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  I was raised on tiger's milk I drink corn liquor and I smoke corn silk I'm a mean mean mean sonofa gun

Me after sexual physical contact

Very much me

Wet hot American summer

If you're a woman please read "The Gift of Fear" by Gavin De Becker I also suggest some form of martial arts / self defense class regardless of your fitness level you will always walk away having learned something

👀why don't men like this look anymore

What mood is this? What does this image say to you????

Me returning to face my social life on all platforms after a brief hiatus

Fangs in the dazed moonlight. Blood never touches my lips.

The girl with the blunt tattoo

Note to self block everyone and don't write past midnight this shit is getting heavy to read

Who's still burning sweet ass mix cds in 2017 like me

Woke up like this

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