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Carly Starling-Horrell  •Saved By Grace •IFBB Pro/Olympian •Personal Trainer •@TheProPhysiques •@Tmariesuits •@FitChoice Foods: carlypro

Shoot fire he's so cute!!!!! @justin413fitness ❤️❤️❤️

10.15.17 First sprint triathlon completed! I had so much fun with @justin413fitness who by the way finished 1st in his division. What a unique experience✌🏻I don't think I ever realized how competitive I actually am. 4th Overall and 1st in my division :) Yay!! I think it's safe to say I found another hobbie❤️

joy does not simply choose us.
we have to choose joy.
and keep choosing it every day.

This is probably one of my favorite transformations this year! My focal point here is her legs obviously! The work this girl @sabrina.vanone has put in is undeniable-
My encouragement today is that when something seems impossibly impossible you have two options: 1) Try or 2) don't try and cry about it, complain about it and sit around and do nothing.
I bet you the first option will be more rewarding in ways you didn't even think were imaginable!

"Just be yourself... not the person you pretend to be."
@lady__hammer tanKSSS dropping soon❤️

Is it even possible to be in this industry and NOT be worldly?
I believe so, but it's going to take a lot of pressing in, a lot of prayer and a lot of denying myself.

{4 weeks post contest}
Weight: 137.9
Goal: 135-136
Macros: 175P|200-220C|30-40F
New Training: 4 day Full Body Split
New Cardio+ Endurance+Yoga:
4x a week 3 mile Jog (fasted)
3x a week 60 min HIIT+MITT Circuits (fasted)
2x a week 500-600m swim (PM)
2x a week yoga (am or afternoon)
This is probably the most successful I have ever been weeks after a show. I have not been perfect. This is real life and in real life you F*k up some times. I'll beat myself up for 5 min then get over it and do what I can in my training and cardio to compensate. It makes me feel better. I might not recover fully from it that day but I know my intent. Tomorrow will be a new day and another chance to be better.

I am humbly blessed to be sponsored once again by @tmariesuits for 2018 season💜
At a time where I was reflecting on this year and all the ups and downs,mostly downs, God and his timing never fails in the most perfect moment when I received the news.
I am honored and forever gracious to @tmariesuits for giving so much of your passion and your time and to be able to represent what you love doing so that I can be my best💛Thank You!!!

Made this today and it was pretty BOMB so I'm gonna share😊😊😊
{Swipe left to see the break down}
1•Plain Rice Cake ( I always laughed at people who put mini meals on a rice cake because what's the point? Sometimes you need a little crunch in your life)
2• ✌🏻Tablespoon of homemade Pineapple🍍🥑🍍Guacamole
3• A few bites of @fitchoicefoods 🐔Chicken Breast reheated in the Broiler for extra crispy-ness
4•Spoon full of homemade Cilantro🌱Lime Slaw 🥗with added 🍍pineapple chunks
5• Topped with sweet red onion for an extra punch👊🏻
Per 1>Makes 4 and I ate 4🐷Do the math😜
-Protein 10.25g
-Carbs 15.75g
-Fats 4.25g
-Total Calories 142c

>>>Week 3/Reverse Diet Day 16<<<
•Weight: 135.1- Up 1.8Lbs since my Day 5 Post. My weight Pre Peak week going into Arizona Pro was133.5 and for the longest time my weight hovered around 137 for weeks!! It's where my body wants to usually stay. In a deficit or not. It was super frustrating at times but I knew I was getting leaner by the way my skin was tightening up, my conditioning, seperation, and based on how I looked at felt. My goal for these next 3.5 months is to stay around 135/136 while still increasing food as high as possible and still keep activity prominently high. I believe the true success to this reverse for me will highlight around 8 weeks post show.. 3 weeks post show is nothing to brag about but will conduct a visual progression if followed subsequently.
•Active Macros: 175P/200C/30F
•Training: 6x a week mostly focusing on upper body while I let my legs continue to rest and recover from months of over training.
•Cardio: 40M 6x a week split up or all at once. This will depend on how I feel or what kind of mood I'm in. 80% of my cardio will stem from HIIT or MIIT( multiple variations) and the rest will be steady state outdoor runs or stairmill.
•Water Intake: 1.25 gallons
•Supplements: @evogennutrition CELL KEM Post workout, EVP Pre Workout, Digestive enzymes, HMB(muscle Maintenance),DIM (Hormone Balance) and other basics...BCAA's, MULTI, Fish Oil..

attract what you expect
reflect what you desire
become what you respect
mirror what you admire

He's such a 🦊🦊🦊 @justin413fitness ❤️

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