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🏋🏻‍♀️ Fitness & Lifestyle  🍳 Forever Eating for Boobs & Butt! 💗 🎥 👇🏼 Get my 12 Week Transformation Challenge!

E S C A P E ✨ For some, exercise is punishment, for me it’s an escape. Working out is my meditation, it helps me zone out, it’s that one moment in the day that I can call mine, where I can push my body out of its comfort zone and leave feeling incredible. Luckily for me once that moment is over I have the tools I need to rehydrate and get ready for round two. A big thanks to @PalmersUK for the Coconut Oil Body Lotion, Cream and Oil to help restore my skin back to normal after an epic session! If you’re yet to try the range head to @Superdrugloves to buy! #Crossfit #Strong #EscapeWithPalmers #CoconutEscape #Palmers #ad #Fitness

L I F T 🍑 There's nothing comfier to sit on than a perky butt, here's my current top dumbbell exercises for you to follow!
Workout: How many rounds can you do in 19minutes?
1️⃣ 15 DB Front Squats,
2️⃣ 15 Kneeling press to tricep extension,
3️⃣ 15 Single Leg Raise,
4️⃣ 15 Single Leg Glute kick,
5️⃣ 15 Weighted Glute Raise.
Up and excited to be heading to my gym to teach a competition winner, always love meeting new clients! Then it's time to finish this Sunday's Cellulite banishing video! Do you suffer with cellulite, comment below!? Wearing @reebokwomenuk #fitness #video #wod #frenchbulldog #fitfam #dog #puppy #carlyrowena

B R E A T H E ✨ Sometimes you just have to shake it off! Off to make my homemade tortilla pizza and rewatch sons of anarchy with my husband! How beautiful is this @reebokwomenuk jumpsuit, its been such a pleasure being exclusive to Reebok this month! What is your favourite sports brand? 🤗 #Fitness #yoga #CitySeries #healthy

G O R G E O U S 💌 Hands UP if you'd like a hardcopy of my GetGorgeous Guide? Im so proud of all of you who downloaded my guide, the sweaty selfies, team motivation and incredible transformations have blown my mind! For those of you who have yet to join the family there is something exciting about to happen! Ps: i'd love to know where you're all from, comment below with your city & country! 🌍 #Fitness #getgorgeous #transformation #healthy #fitfam

E X C I T I N G ✨ Super excited to announce that i'm looking for someone badass to help me grow CarlyRowena! Someone who can help me make my content dreams a reality, help me create all the crazy ideas going on in my head and be my travel buddy! Ideally local to Norwich, full UK drivers licence and over 18! Please contact for a full job description! 💗 #happiness #fitness #CitySeries #reebok

F O O D 🍯 Spent most of this morning talking food with my clients. It's always the same story, carbs make you feel bloated, fats make you fat & protein makes you bulky.. WRONG!

Dietary fats are essential to give your body energy and support cell growth. They also help protect your organs and help keep your body warm while also helping your body to absorb some nutrients and produce important hormones.
Carbs are your body's main source of fuel, they provide the energy needed for physical activity, brain function and operation of the organs.
Protein is used to make enzymes, hormones, and other body chemicals, it's an important building block for your bones, muscles, cartilage, skin and blood.
Don't deny yourself the good stuff, it's the processed, fat free, diet, light, zero, chemical ingredients that you need to worry about! What's your favourite food? 🥑 #Food #healthy #foodie #fitness

H A P P Y 🍩 Cannot stop smiling, you guys have MADE my day! I announced 3 workout classes today, one in London, one in Manchester & one in Norwich, ALL of them sold out in under 3 minutes which blew my mind!! I love you all so, so much & cannot thank you all enough for your continued support! I cannot wait to squeeze you all! Ps: thank you @hellooctober for this picture! 🍩 #Happiness #donuts #graffiti

M O R N I N G ✨ My favourtime time of day, a moment to get started when the rest of the world is asleep, a fresh chance to do, be, acomolish anything you want! Today's New YouTube video is my Morning routine, from food, to stretching, steven, working out, supplements and products, head to 🤗 #Sunday #morning #bed #bedroom

B I T E 🍫 Just one more bite, or how about 3? The recipe for these epic and healthy Bounty Bites is now up on and has been kindly sponsored by the legendary Pura Liquid Coconut Blend Oil - once you try it you’ll never go back, trust me! 🌰 #puracoconutblendhealthy #healthyfood #chocolate #ad #food #puracoconut

F U N 🎟 My workout partner didn’t seem as bothered today! The following 5 exercises are perfect for days when you want to work your full body and spend a little time with either your fur-baby or your real baby! For these exercises aim to do them for as long as you can before (a) your dog gets bored (b) he tries to hump your leg... 😂
1️⃣ Alternating Pressups,
2️⃣ Sit Ups,
3️⃣ Leg Raises,
4️⃣ Burpees,
5️⃣ Squat Jumps.
Just finished editing tonights NYC Video which will be up at 5:30pm UK time! Will you be watching? Wearing @reebokwomenuk #fitness #video #wod #frenchbulldog #fitfam #dog #puppy #carlyrowena

S H U F F L E 🗽These feet were made for walking, even in these studded shoes! Running or walking is seriously my best way to see a new city, you fall in love with hidden gems, get to cuddle a million dogs and demolish extra pastries! What's your favourite way to explore? 💨 Wearing @ashshoesoffical & @topshop shorts. 👖 #NYC #legs #fitness #SeizeTheHoliday #SeeYourCity

G A M E 🐶 Steven seemed to be such a big hit with you guys that i decided to film some dog friendly workouts for days when you both need a butt kicking! For these exercises aim to do them for as long as you can before (a) your dog gets bored (b) he tries to hump your leg... 😂
1️⃣ 15reps Ball Squat Press,
2️⃣ Plank Ball Game.
3️⃣ Side Plank Ball Game.

Let me know if you'd like more videos like this OR if there's something i can help you with! Wearing @reebokwomenuk #fitness #video #wod #frenchbulldog #carlyrowena #fitfam #dogs #puppy

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