes all close, open occasionally to see if you are looking at them. Moving all over looking like zombies eating brains lol. And when you tell them right there! They only stay right now for a moment smh lol

All four ❤️💯 if he last long enough lol. Some guys cum so fucking quickly you think it's a joke smh. Wish women cum like that they be more happy and smile more lol

USA is nothing but immigrants. This land is Native American land but we all know what happen in history class :(
I'm not starting shit ok!
I'm just asking a fucking question.
Were only Latin families separate? I didn't see any Asian or African kids in any cages.
Trump can't stand Latin people at all.
I know he had some of that Spanish coochie when he was young,fall in love, she didn't want him. Pissed him off for life Lol
I wonder if he is going to be our president again in 2020?

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