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C A R L Y R O W E N A  ⋗ Happiest when Sweating or Eating! ✮ Giving you the free tools rock your body! ▸ Take on my #getgorgeous Transformation Guide! ⩝ LATEST VIDEO ↡

H A N G E R 🍔 I’m going to admit it, i didn’t realise how restrictive I was until i fell #pregnant and no longer fancied the foods i’d always eaten.

When i say restrictive, i mean that my meals were always planned around a protein source and a whole lot of veggies. The #firsttrimester was hardest, all my bump craved was marmite sandwiches, chocolate wheetabix minis, salt on EVERYTHING, meat and ZERO veggies.
I’ve been pescatarian for 3 years and im nervous of the online hate im going to get but this #baby wanted meat & the smell of fish was enough to make me vomit. I took the supplements, i went to the drs and over and over i was told to listen to my body, so yes, i had a chicken dish once a week during the first trimester. I hated the taste & would often shut my eyes but i can’t even tell you how much better i felt afterwards.

Im now in my #secondtrimester and the craving has almost gone, im less into veggies and more into salads & fruit at the moment but the salt, meat & marmite has gone.

Luckily for me i have a man who supports my current confusion with #food and we half almost every meal as i never know what i’m going to want. My answer: do what you have to do to provide a safe home, then go back to your restrictions & rules once you feel like yourself again. (If you want to).
Wearing @sweatybetty at @coco_resorts #foodporn #15weekspregnant #fitnessmotivation

R E A L I T Y 🤳🏻 These photos are 3 seconds apart! It’s amazing how different you can look in just a split second! Sure, im sticking my #bump out a little in the second but im sure as hell sucking it in in the first!

Always remember, no-one wants to post a bad photo, we all want to look our best and WHY shouldn’t we, i mean the #cellulite on my left cheek is really trying to steal the limelight but ive grown fond of it over the last 10 years so thought i’d give it it’s moment to shine.
Post what you want to post but try not to judge yourself based on others, they might have a seriously epic photographer, know there angles or simply know how to photoshop!
Ps: this @asos swimsuit & everything else I packed PLUS my favourite bits from my POBox is going up on #YouTube tonight, 6pm, see you there! .
@coco_resorts #bodypositivity #15weekspregnant #reality

S I Z E 🤷🏻‍♀️ #transformation let’s make them less about appearance & more about emotions. Forget strong, skinny or curvy, let’s make happy a size!
Say hello to my first ever #transformation picture - you see i’ve been lots of different weights but more importantly lots of different emotions.

I’ve been too ‘skinny,’
Too ‘muscly’
My husband must be gay, because i look like a man.
Too athletic,
Too Boney,
Overweight for my BMI
But the most important factor is that regardless of what anyone had to say about my body, was I happy or not?
At my lowest i was heartbroken and travelling with girlfriends, too much vodka and too little nutrition.
At my happiest emotionally I was just over 11 stone, feeling badass at #crossfit and loving food yet EVERYONE told me i look like a dude.
Right now i have no idea what weight I am, i’ll admit I don’t feel my most confident as most of the time I just look bloated but i so excited to rock my ever changing shape.
Let me help you to like you, we can do it together! Head to my IG story and swipe up to read my full body blog post! .
#bodypositivity #15weekspregnant #happiness

T H A N K Y O U 🙌🏼 Wow, i woke up feeling the LOVE! I feel so lucky to have friends all over the world and trust me when i say your support means everything to me!
For those of you who messaged worrying that everything is going to change DONT! I am about to announce two very exciting retreats including another Challenge & the #gym & #CrossFit videos are still coming! Not to mention im going to start doing live workouts, cooking & Q&A’s on here for you all!
My question to you: what do you want to see from my new #pregnancy journey, bump pictures, food, workouts, struggles, REALITY vs instagram? Please comment below so that i can get creating!

