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C A R M A  • NY 2 LA • Media Biz & • Boutique Owner of @ShopJUSE 🌺

Another trip around the sun for me...feeling grateful today❤️ Thank you for the birthday wishes & Happy Valentine’s Day everyone...💕 (new pic later😝) #BirthdayGirl #HappyValentinesDay #HappyBirthdayToMe

🥤Boba LoVe ❤️

I can’t believe a girl from New York thinks LA is just way too cold right now 🥶 how did I survive in the 716?????How Sway?

Does anyone else celebrate their “New Year” on their birthday like me? 🤔 Happy New Year...hope you all get everything on your vision boards and more 😘❤️(my birthday is Valentines Day for those who keep wishing me a happy bday 😂)

Grief is the receipt we have for loving others...❤️ If you know me, you know I am nothing less than gutted by losing my best friend, my sweetest love, my Lully. ⁣

I’m crying my eyes out writing this, but I’ll be fine. ⁣

Unconditional love is so hard to come by in this world. We humans think we give it, but no one gives it as genuinely as our animals do. ⁣

Imagine coming home to unconditional love for 11years and losing that. When my mother died 5 years ago, it was her I came home to for comfort. When my father died two years ago, it was her I came home to. When she passed in my arms yesterday, I no longer had someone to come home to...and this is why losing her is devastating. ⁣

My sweetest Lully, thank you for being the light of my life. You are forever my family. Please find your way back to me one day. 💕⁣

I don’t know why my hand is on my head but my “Two Faced Flannel” is almost sold out 😘 2 left @shopjuse

Here Kitty Kitty.... 🐱

90’s Vibe in anything oversized🤗 @ShopJuse

Alexa! Play @babyface “Whip Appeal”....❤️

All my future pics are gonna be bathroom pics 🛁 😂... Jumpsuit from @shopjuse

Good Lighting...🌸

Can you spot my chocolate chip beauty mark? 🍪

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