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C H A L L E N G E 💪🏼 I’m beyond excited to bring to you my Get Fit with Me 7 Day Challenge which is now up on my YouTube channel! Seven days of fitness challenges, from finally understanding your food to moving more! This challenge has kindly been sponsored by #Samsung who are the developers of my favourite headphones #GearIconX & watch
#GearSport. Head to the link in my IG story and swipe up to find out more about the challenge! Video credit @jenjennalauren #fitnessmotivation #Challenge #GetFit #Ad @samsungmobile

C O A C H 🙌🏼 You’ll never know how hard you can work until someone or something pushes you. One of my goals for 2018 was to push past my boundaries and track my improvements, I’ve been lucky enough to put a lot of wearable trackers to the test but none have impressed me as much as the new @samsungmobile Gear Sport. With weight management, inactive and smart alerts not to mention heart monitoring and the ability to build your very own gym it’s inspired me to move in ways I previously avoided which is why I’m super excited to share with you my One Week Fitness Challenge which will be up on my YouTube channel 5:30pm tonight! #fitnessmotivation #run #GearSport #Ad ✨ Photo credit @jenjennalauren #Samsung

F O O D 🍕 You can’t lead a full life on an empty stomach. (Something i wish i’d understood long before now) I think my attitude towards food is one of the things im most proud of, i love it, it loves me and i need it to help me complete the challenges life throws at me. Don’t let food be the enemy, let it be the support. Thank you @balancemeals for having my back this week 💗 What’s your biggest struggle with food? #food #breakfast #foodporn

B A C K 👌🏼 My favourite body part to train is Back, there is nothing sexier than a strong, defined back (especially when it comes to those backless summer tops and dresses) so here is one of my favourite back and bingo wing 3 move circuits! All you need is a pair of dumbbells or a resistance band, i’ve used 12kg here but i would recommend anything from 6kg+

Workout: Beginner 10-12, Intermediate 12-15, Hardcore 15 slow and controlled reps, second rest, repeat x3.
1️⃣ Single Arm Row,
2️⃣ Tricep Dips,
3️⃣ Overhead Tricep Extension.

If you want to see more back Routines head to my YouTube for my Ultimate Routine Video! What makes you most nervous when it comes to working out in the gym? Comment below and ill do my best to help! Would you like a ‘Gym Intimation Tips’ Video? 💗 Wearing @sportseditteam #gymtime #carlyrowena #workout #workoutmotivation #backworkout

C O N S C I O U S 🌱 I have started to take a little more notice of not just the food i eat but the products I use. When i looked in my bathroom i realised just how many products have a negative impact on the world around me, which was why i grabbed a cup of tea and spent the evening doing some much needed research and came across @mauimoisture a beautiful Vegan Haircare brand now available at @superdrugloves - I’m going to be taking on the 2 week challenge to only use Vegan based products and will be letting you know how i get on with an upcoming blog post and exciting giveaway! What are you current favourite vegan brands? #vegan #happiness #mindfulness #ad

B A C K 💪🏼 One of my favourite bodyparts to train (especially because i love backless clothes so much) so for those of you asking my Ultimate Guide to Sculpting your back and losing those bingo wings is NOW up on my YT channel, head to my IG stories and swipe up! I’ve also popped up a little blog post to make sure you guys make it through #bluemonday and keep smiling! What’s your favourite back or arm exercise? Comment below! 💌 #happiness #fitnessmotivation #sunday #booty🍑

P U S H 💪🏼 It’s time to shake up your pushups with this super mean yoga inspired ones! Grab yourself a mat, focus on completing them on your knees before you decide to go for them on your toes, aim is to keep your body as low to the ground as possible without touching, push though and then pushup.

Workout: Beginner 10, Intermediate 15 - 20, Hardcore 30+, rest 30secs, repeat x 3.

1️⃣ Kneeling Dolphin Pushup (For beginners to Intermediate)
2️⃣ Toes Dolphin Pushup. (For hardcore)
Don’t forget i still have another 18 of my Guides to giveaway, keep putting your #GetGorgeousGiveaway answers in the comments to my posts, for more info head to my #GGGuide story!
What bodyweight exercise do you find the hardest? Comment below! 💗 Wearing @sportseditteam & @reebokuk #gymtime #carlyrowena #workout #workoutmotivation #booty🍑 #pushups #nano8

F R I Y A Y 🖤 No pain, no champagne! Cheers to the workouts we didn’t want to do but conquered anyway, to the extra hair-washes, smelly protein shaker bottles and the early morning runs! Cheers to YOU for making it happen! How many times have you exercised this year? Comment below! Me = 10times! 💪🏼 Wearing @sweatybetty Photo @katsfilms #friday #fitnessmotivation #fitfam

C R O S S F I T 🏋🏻‍♀️ It’s officially a year since I walked through the door of my local @crossfit box and found a way to train that would push me harder and test my limits more than anything i had ever come across before. I am so proud to be part of the most amazing fitness community and have enough goals to last me a lifetime. One thing I know is that @reebokuk has my back with the right kit to push me further, their new #Nano8 is not only beautiful, it’s breathable, flexible and has my back no matter what I ask of it. Head to my IG Story to check out today’s epic workout and swipe up to get yours! Photo credit @jenjennalauren🔥 #CrossFit #Flexweave #fitnessgirl

A B S 🔥 Do you struggle with back pain when you do Ab exercises? I’ve got your back! Today’s video is all about how to reduce back pain and ensure that you are using the right muscles when it comes to leg raises!
1️⃣ When laying on the floor check how wide the gap is between the mat and your back.
2️⃣ Tilt your hips underneath as far as you can until the gap begins to reduce.
3️⃣ Notice how much stronger your stomach feels in this position.
4️⃣ Lift your legs as high as you can, keep them as straight as possible.
5️⃣ Lift your head and shoulders.
6️⃣ Gently lower your legs towards the floor without touching and then bring them back up.
7️⃣ As you take your legs down notice where your back comes into play and arches again.
8️⃣The point where your back arches is where your abs are no longer working and where back pain begins.
9️⃣You want to work your ABS, don’t try and do as the person next to you, work within your own range and teach your abs to get stronger.

What gym fail would you like me to share next? Comment below! ✨ Wearing @gymshark #gymtime #abworkout #carlyrowena #workout #workoutmotivation #abs

B O O T Y 🍑 Don’t half ass do anything, whatever you do always use the full ass! LOVING all of your screenshots, DMs & messages about my most recent beginner booty series on YouTube! Life is so much more comfortable with a bum! What’s your favourite booty exercise? Comment below! 🍑 Wearing @gymshark #booty🍑 #squats #gym

E N E R G Y 🌿 Currently not letting anyone mess with my flow. Pay attention to who your energy increases and decreases around because that’s the universe giving you a hint of who you should embrace or stray from. One of my 2018 goals is to make more time to switch off & reboot, what are you making time for? 🍂 Wearing @gymshark latest energy seamless leggings, shop the link here: http://liketk.it/2u97P #fitgirl #seamlessleggings #booty🍑 #liketkit @liketoknow.it

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