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CarlyRowena  🍳Forever Eating For Boobs & Butt. 📇 📚 #GetGorgeous Ebook Out May 1st 2017! 🎥 Watch my latest YouTube Video below!

B E F I T 🍓 Well you guys know how to make my day, i queue of people waiting to get into my talk, followed by hugs, tears and amazing chats! So excited to see you all find your own routes to happiness, in so incredibly proud to be in your lives! Thank you @befitlondon_ & @reebokuk for having me! Please tag me in your photos! 💌 #fitness #weekend #befit #happiness

B E F I T 🥊 Its time for a bodyweight Ab Challenge, just two exercises, 8 minutes, you've got this!
Workout: You have 8 minutes, 2 exercises, lets go!
1️⃣ 30 second Hollow Hold,
2️⃣ 30 second Hollow Rocks.

Up and on the train ready for today's @befitlondon_ adventure! So excited to talk all things fitness, health & loving your life (plus a couple of challenges thrown in!) Will you be there? Song: i | Video @xorebeccalouise | Wearing @skinsgb 🌸 #fitness #workout #video #abworkout #crossfit #weekend

S T R U T 💃🏻Walking into the weekend and date night like.. 🦆Filmed 3 videos today which i can't wait to share with you! Off to celebrate a friends engagement & spend some time with the penis in my life before tomorrows @befitlondon_ adventure, see you at 11:15 at the Zeo Zen Den! Wearing @sweatybetty & Nike trainers from @nextofficial Photo @xorebeccalouise#fitness #healthy #happiness #sweatybetty #weekend #friday

F R I D A Y 💌 It’s my favourite day of the week so i thought i’d show you my current favourite moves. Working out doesn’t have to be full of the things you hate, sometimes i create routines around my favourite movements or things i want to get better at!

Workout: Complete 2 Rounds of the below for Beginners, 3 for Intermediate and 5 for Hardcore.
1️⃣ 10 Handstands (walking handstands if you can do them)
2️⃣ 10 Jump Pullups (or using a band if you need)
3️⃣ 30 Plank Touch
4️⃣ 30 Incline Single Leg Bridge Raises (you can also do these flat, 15 each side)

Today is filming day for me, so much to get ready! Please comment below with which videos you would like to see! 1) How to prevent Holiday Weight Gain, 2) What I pack in my Suitcase, 3) Ask Carly Q&A, 4) My Current Wardrobe Favourites or 5) you guys decide! Video: @xorebeccalouise Wearing @ukgap leggings & @womensbest sports bra. | Song: Till Its Gone 🥊 #video #friday #fitness #workout #wod #crossfit #strong

L O V E 🌸 There's a swanky new Weekly Video up on my channel featuring my first ever chat at @fitconuk, meeting up with my best friend and taking my Mum to her first ever Crossfit Class! Grab a cuppa and come join me! Big thank you to @xorebeccalouise for getting this photo of me in todays @sweatybetty outfit! ✨ #healthy #happy #fitness #strong #sweatyourstyle

S W I N G 🏋🏻 One of my favourite go to workouts, only 3 moves but 15 reps of each, its a killer for your whole body and totally worth the burn!

Workout: You have 5 rounds, how fast can you finish it?

1️⃣ 15 Kettlebell Swings,
2️⃣ 15 Toes to Bar,
3️⃣ 15 Squat Thrusts.
Up and heading to Crossfit before filming with my wing girl @xorebeccalouise I’m going to film a mixture of Crossfit and gym based routines for you all to enjoy! Anything you really want me to film? Wearing @koralactivewear | Song: Electric Love 🥊 #fitness #workout #video #wod #crossfit

N A C H O S 👌🏼 LOVING how many of you have snapped me your recreations of my healthy Nachos recipe from Sundays 6week Shred Video! Whether you're a sweet or savory person these are the perfect movie, date night, solo pampering snack! Head to my IG story for the full recipe! 🥑 #food #foodporn #frenchie #recipe #healthy #frenchbulldog

M O V E 🔥 Im not going to lie, I’m actually in bed sharing this but if i wasnt feeling so rough this is exactly what i’d be doing!
Workout: How many rounds of the below 3 exercises can you do in 10 minutes? Comment below with your time!

1️⃣ 25 Mountain Climbers,
2️⃣ 20 Wallballs (4kg+)
3️⃣ 15 Plated Squat Clean (10kg+) Going to share a little PO Box haul on my IG stories today and talk you through some of my current favourite items, what time would you like it? Comment below! | Wearing: @gymsharkwomen | Song: Crazy | Giants 😘 #crossfit #wod #workout #fitness #strong

M E E T U P 💃🏻 So excited to announce that i’m hosting the ultimate Girls night in with @glamglowuk to Launch of my first ever Ebook ‘The Get Gorgeous Guide!’ 📚
The event is free but only available to the first 40 (maximum 2 tickets per person) of you who click on the link in my Bio or IG Story! The event is from 6pm to 8pm and will be at the GLAMGLOW Pop Up Store, 6 Mortimer St London, W1T 3JJ, there will be canapés, prosecco, healthy smoothies and a big squeeze coming your way from me! Everyone who arrives will get a free copy of my brand new Ebook and 20% off all products in store, plus an incredible goody bag and extra discounts online! I am beyond excited to see you all, get girly and answer all of your health and beauty questions (PJ’s optional!) Please comment below with a big smiley face once you’ve got your ticket! 😘 #HELLOSEXY #GLAMGLOWUK #fitness #beauty #ad #facemask

S H U F F L E 👌🏼 Forget needing a gym or crazy equipment, this 3 move bodyweight circuit will help you build up a sweat and work all of the muscles in your body!

Workout: How many rounds of the below 3 exercises can you do in 10 minutes? Comment below with your time!

1️⃣ 10 Pushups,
2️⃣ 15 Air Squats,
3️⃣ 20 Crunches.

Woke up in London and super excited to see my girl @kimberlywyatt and put her new @zakti_active collective to the test this morning! After that I’m heading to my most exciting shoot to date, keep checking my IG Stories for a behind the scenes! | Wearing: @nike | Song: Cupid Shuffle ✨ #fitness #workout #circuit #video #nike #crossfit

P R O U D ✨ When @imcarlysmum comes to Crossfit! So proud of my mum for coming along and joining in on today's 40 minute EMOM! (Which you can watch in this Thursdays Weekly Video!) Im so sorry but I just had to remove my previous IG post as the link didn't work but will hopefully get it fixed and repost tomorrow 6:30pm! For those of you who saw it yes, my first ever EBOOK is out Monday 1st and im holding a girls night in meet up to celebrate! Will you be getting it? Wearing @dharmabumsactive 📚 #GetGorgeous #crossfit #fitness #healthy #love #strong #ebook

M O N D A Y 💫 It doesn’t have to be a bad day, it can be the start of something incredible! Find just 12 minutes to get this full body workout completed!
Workout: How many rounds of the below 3 exercises can you do in 12 minutes? Comment below with your time!

1️⃣ 10 Deadlifts,
2️⃣ 20 Toes to Bar,
3️⃣ 30 Weighted Bridge Raises.

Woke up with a razor blade throat but everything else feels fine so I’m hoping to sweat it out at the gym with a stair master session, will be sharing my cardio secrets on IG Stories today around 11! | Wearing: @skinsgb | Song: Crazy | Video: @xorebeccalouise 🍉 #video #deadlift #strong #wod #amrap #crossfit #workout #fitness

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