Wearing @hm bikini and keeping as wet as possible, its so HOT out here at @coco_resorts 🌊
#travel #15weekspregnant #CRBump #CocoMoments

S U R P R I S E 🤰🏻 The butterflies in my belly have turned into two tiny feet and we’re so excited to finally be able to share our little #bump with you all.
I hated keeping it a secret from you as I’ve alway been so open & honest on every platform, however i DID film a behind the scenes vlog of everything that has been happening, from finding out, to cravings, hormones and the scan and it’s up NOW so just head to my IG story and swipe up!
This page won’t become #pregnancy crazy but i would love to share my workouts, my thoughts and my ever-growing bump with you all, let me know if you’re interested! Ps: I MISS SUSHI! Thank you @coco_resorts for letting us tell the world from your beautiful resort! Wearing @frankiesbikinis .
#15weekspregnant #fitpregnancy #CRBump #CocoMoments

C H A L L E N G E 🙌🏼 I love working my abs and strengthening my core & this has been one of my go-to moves for such a long time!
1️⃣ 20 Commandos each side
2️⃣ 40 Bicycle Crunch
3️⃣ 15 Commandos each side
4️⃣ 40 Bicycle Crunch
Repeat until you get to 10 Commandos each side.

Send me a sweaty selfie when you’ve done it!! Wearing @dharmabumsactive .
#abs #workout #fitnessmotivation #carlyrowena

F A I L U R E 🔥 Don’t fear failure, fear being in the same place next year at this time. We’re taught to conform, to believe you can’t do it without help from others but actually you CAN - help from others is just an added bonus!! So, lets do it together, im here to help you in anyway that i can: business, life, love, fitness and food! Wearing @anaheart
#fitnessmotivation #bodypositivity #love

D R E A M ✨ Dreaming after all, is a form of planning. Throwback to my shoot with @womenshealthuk for my exclusive butt supplement! This post is to tell YOU that anything is possible, you can be who you want, you will find your path, your man, your woman, you can do this!! Tell me your dreams and i’ll see if i can help you! Comment below! Wearing @lornajaneuk .
#fitnessmotivation #happiness #dreams

C L O S E D ✖️We’re conditioned to think we need to be on ALL the time! Wrong, you are allowed a day off, a holiday, time out, a rest day, you time. The world keeps turning, people keep scrolling & shit happens but trust me, you’ll be a much happier human if you allow yourself a little time to switch off, log out, sit down and breathe. What’s your favourite way to finish the week? Wearing @reebokuk 🙌🏼
#Friday #crossfit #fitnessmotivation #youcandoit

T R U T H 🙌🏼 The middle of a donut is 100% fat free... 😂 I can’t lie, i full on squealed when these @crosstowndoughnuts landed in my lap while flying to LA with @airnz -,so if you want to see donuts, me losing the keys to our rental car, the food, the fun & the fails head to my IG story and swipe up for my latest Video: The Ultimate California Roadtrip, from LA to Big Sur with @visitcalifornia #travel #donuts #likearoyal

B O O T Y 🍑 There’s nothing more comfortable to sit on that a built up butt so here’s my go-to resistance band booty workout! Don’t worry if you don’t have one, you can do it without too!

Workout: 30 reps each leg & exercise, 3 to 4 rounds depending on time!

1️⃣Kick Backs,
2️⃣Side Kicks,
3️⃣Booty Circles
5️⃣Reverse Hyperextension.
6️⃣Glute bridge to Clam.

Do you split your body when you workout or train it all at once? Wearing @dharmabumsactive #booty🍑 #workout #fitnessmotivation #carlyrowena

C R O S S F I T 🏋🏻‍♀️ I’ve been a Personal trainer in a gym for 5 years and a CrossFitter for nearly two, i adore both but im aware there’s alot of bullshit out there about both: injury, bad form, cult-like, protein & bros. I’ve heard it all and so i’ve just uploaded a New YouTube video called Bodybuilding (The Gym) vs CrossFit - which answers all your questions, including WTF is #CrossFit - Head to my Insta-story and swipe up to watch - send me ALLLLLLL the comments to answer! Wearing all @reebok 🙌🏼
#crossfit #fitnessmotivation #bodybuilding #workout

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